Calcium & MS: Can you maintain the health of your bones?

There is no doubt that calcium is necessary for the proper development and function of most, if not all, organs of the body;   Although an excessive amount of calcium may cause degeneration and atrophy of the brain, foremost in out minds is the slow, gradual loss of calcium from the bone over an extended period of time and the fear of falling and possible breakage of bone.   

You are told time and again that if you want to preserve bone and reduce your chances of  breaking a bone if you should fall, take calcium supplements, usually in an amount that has been shown to cause cardiovascular disease and heart attack.  You already have multiple sclerosis which is a degenerative disease.  Why add insult to injury by taking calcium supplements?

Added to the worry of calcium in general is the type of calcium you should take.  Should it be calcium citrate or calcium gluconate or calcium carbonate or calcium phosphate or coral calcium or liquid calcium or other forms?  By the way, calcium 2-aminoethylphosphate is a necessary part of the structure of cell membranes in our bodies. 

The real reasons for unhealthy bone in MS are as follows:

1) A low vitamin D3 level

2) Reduced exposure to sunshine

3) A lack of exercise

4) Non-balanced diet with the appropriate calcium contents

Here’s what you should start doing to stop worrying and maintain the health of your bones:

A)  Take at least 5, 000 i u of vitamin D3 daily

B)   Get more exposure to the sun

C)   Add greens, spinach, collard greens, and garlic to diet daily

D)  If possible, get more exercise

E)   Ipriflavone 400 mg three times daily for six months and then 200 mg three times daily thereafter

F)    Omega 3  400 mg daily

There you have it!

To Your Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

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22 thoughts on “Calcium & MS: Can you maintain the health of your bones?

  1. Many thanks for your clear information on calcium.I had been a little concerned about my lack of calcium intake ,as I have always taken on board many pints of milk on a daily basis.

    I have increased my Vit D3 intake to 5000 i u and have managed to obtain some Ipriflavone.

    I am also covering all the other points you mentioned.

    I hope you are feeling much better after your voice problems on the latest webinar and I feel much more positive about my situation.

    Kind regards to you all back at base.


  2. I have a family history of osteoperosis and fit the profile: thin, white and worked in a sedentary job for years. My calcium level was a little elevated the last time I had a blood panel done, should I wait to see my dr. before cutting the calcium supple ments?

  3. I recently had a routine physical and all blood tests showed normal results with a question to the thyroid (which I have to go back in 3 months) and I was wondering do routine physicals for otherwise healthy people apply to people with MS? Or do people with MS have different standards to go by?
    Thank you for all that you are doing Dr. Cartwright.
    Kristine Smythe

  4. I completely agree with you. In particular taking vitamin “D” is an exceptional cure. Though taking a calcuim which generates from Diary products is not that good.


  6. Dear Dr.Cartwright
    i am so delighted and eternal grateful that i came across you when i was researching about MS and found Sue ellen Dikinson. you are a godsend and so is your son.i ve been diagonsed early 2010 with a possible Ms and one year of so called investigation.well i had 1 MRI scan and a lumbar punktur.the year was healthwise ok.i had that one episode or relapse and have been treated alternatively .same recomenndation as you are saying, lots of vitamin D3,B12,garlic,… Thankfully we have one holiday per year in South africa so i can stock up on my sunshinew does me good.but since i found you guys, i had a total lightbulb moment and can t wait for more info.
    you guys are amazing ! PLease continue you fantastic work.We need your expertise to recover
    with a lot of gratitude
    cristina raffaela strauss

  7. Dear Dr Cartwright

    I’ve been diagnosed with MS 3 years ago after my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. I believe that the stress and shock was the cause. Thanks to our awesome GOD he is clear for 3 and a half years. But now I’ve got to get this MS thing under control. I’m a very positive person and so is my husband. I’ve had a viral infection in Jan 2011 which caused pain in the legs (like over exercizing) and now I battle walking again after I’ve felt so good and “planned to run the Comrades” Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!. I’ve read that a viral infection can cause a flair-up. Any suggestions to help me walk like before?
    Thanks to Sue-Ellen I got to your very informative information about MS recovery.
    Can you please tell me what it is in Gluten (Wheat) that affects MS?

    Estelle Schlebusch – (South Africa)

  8. Dear Dr Cartwright,

    I take 400mg Glucosamine HCi, 100mg Chrondronitin, OptiMSM & Vitamin C for joint care 3 times a day is this ok or not, would appreciate your comments. Many many thanks for all your good work and inforamtion.

    Best wishes,

    Ursula Doyle

  9. Thanks so much for all the tips! Well, I hope the snow has let up a bit for you. I think something has chased it here.:( I also have cut out dairy products. I use rice or soy milk as a substitute.

    Best to you and yours,

  10. Dear Dr Cartwright,
    How do You manage sensitivity to the temperature,Uhthoffs phenomenon?
    Thank You
    Best regards

  11. thanks for the beneficial information doctor
    Regarding my vitamin D, my latest result is 54 after it was less than 10, as i mentioned before that i have taken ergocalciferol 50000 I.U over three months.
    looking for what it is new always with you doctor.
    thanks again

  12. I have been diagonosed with MS 35 years. I have gone to a vitamin regime trying to make my self more healthy. I have also incorportated more exercise and I am eating more fruits and veggies with very little meat. My question is about calcium. I can see your reasoning for tablets but why not yogart cheese and milk. My mother had very severe osteoarthritis so I am concerned about my bone health. Can you explain why you say that please?

  13. Thankyou Dr Cartwright for your valuable information regarding calcium supplements.As I have a chronic uti ongoing for eights years.I am on antibiotics often and I quite often have yoghurt to replace the good bacteria.I feel no alternative.Although my MS is extremely severe,I remain determined with good nutriton and postive thinking.As for stress,well,it is virtually impossible being in full time care and dealing with carers on a day to day basis.Can anyone out there,tell me if they have tried a chiropratic treatment?I have had the odd postive story about chiropractic treatment.Thanks Dr Cartwright and Sue Ellen for all your work.

  14. Hi`Dr Cartwright and Sue Ellen
    It`s nice reading every bodys troubles and keeping
    possitive that`s what kept me going.
    I like to ask you Dr Cartwright i have osteoporosis
    through whip lash and squashed vertebrea had car
    accident my Doctor
    put me on Calcichew-D3 Forte 2 daily and Alendronic
    tablets 1 a week.would that affect M.S.What you said
    about calcium would that be the same.thank you Dr
    Cartwright and Sue Ellen Ive all ways read your
    emails thank you for giving us hope.

  15. Hi Dr Rudy,

    I feel very fortunate that I have found your articles!

    I was diagnosed with MS in 2001, at that time I was turning 41 and I had thought my life was over. All the unknown things that MS is associated with. I believe I’ve had maybe 2 exacerbation’s since that time. So again I’ve been blessed and fortunate!

    At first I chose to cut out all “red meat”, ate a Low Saturated Fat diet and Olive Oil had become my best friend! I read things on how to be healthy, but stayed clearly away from reading ANYTHING that was associated with MS. It was always Doom and Gloom! Unlike your articles! I read them and ask questions of my Neurologist.

    I no longer work in Corporate America, but have my own little business on the side and I can pick and chose my own hours and days to work. Much less stress! I believe that’s the key – No Stress!!!

    I’ve currently been taking Rebif 3 times a week (my husband gives me my shots). I had originally started on Avonex and it made me so sick once a week that I threw it in the TRASH!

    I recently heard that the meds might come in pill form, Yahoo! Have you heard of this new medication instead of shots?

    I frankly don’t have time for this Monster! I have a life to live with my husband, family and friends! I believe Positive thinking is HUGE!

    I love the articles that you send, and to this day and time I still don’t know how I was lucky enough to find YOU! 🙂

    Take Good Care of yourself I believe We “MSer’s need to hear from you!
    Thank you!
    Bobbi Hernandez

  16. I don’t understand what calcium if any I should take? I did take Shaklee calcium then my chiropracter gave me calcium without magnesium because I had a diarrhea for awhile. So please tell me what I need to take.

  17. Hi
    I found Ultimate Bone Builder with Glucosamine Sulfate and Ipriflavone by Ethical Nutrients. Is this appropriate for us MSers or is my understanding of calcium supplementation still flawed? Thanks

  18. My Naturopath suggested Calcium AEP 500 mg. daily. He is watching some research to see if I should be taking more of this. I found a reputable source for this and other supplements at a good price and good service. They share their research findings and explains in simple terms what the product does.

  19. Olga,

    Have you tried D-Mannose (a naturally occuring sugar) for your chronic UTIs? I have found that it works wonders when antibiotics don’t. I never have to take antibiotics for UTI anymore. I get my D-Mannose w/Cran-Active at the healthfood store. It’s reasonable, and I just take 2 a couple times a day for 2-3 days. It’s not meant to stay on, but at first sign of trouble I pop a couple of those and it goes away. It doesn’t kill the pathogens-it makes the walls of the bladder too slippery for the pathogens to stay on them and then they are removed with your urine. Make sure you drink reasonable amounts of water to keep your urinary tract sound. Just a non-professional suggestion that may help you. : )

  20. the doctors diagnosed me with M.S. 5 years ago. I had singles between my breasts and on the right side under my arm. The dr’s didn’t catch it in time because I had already been taking Gabapentin 3x a day for nerve pain.
    So it ran its course and took about 4 weeks to go away. But I am still in a lot of pain under both breasts and only wear my bra when I go out, but this is still painful. The dr’s gave me another med called Cymbalta. I just taking it a day ago. I don’t want to be on any medications, as all of my 50 years before that I didn’t need anything like that. I am very leerly of taking perscription drugs. Also I have floaters in both eyes, catarats in both and very blurry eyes all the time. The eye dr. said the catarats are too small and that I wouldnt need them out for years, and that the floaters would stay there forever. He recommended I take refresh teardrops. So I started using them a few days ago, but only once or twice a day. I read your articlues and they are very interesting. My neurologist doesn’t suggest anything for me to do with this problem, they only give you perscription pills. Right now I take 5000 mil of Vit D, Cold liver oil 2xday, a multivitamin for over 50’s, and calcium tablet 600mg. a day, & pychogenol 30mg. 1xday. Is there anything else to take or not to take. I eat a healthy diet, but I need help!!!

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