The human body is one large chemical plant that uses specific nutrients (chemicals) such as vitamins to remain in good health and ward off disease.  Because your unique biochemical make-up determines the need for the many different nutrients for life, liberty from illness, and pursuit of happiness, there are as many different desirable levels of vitamin intake as there are people.  The ”one size fits all” approach to remain in or return to  good health is not consistent with what is recognized in nature, and especially with what is recognized in multiple sclerosis.  It is known that a well-nourished body is “the one most resistant to infection, decay, and malfunction”.  Unless your own body chemistry can respond to the threat of disease or carry out its healing powers when a disease is present, all wonder drugs are of little use.

In a previous blog post, I have recommended taking vitamin D3, at least 5,000 iu daily.  I have also recommended taking The Essentials, two tablets twice daily.  In addition to the foregoing, I recommend taking B-Complex on a daily basis.  Specific minerals will not be covered at this time.

To Your Best Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

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26 thoughts on “BRINGING IT HOME

  1. It takes time to recover ~ it took a few years for me to go downhill and it is taking time to get back up the hill and I am thanks to Dr. Cartwrights suggestions/information. I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t receive the information regarding recovery from MS and basic nutritional needs. Pricless! Thank you!

  2. Hi Dr. Rudy,Patty Talley here. It has been a long time since we have talked. Iam already doing the Essentials and the Vitamin D3. I do take a sublingual B Complex. I am so looking forward to being able to get in on the “1 on 1”; I am on the waiting list, and sure will be glad when there is room for me to get in. Thanks, Dr. Rudy, and I really do look forward to talking to you again.

  3. I agree with the fact that no one is the same , however, I know that we need to get a taylored regemen of vitamins and mineral along with the the proper foods that are also taylored to our own specific body chemistry.
    to do this utilize a clinic such as the center for advanced medicine where they have eav or electro dermal testing ….look it up if you dont know what it is.
    Also you need to turn to food for your nutrition. Dr Kellas at the center had AS a form of arthritis. He said when he stoped looking at just vitamins and he turned to food itself ….it wasnt until then did he recover. Dr Kellas is the founder there in encinitas CA.
    He states that you need to first stop putting in the bad …second detox the bad thats in there and then give the body what it needs.
    I have reasearched and researched and researched for months day and night as to help my wife. We found Kellas at the center and she is getting better every day….no ms drugs…..I have also found that this will work for over 90 percent of diseases. We are all toxified with something. His team is brilliant.
    Also the ccsvi procedure also looks very very promising. Look at the hubbard clinic in california as well.Lets put the ms drug pushers out of business………you will pay for it however. insurance doesnt cover most natural protocols and most insurance doesnt cover ccsvi. I know etna will and so far bcbshield wont.

  4. I thank you, Dr. Cartwright, for this notable information. It is helpful to take Vitamin D3 for those who are dealing with symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I would like to note, however, for myself, obatining D3 in specific concentrations would certainly be better, speaking from my own experience, than taking the precribed dosage from the drug, Calcitrol. I took Calcitrol, per my physician’s orders, and experienced all sorts of side effects: the most devastating was elevated liver enzymes, which caused yellowing of my eyes, nausea, and lethargy. I am not sure if this would occur when taking just a non-prescribed dosage of the vitamin. Please help…

  5. I would like to know what you think about having seisures which I just had March 5th and now I am taking dilatin 100 every am 200 everynight.

    Love to know what you think.

    Keep living safe and sure,

  6. I have to say since I’ve been taking better care of myself using many of the suggestions made by Dr. Cartwright and taking the Essentials, for the first time in over 10 years I was able to enjoy all of the roller coaster, water rides, and “tea cup” rides at Disney with my four children! I didn’t get dizzy nor was I exhausted from getting up early, standing in lines, and coming in late. I felt energized and healthy. I came home and even started jogging! Okay, it was a few yards but still I did it and walked the rest of the two miles. I know I have a long road still a head of me but I’m through the tunnel. I think there will be only speed bumps along the way now. Thank you Dr. Cartwright and Sue Ellen for starting the ball rolling. I’m happy:) God bless you both!

  7. ms is a horrible thing i went from a very very active person to a very weak person that requires the aid of others due to secondary progressive ms but ohh well i was delt this hand in life so i deal with it the best i can i do want to say ty dr cartwright for all the info on ms i have started taking vitaamins and they do seem to help with ms exaserbations ( sry 4 spelling )anyways keep up the great work

  8. Hi

    Can anyone help me? Im going dowm with this MS. I have secondary ms, was diagnosed with it two years ago, cant walk, have a wheelchair now. I live in NZ, I dont qualify for any drug treatment, I dont know what to do next.


  9. So appreciate the information you give. I’m going to have to get with it and purchase the health course if I ever expect to help myself to get well. It is harder all the time to get up out of a chair or the bed and walking with my walker takes forever. How much will it cost to purchase the course that I can get thru the mail and how soon could I get it?

  10. i stumbled upon this site and am not sure how this operates?
    My story is; i was diagnosed in 1994, tried the new drugs of the day and reacted badly on each of the two doses and quit the pro gramme. i went on my own from then on, altered diet etc. have continued to avoid doctors and their advice for drug therapy.
    now symptoms are re-emerging and i am unsure where to go from here.
    any advice would be welcomed for consideration; there must be a way past this!
    many thanks, LS.

  11. Dear Dr. Cartwright thanks you so much for your invaluable information. Things don’t feel so bad since you have begun your coaching. I feel that I have my own special angel and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to know how to get the Essential vitamins. Also, I watch Dr. Oz on the tv. He’s a very caring person like you. He mention that a person shouldn’t take vitamins close to when they they take their medication. He said it would be absorb right so wait a few hrs and then take it. Is this right Dr. Rudy? I did receive some material from you that I had been waiting for a long time. It was the the audio cd’s, getting starting CD and 6 CD’s on MS Healthing Course. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray for you, Scott, his wife every night and thank God that he brought you into my heart. Thanks for caring, for sharing and for being the wonderful man that you are.

    your forever friend, Mary Kelly

  12. I find being here in California and the SF Bay Area to be a wealth of info and allows me whom has never taken the RX for my MS in 4 years when I was told. I take liquid multi vitamin, Hemp Oil, Grape Seed, stuff for neuropathy pain, and muscle weakness that actually work for me and others with MS. I am now in the process of getting CCSVI treatment and setting up post treatment protocols to minimize complications or prevent needing treatment again soon.

  13. Has anybody out there with SPMS had stem cell treatment that significantly improved their life. I am being courted by a Bangkok group offereing treatment for $10k using adult stem cells! The advertising looks good; does it help?

  14. thank you Dr for all the informations that you are sending us it is really helpful keep sending me all the important messages about ms god give you whatever you wish in your life sincerely yours Ferial……..the only thing i wish you can do it for me is just post me all the supplements and essential vitamins that i need to take whatever a person with ms has to take thanks again

  15. You have recommed some Vitamin D3 and B Complex what is the other tablet as you have said The Essential but i cannot find it.

    I am currently taking B Complex and Adcal-D3 chewable tablets but want to know what is the The Essential that you say take twice a day.

  16. I would love to know all Kristine Smythe is doing. Since taking the recommendations by Dr. Cartwright I have been exaccerbation free for some time now. I am still unable to jog/run and walk 2 miles without my walking cane. Kristine can you pleasw reply?

  17. my dr said infusion t too dangerous
    im on ampyral and copaxone i want to get to ghe poiont i can dance i
    take vt d..k haa ha d sveeral falls i get up snd jost o on
    i want to get married… help viv

  18. Dr I stopped taking avonex for few weeks now that I am taking it again I feel so bad I am so weak and shakey worried anxiety is killing me I am walking so poorley tell me have I LOST EVERY THING? why am i feeling like this? help me what should i DO??????? My doctor was agaist detoxing I do not know why? please help me and do not leave me alone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hi Sybil,

    There a lot of things I do that are “non” conventional. Here is my e-mail and perhaps you can e-mail me and we can communicate that way.

    Best to you and keep up your good work. We CAN get rid of this dis-ease!

  20. Dr. Cartwright:
    What, if any, effect might Serrapeptase have on lesions? Has any research been done in this regard? I understand that it “gobbles up” dead tissue within the body and was wondering if it would do the same for lesions. Thanks.

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