Another Bad Actor In MS

In the past, you’ve heard me speak of calcium being a “bad actor” for MS recoverers.  Well, there is another “bad actor” that needs drawing attention to.  It happens to be iron.  As usual, I’m in favor of limiting its intake.  You can do so by cutting back on the amount of red meat that you consume and eliminating dietary supplements that list it as one of the ingredients.  This will go a long way in helping you regain good health.

To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

MS Health Coach

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59 thoughts on “Another Bad Actor In MS

  1. Interesting and disturbing information on iron being a “bad actor” in MS. How does one limit iron consumption, given it being widely used as a nutritionl supplement?

  2. I’ve taken iron supplementation with my daily vitamin because I’m constantly on the anemic side. I try to limit red meat consumption to once a week. I just feel better that way, even though I still like the occasional small taste of it. I wish I could just stop eating anything and solve all my problems!

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago but since she was diagnosed with an iron deficiency as a teenager (she is now 35) she has taken iron supplements. She has been diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting. She has adopted a gluten free diet and takes Vit D supplements (double the advised dosage because she is African Australian). So far she hasn’t had to take any medication. What would be your advice regarding the iron supplements?

  4. vitamin D3 is the most important supplement you could possibly take no matter what disease you have or if you have none but without calcium, vit D3 is useless.The worst thing i did when i was diagnosed with MS was to enter the hyperbaric chamber i couldn’t stand for a week,the pain in my head was unbearable.

  5. Dr Cartwrigh
    I have M.S. i saw the D3 to take and the the other which I will take but the only thing I have osteoporosis and take calcichew d3 Forte two a day and Multionta supplements I do take evening primrose would that matter and could you please let me know we’re
    To get them or you could send them to me thank you for helping us.


    • It would be nice to know how much calcium and vitamin D 3 you’re taking

      Dr. Cartwright

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