Beginning The New Year

As we begin the new year, it seems appropriate that we examine what needs to be done to reach the goal of getting back the health and wellbeing that was enjoyed prior to the arrival of the unwanted companion, Multiple Sclerosis.  This companion continues its marathon of taking away the things that are held so dearly—-getting a good night’s sleep, waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, walking, getting through the day without fatigue — naming a few.

To slow the process of MS down, stop it, and turn your life around, you must “fight fire with fire”—-become a marathoner in belief, spirit, and actions each and every day this year.

And next year, you’ll be closer to winning the medal of getting your life back.

We’ve got some great things planned this year that will definitely help you starting with more frequent blog posts.

As we kick things off, we want to thank you for trusting us to help you get better and we look forward to working with you…and hearing about your success…during the coming year.

Please share your thoughts and commitment to making 2014 the year you start feeling better and get back to doing some of the things you used to love doing.

Dr. Rudy Cartwright
MS Health Coach

44 thoughts on “Beginning The New Year

  1. Glad to see you guys back. I truly enjoy the information that you provide. It is so good to get true facts
    and answers.
    I would also like information on regaining balance and strength for walking. Hope to see you address this soon.


  2. Dr. Cartwright is definitely the ‘go to guy’ for MS recovery. He prescribed a protocol for me for 90 days. I improved so much in a short time, so I am continuing with the protocol. It consists of some proprietary and other vitamin supplements. I am feeling better with each day; regaining my balance to walk unassisted. My autobiographical testimony book is being edited and will be an eBook for download soon. Thank you Dr. Cartwright for your research and dedication to help MS patients!

  3. Dr.Cartwright was kind enough to call me, personally, to check up on me and wish me a Happy New Year. I had been rather depressed and “off course”. He inspired me to pick myself up and begin again. Thanks, Dr.Cartwright. You’re the best! 🙂

  4. Have battled with MS for over 25 years and like others my walking and balance are the biggest issues for me. Have recently started taking The Essentials so am hoping they will make a difference. After a major paralyzing MS episode a couple of years ago I increased my regular exercise programs and they have strengthened my legs enough to walk with a walking frame but balance is woeful. I appreciate the advice given by Dr Cartwright and try to follow it as much as possible.

  5. I have started my new year with the Essentials that Dr Cartwright sent to me and I take them every day as I was told to do. I also have become a pescatarian and also avoid cow’s milk and replaced it with soya milk. I have been doing this for only 2 weeks but by making these changes I have felt brighter and more energised already! I will keep updating each month and hopefully improving all the time. Thank you Dr. Cartwright!

  6. I am so glad that people are positive about recovery during this year.
    Let us never lose hope in God’s Mercy. Off course Dr. Cartwright will be there to help us achieve this aim.
    Mohsin Khota
    Johannesburg,South Africa

    • So grateful to have Dr Cartwright and all the extremely helpful advise in my life.Inspiring to be part of this community and not feel I gotta ‘do it alone’.Thank You…(* *;)

  7. I’d love to learn more on how to walk stronger and longer without legs getting so fatigued and weak.

  8. I need to know how to stand as well as having the ability to walk. Drop foot also comes into the equation there also.
    Thank you for all your help. I am always amazed at how well it dove tails with other information I am learning.

  9. Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce said MS was caused by deficiency of gold in body. Studies show colloidal gold raises IQ also. Have been doing colloidal gold for little over a week with some good effects. Calmer spirit. Less tingling in legs.

  10. What are the best next steps? What more should I do? What is the most beneficial?
    Diet, exersize?

  11. I am also pleased to see you are back again and I hope you had an enjoyable break.I also agree about the walking and balance.I have been using a walker to help me for about 6mths and it seems I rely on it more than I should because I remember when I didn’t need one.So yes time for more working on walking.

  12. I am so excited about learning how to regain the strength in my legs and to be able to balance myself and walk freely and confidently again. Thank you so much for this oportunity, I was fired because my manager didn’t like the fact that I walked differently from her other employees. I only had to lean a little on things sometimes but by the time I was fired after being harassed and stressed out daily for over 4 months I was having to use a cane to walk inch by inch.

  13. The support of someone understanding and explaining what ‘working’ with how M.S. can affect you has me grateful that we are all individual but that each can constructively improve despite it being slowly and on an uphill gradient!

  14. It is almost 3 years since I started Dr Cartwright’s Fundamentals & MS Health University courses and I haven’t had another relapse since, nor have I been in hospital. Thanks to Dr Cartwright, I HAVE MY LIFE BACK. I, again, drive my car and do my own shopping etc. God Bless for 2014.

  15. It is the start of a new year and the time I set aside to internalize new learnings.This year i am working toward strength and balance enough to walk without a walker. I can work in the exercise pool and need to this to keep at my goal and walk with my walker on land to strengthen when not able to get to the pool.This i have started and now am able to walk 100 yards without resting. Yeah!
    Glad to have friends on line!Blessings and balance to all.

  16. Reading everones comment over different ways on how too alter your eating. Like I have had this difficult disease since 1991 or roughly when my yongest was six, he remembers that I was having alot of visit’s to our hospital for various test’s. It was n’t until I had the lumber puncture that they found that all the problem is ? Multiple sclerosis , I am now 49 and I am going to try soya milk. I have already cut out milk in my coffee so now I will try my porridge made using soya milk? I will let you know!.

    • I have had MS for 21 years and started a diet free of gluten, sugar, red meat free and dairy and it has helped me lose weight plus it has helped with my walking. Blessing for the New Year.

  17. Being following the Wahls Diet since 02/13. Had significant improvements for the first 3 months or so then had another relapse (less severe than the relapses I was having before the diet though) and things started going back down hill. Just recently started LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) have not noticed any improvements yet. Trying to keep a positive attitude but it is getting harder and harder to stay positive. The one good thing is since being diagnosed with RRMS in 10/09 I was having relapses every 2 to 3 months requiring steroid treatments but it has been almost 6 months since my last relapse requiring steroids. So that is a positive for me that shows that hopefully I am on the right path. But on the other hand like I said I am trying to stay positive but things are not getting better. I am getting weaker and less mobile by the day. When I am able to exercise my body seems to feel worse not better. I just want 2014 to be the year things level off and improvements start to become visible. Thank you to both Dr. Cartwright’s for your advice and help.

  18. I am one of the 10% who have Primary Progressive MS. I was diagnosed in June of 2012, and have already progressed much more than many who have lived with Relenting Remitting MS for 10 – 30 years. I am 59 years old and have been widowed for nearly 11 years, which means I live alone. I lost my ability to drive in December of 2012 due to drop foot, (one of the symptoms of MS.) I cannot walk at all without a cane or walker/rollator and not for very long even with the aids. (5 minutes). I have fallen twice in the last 3 months and injured my back and my right foot. It’s difficult to keep my spirits up when there is so little hope given to those of us with PPMS. We are basically treated as if we don’t count because all treatments are focused on the 85% with RRMS. I would love to hear someone…ANYONE…quit treating PPMS as if it doesn’t exist and at least acknowledge that we have a right to be counted. I realize that, because there are only a small percent who suffer with PPMS, that there has just not been nearly as much research done to address us, and I am in no way criticizing any one particular person or group, but would love to see some specific attention paid to PPMS….at least once in a while.

    • My Neurologist at one time told me I was Primary Progressive and then changed it to Devics a form of MS. I’ve been on a diet free of gluten, dairy, red meat and sugar and it’s help me. Blessing to you for the New Year

  19. Hi, and thank you for your support, and encouragement dealing with the sympptoms of MS… I would like to regain my balance and be able to walk without the use of walking aids… I’m doing everything I know of to get my health back, but would appreciate any help you can give… I’ll follow any advise to the letter! thank you!

  20. I have attended all of the webinars and have shared information with my MS Support Group. I have agreed completely with every last thing Dr. Cartwright has said as I too have done a lot of what he says independently. When Dr. Cartwright started his webinars, I had already been doing what he says to do plus the use of essential oils that help with all aspects of MS. I felt extreme validation when I attended the first webinar as every single Doctor and neurologist I had been to previously thought I was ridiculous for attempting to treat MS holistically. They were very surprised to learn and actually see how much better I am now. I have remained relapse-free for 5 years now, and no one would even know I have MS! Listen to what he says! Just do it!

  21. I’ve been taking the Essentials for over year, and am hoping to see some improvement and regeneration. I was a piano major, and would like to be able to feel the individual keys under my fingers once more. I also used to run, and hope one day to be able to resume that.

  22. I took the essentials for 6 months and did not see any differences. I realize different things work for different people, and I continue to take D3, and the other supplements you have mentioned in your webinars. I’ve taken out sugar, and and am trying to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I believe I will walk again, but sometimes it is hard to stay positive. I appreciate all the work you have done and people you have helped. I so want to be one of them!

  23. Have started PT for my walking and balance. That’s what I would love to hear more about. I am 55, diagnosed one year ago with RRMS. My daughter also diagnosed a year ago. Also dealing with fatigue.

  24. Welcome back and have a Happy New Year, you’ve helped many to make their own more happy and carefree. Question, is motion sickness part of MS? I was in my car waiting for the ice to thaw off of the windows, and it felt like I was backing up. I pressed on the brakes, but the car wasn’t moving. It was like when we watch a train go past and we feel like we’re moving, except I wan’t.

  25. Definitely fatigue and balance. My Clonus (stiffness) is what troubles my walking. I also have drop foot. Please help. Thank you for all you do. God bless him

  26. I would like to learn how to gain my balance; perfect my gait; to run; jump and stop the fatigue. How are these possible if Ive not been able to do this since 2006? My other goal is to wear wedges / heals again:) Dr, you are my motivation and look forward to all your blogs. I am writing and following you from Johannesburg, South Africa!

    • Hi Debbie
      Do u guys have a support group here in Jhb I can join.Would be so great to speak to people who “understand” …Best Regards

  27. Hi everyone, happy new year to all. It seems from the majority of these comments that walking and mobility is the number 1 priority for most of us. I think we can cope with all the other stuff if we can appear to be as ‘normal’ as possible and just get around more easily. Drop foot is also an issue for me.
    I find conventional medicine is a complete waste of time, except perhaps when the steroids are needed to help with the RRMS. I too am SPMS , I am 66 years young and have been diagnosed for about 34 years. I search the internet constantly for the magic bullit but in the mean time I am taking The Essentials and sticking with the Doc. This is from United Kingdom. Health and happiness to all.

  28. I have severe numbness from my waist down to my toes, it feels awful . I am still walking with a walker but I am finding that to be more difficult because I have no feeling and I get fatigued easily. I have had ms for 15 years and was doing fine until last year. I just started the drug copaxone hoping it would help me but so far I don’t see any improvement. I am taking the essential vitamins every day, I started about two months ago.

  29. My balance and gait have been a huge problem since giving birth to my son in 2009. I really need some advice or tips to help me along. I was laid off due to not enough work but I knew it was because my MS was getting harder to handle.

  30. Thank you for all the information, it helps a lot knowing that you care, so i am looking forward to starting the New Year with possitive thoughts.

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