Scott Cartwright, MPH, is the founder and creator of MS Health University. Scott has a graduate degree – a Master’s in Public Health – and has been involved with healthcare for over 10 years.

Dr. Rudolph (“Rudy”) Cartwright is a neurosurgeon (brain surgeon) with over 35 years of experience and is an expert in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Dr. Cartwright has come to realize that the injuries he has dealt with on a daily basis — such as major trauma to the head, spinal cord, nerves, etc. — that happen during violent accidents are the same types of injuries that happen to people with MS…just over a longer period of time.

He is a researcher at heart and he continues to research the medical literature finding solutions to help you when you are dealing with MS.

Dr. Cartwright became intimately involved with MS when his daughter-in-law was diagnosed with MS several years ago. She was a lot like you… she wanted to have more energy & less fatigue, she wanted to be symptom-free and not feel so depressed all the time. She basically wanted to get her life back.

She had pain, tingling & numbness in various places at various times, had balance and dizziness problems, was worried about getting worse, felt alone like nobody understood what she was going through, felt like her doctor just didn’t get it, and she was sick of how UNPREDICTABLE things were.

Dr. Cartwright couldn’t sit around and let things get worse so he went into “over-drive” and researched like a mad man and discovered all the hidden secrets out there about MS.

He developed a program for her to follow and explained to her why all these things were important. And she got better and was able to finish medical school.

At this point, Dr. Cartwright’s son, Scott, started telling him how silly it was that he wasn’t sharing this information with others out there with MS. Scott was happy that his dad had helped his wife but he knew there were thousands of others out there who could benefit from all his knowledge.

This is when Scott convinced his dad to get more active in the MS community and share his knowledge…which Dr. Cartwright did. It took a bit of arm-twisting though because he’s always been much more comfortable researching things for hours than presenting information to large groups of people.

Good thing Dr. Cartwright gave in and decided to share all of his knowledge!

Together, Dr. Cartwright and Scott have completed a 6-week MS Health Coaching Course where they presented information and answered questions for a private group of students. These students learned all about the foods they should avoid, the foods they should eat, the vitamins and supplements they should be taking, the changes they need to make in their homes and in their lives, all about their MS medications, tips and tricks to get rid of the symptoms, etc.

The students who participated in the class could not be happier and continue to rave about their results. They are getting rid of their symptoms and getting their lives back!

Please stay tuned and check back often as we will be posting new information regularly.

If there is anything you would like discussed, please leave comments so Dr. Cartwright and Scott know what type of information you would like to hear about.

To Your Health!