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Since my submerged tour, or better yet, my absence from posting on the blog, a number of important things have taken place. First and foremost, the excellent webinar presentation on hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) given by doctor William Maxfield and doctor Philip James.

Both are authorities on the subject. We’re all indebted to them for bringing such important information that will help MS recoverers. I thank them.

If you haven’t seen the replay yet, you will find it directly below this post.

In addition to the above, the following have been published:

1) Interferon-based disease modifying agents DO NOT work for MS

2) Statins, the cholesterol lowering agents, cause muscle weakness

3) The acceptance that gluten really does harm to the human body aside from Celiac Disease

4) The come-back of the West Nile Virus

5) The development of a new supplement by me to answer MS bowel issues

Of the above, which one would you like more information about?

I’m happy to talk to you about any of them in upcoming blog posts.

To Your Best Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright
MS Health Coach

PS: Let me hear from you below…

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    • Mrs. Kanner,

      Thank you for the words of encouragement. It pleases me to know that you’re feeling much better and that your strength is improving. You’re living proof that the MS process can be slowed down, stopped, and turned around so that you get your life back. Keep remembering that it is not just one thing or just one supplement or one size fits all. Your “suit of progress” is tailor-made just for you.

      Continue to pray for us all.

      Dr. Cartwright

  2. *Very interested in solving bowel problems please. Have had every single allergy test imaginable….no results, and still battling with upset stomach and control of bowels.
    Thank you

    • Anthony,

      To start learning all there is to know about MS, I ssuggest going to your computer and type in the following URL in your browser:

      Once you are on the home page, type in MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and then choose from the drop-down list. The information provided is excellent.

      Dr. Cartwright

  3. *I would appreciate more information about your new supplement to help with BOWEL problems.

    Also a clearer understanding about the harmful effects of gluten to non-celiacs and                 the comeback of the West Nile virus.

  4. *i  have very bad balance problems I do not drink dairy and have been on
    the paleo diet I had ccsvi done and am thinking about stem cell.
    I live a very heaIthy life and take vitaminsI do not know what else to do.
    Thank you
    Linda Kilcollins

    • Ms. Kilcollins,

      We’ll giving a webinar on September 20th at 10:00 a m, Pacific daylight time, Make sure you attend.

      Dr. Cartwright

    • Ms. Manning,

      In brief, Statins prevent myelination of the long extension of the nerve cells. Gluten is toxic to the cerebellum (organ of balance). Bowel and bladder issues can be dealt with by the product that I’ve been working on and developed during my long absence from posting on the blog.

      Dr. Cartwright

  5. *I would like more information about the Hyperbaric Oxygen as my Chiropractor has given me one treatment, but the next time my legs hurt so bad that I could not get comfortable, so I have not been back in the treatment.  I am thinking of trying it again September 24th as the legs feel better.  

    • Ms. Scott,

      Go to the home page, scroll down and click on “HYPERBARIC OXYGEN WEBINAR REPLAY”. In addition, Dr. James’ book on the subject of oxygen will become available this month. When it’s availabe, we’ll let you know.

      Dr. Cartwright

  6. No 2) Statins, the cholesterol lowering agents, cause muscle weakness

    Because I have a history of Heart Disease and high cholesterol, I have to take Lipitor(Atorvastatin) 80mg per day and Nuasa 75mg (Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) per day, I am especially interested in this topic.

    Pat Burke.

    • Pat,

      It is a good idea to discuss with your doctor the issue of controlling your cholesterol by several measures in addition to the use of statins. For example, Niacin and Omega 3, stopping the use of tobacco, exercising, and eating the correct foods are known to be extremely helpful in controlling cholesterol. Statins are known to have a detrimental effect on myelin formation. If you can reduce your level of cholesterol by other means, you might be able to reduce the amount of statins you use. Anyway, you should talk this over with your doctor.

      Dr. cartwright

  7. *Where can I find more info on the new supplement for MS Bowel issues? I have read that taking estriol can be helpful to some people with MS do you have info on this?? Thank You

    • Ms. Hanson,

      Based on the scientific evidence, Estriol should be helpful to some people who have multiple sclerosis. The use of this drug should be discussed with your doctor.

      Concerning the “bowel and bladder” supplement, send an email requesting information on it to the following:

      Dr. Cartwright

  8. *i only have one question my feet have been numb 7 years i accept that and can still do anything but my hands mainly my left went numb 4 months ago can i take anything to get that back. i do vitamin shots and IVIGS.

    • Mr. Buschkamp,

      I am not aware of a supplement or combination of supplements that you can take for your unique situation.

      Dr. Cartwright

  9.  I would love to know more on the interferon based and gluten issues. The bowel and bladder issues too. It is al very important stuff. And may I say…I for one really missed your voice. It is really a very calming voice. I go back all the time to the original “classes” just to bone up and hear your voice. It is always a quick way to revatalize what I am doing. The webinar was really informative.

    Thanks for coming back.

    • Sandy,

      In the July 2012 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a study reported on the association between the use of interferon beta and progression of disability in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. The conclusion was as follows: Among patients with relapsing-remitting MS, administration of interferon beta was not associated with a reduction in progression of disability.
      Gluten, a substance found in wheat, barley, and rye, is known to be toxic to the cerebellum (organ of balance).

      We plan to have a webinar on September 20th at 10:00 a m Pacific daylight time.

      As far as the bowel/bladder supplement is concerned, please request the information by emailing me at the following email address:

      Thank you for your kind and gracious comments.

      Dr. Cartwright

      • Hi Dr. Rudy,
        Thank you for your reply. I am very anxious to read about the bowel and bladder supplements. It is so good to have you back. I look forward to the next webinar or a “skype” seminar in the future. The computer is all very “Buck Rodgers”, even “Dick Tracey” had wristwatch picture phones. All these “in the future” things are starting to be real. I am following everything, waiting to see the cure for MS. It will happen! Until then, I will keep going to P.T., keep reading all the latest info, and taking my essentials. Thank you so much.

    Would like more info on a supplement to help with bowel problems.

  11. *I’d like to hear more on #4 and #5.

    Also I’ve been reading about head/neck trauma in M.S. patients and a few Chiropractors are seeing good results by working on the C1 and C2. Can you please give us your expert opinion.

    Thank you for all you do for us,

    Pat (Patrick)

  12. *#3 would be interesting. Have major issue with leg weakness and balance. Have done so much without medication but now I am starting to lose mobility. Might need to start from the beginning and start fresh. Hope it’s not to late.
    Thank you,

    • Ms, Luyben,

      Gluten is known to toxic to the human body. This substance is found in products that contain wheat, barley, or rye. Gluten is especially toxic to the cerebellum (organ of balance) and portions of the small intestine.

      We’ll be giving a webinar on the 20th of this month at 10:00 am Pacific daylight time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to attend.

      Dr. Cartwright

  13. *Pleaase tell more about 5) The bowel issues.  Also, do you have anything to help bladder control?

    • Irrissa,

      It would be a pleasure for me to send you information on the bowel/bladder supplement; please email me requesting the information at the following email address:

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Dr. Cartwright

  14. *The supplements for the bowels please.  thank you Dr Cartwright and may God continue to bless you.  For you are a blessing to us.
    Thank God for you and Scott

    • Debra,

      I’d be happy to send you information on the bowel/bladder supplement; please email me requesting the information at the following email address:

      Please keep the prayers coming our way. We appreciate.

      Dr. Cartwright

  15. *I hate the problem I have with my bowels to if there something that could help it would be great I have no confidence when I go out as I want to go to the toilet all the time

    • Ms. Owen,

      If you’d like information on the bowel/bladder supplement, please email me requesting the information at the following email address:

      You can get your confidence back.

      Dr. Cartwright

  16. *Am on Rebif.I know it does not cure but thought it was to help less attacks.I can only listen in to webinars after they are over as the time here is too early for me to be awake.
    Thanks Dr Cartwright I am interested in everything  about MS   

  17. riTcTT        Thank you very much for all the information on MS. My   worst problem is thebladder followed by the fact Icannot walk. I learned a lot about hyperbaric oxygen unfortunately I cannot afford it.  Is it ok for secondary progressive MS?  I would like your opinion on LDN. Thanks again for all your help.

    • Ms. Lardner,

      Keep hanging tough. The nervous system has a tremendous capacity to reorganize itself and regain function. All we have to do is do those things that are known to be helpful. Oxygen under pressure (HBO) is one such thing.

      Low dose naltrexone (LDN) is another one of those things that’s known to be beneficial for MS recoverers.

      If you’d like information on the bowel/bladder supplement, please email me requesting the information at the following email address:

      Dr. Cartwright

  18. Thankyou for all the information you have given us. I have had MS for over 20 years and do not take MS medication but try to control the symptoms through diet and supplements and also through natural therapies. I noticed someone asking about getting rid of numbness. I had a lot of numbness in the beginning and found that Foot Reflexology was very helpful in relieving these nasty sensational symptoms. I stopped reflexology for a time and the sensations returned with a vengeance, so now I have regular reflexology and no sensations. Dairy products can bring on an exacerbation with me, so I avoid them. Am interested in learning more about the gluten connection, although I rarely eat gluten. My diet is mainly meat and veg. I try to avoid most processed foods. I wonder is the bowel formula to help with constipation or with uncontrollable bowels ? I occasionally have a problem with constipation, but find psyllium husks are helpful for this.

    • Ms. Newbold,

      You’re to be complimented in owing your health, being active in such an important endeavor.

      The bowel/bladder supplement is designed to help the body re-establish the health of both bowel and bladder.
      If you’d like more information on the supplement, please email me requesting the information at the following email address:

      Dr. Cartwright

  19. I was having bad speech problems, but mthotrexate helped a lot. I also was having very extreme pain, oxicodone made it bearable and carbamazepine took care of the jaw pain. Now I am taking copaxone shots daily. The only thing left is balance and heat is intolerable. I can no longer raise a garden which I dearly loved. I had to sell my house because I could no longer take care of it.
    Dr. Cartwright, I hope you are the answer to my prayers.

    Thanks so much,
    Robert Nelson

  20. Hi Dr. Cartwright,

    Just wanted to thank you so much. I started listening and practicing what you’ve taught about 2 years ago. I take all the supplements you suggest, and back in March, for lent, I gave up gluten and sugar. I lost 20 pounds in about 3 months! I did no extra exercise, other than my job, which is a lot of walking. The weight just melted off! I am a firm believer that gluten is toxic, as is refined sugar. I stay away from all processed foods, as many of them contain msg. I am interested in all your information about ms, so whatever everyone chooses is fine by me. Again, thanks so much for all you do!

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