It is apparent that inflammation is a major force behind both Multiple Sclerosis Disease (MSD) and CardioVascular disease (CVD).  During Multiple Sclerosis Disease exacerbations, inflammation is even more apparent; and likewise during cardiovascular events.  Also, patients with persistent inflammation have a poorer outcome.  Moreover, both Multiple Sclerosis Disease and CardioVascular Disease are made worse by psychological stress as well as oxidative stress.  Bridging the intervention gap between MSD and CVD may occur when inflammation, among other things, is addressed through healthy lifestyle measures. See references below.


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What can be done?

  1. Vitamin D3     5,000 iu daily
  2. Astaxanthin    5 mg daily

To Your Better Health

Dr. Rudy Cartwtight, MS Health Coach

PS:  Post your comments.  Let me hear from you.

18 thoughts on “BRIDGING THE MSD & CVD GAP

  1. heya doctor rudy i want to thank you for this information ive lerned more from you and your website than any other doctor. all they tell you is here take this or try this ohh and they cost 1000’s a month and your insurance dosent cover them i’am a peron with secondary progessive ms and it realy sucks and ive had multiple operations on my knees to lumbar fusion and the list goes on but these operations mixed with ms meens things are tuff for me but we do ty for all the info

  2. In your opinion doctor…
    which is better and more useful fingolimod or Avonex?
    i hope i can get an answer…

  3. Hello Dr. Cartwtight –

    May God bless you for all your hard work! Words cannot express, properly, my gratitude. I am working on addressing stress. It is difficult. I am totally dependent BUT am a “FIGHTER!”

    My thanks,

  4. HI: It has been my experience that hyperbaric oxygen therpy (HBOT) has been very effectivr in treatment of MS. Over 80% with HBOT have had significant decrease in their MS symptoms and I have patients that have complete reversal of symptoms at up to 30 + years. Why is data about the value of HBOT in MS not availabe to the MS pateint? Let me know if ?s. wsm md

  5. Hi,

    I have the opportunity to have a stem cell transplant for MS. Do you have any comments positive or negative. Please help me navigate these waters.

  6. I appreciate so much that there r people like u with such compassion, experience & the wisdom 2 share your very valuable knowledge with people like me living with MS, I thank GOD that i’ve founf u & i ask him 2 continually bless u. Can u tell me what xactly is “oxidative stress” because i use CELL food h2o product, 6 drops 2wice a day, should i continue & what is Astaxanthin & where can i buy it? Thank u Sincerely,

  7. my brother aged 55 has m s and he is getting far worse he is unsteady on his feet and can only walk a short distance about 100 meters with the aid of a walking stick untill he is out of breath . is there anything he could try to give him more strenght to walk . the way he is going it looks like he could be in a wheelchair soon.
    yours david bennett

  8. Hi Dr. Cartwright

    I was diagnosed with MS about 3 years ago. I also have spinal stenosis. I have had C4/5 and 5/6 fusions. I am now having a great deal of sciatic pain. I have been taking the essentials and Vitamin D3 religiously. I just received Sue Ellen’s book with recipes. I am on sooo much medication that it really worries me. Do you have any suggestions for me that might help?

    Thank you very much for all that you do.

    Virginia Labelle

  9. Dr. Cartwright,
    I have developed ringing in my ear, more like a hissing. Is there anything I can do for that?

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