For anyone who want to get in on a study evaluating the effectiveness of the Zamboni procedure (dilating constricted veins in the neck), you can phone Darren at 306-655-8658 or Jeanine at 306-655-8837.   Visit the URL that announces the program (

I hope this benefits you.

To Your Better Health,

Dr Rudy Cartwright

MS Health Coach

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44 thoughts on “CCSVI: MORE GOOD NEWS

  1. hi dr c i got your course last year and spoke on the phone with you once, thank i have a question i heard about this one minut cure it conssits of 35%food grade hydrogen peroxyde,i dont know how it will affect my ms,what are your thouts on this.they say it helps the body cure itsself of most all desieses.

    • Wayne,

      Hydrogen Peroxide destroys the lining (endothelial cells) of blood vessels. Based on this research, i’m not in favor of it.

      Dr. Cartwright

  2. Eileen Kibble for my son Wayne Kibble who is at present in Phlippines for 3 months as symptoms vanish when there on said:

    We live in the UK, can we volunteer in this country for trials re CCSVI

  3. I had the procedure done 7-29-11.I did see sm improvement at first.My gate and balance were never affected(good or bad)
    I had an MRV done 10-4-11.There is narrowing of my Jugular veins again,I will be having the procedure done again 11-11-11 @11am (Play the numbers)
    Your Thoughts.


  4. I’m not a candidate for the procedure, according to the testing that was done.

    I do have a VERY important question, however. Is it advisable to take the Shingles vaccine? pneumonia? I know the flu shot is advised as long as it’s not
    a live vaccine or flumist. What about these other immunizations? I’m sixty now.

    • Susan,

      The virus that causes shingles is said to be a risk factor for causing MS. That being the case, i’m not in favor of the vaccine. There are several bacterial causes of pneumonia. What does the vaccine cover?

      Dr. Cartwright

  5. I must clarify the above post: we are conducting a diagnostic study looking at the relationship between venous abnormalities and MS. There is no treatment involved in this study and we are looking for volunteers living in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  6. I would just like to say … I had the procedure done in providence Rhode Island back in april/11… The procedure is highly over rated and costed 6,500.00 which is far too much. It should not cost more than $1500-2,500!!!!! I had little significant improvement from it, but think it was an important thing to do as everyone should have the blood flowing as God intended!! I find the medical establishment very quick to take advantage of people in these schemes!! I was in the clinic only for 3 hours max. and the procedure maybe took a brief hour. I know for a fact the procedure wouldn’t cost more than 1500.00 in Canada…. a mark up of over 4 times the real cost of 1500.00…..It seems to have a better better effect for people living with relapsing/remitting ms.. I think I might now have secondary progressive ms, although I am pretty sure the disease has halted… Anyways, I do wish those all the best with it, but just wanted to say there is an element of greed associated with having it done for those involved doing it… Doctors are always sure to stress the point that it might not help you knowing that some are so desperate they will try anything… I am wondring about adult stem cell therapy? Very expensive also!!!!
    Best wishes to everyone,
    Brenda Luka

  7. I presume MS sufferers will only go for the “liberation treatment” if they have a blockage to begin with? This should be easily established by a Doppler Radar test of the neck veins. If there is no blockage, it is unlikely the procedure would result in any change of the condition.

    I have mentioned this before, if you are patient, take Serrapeptase or Nattokinase or a combination of both. They clean out the arteries by removing plaque, they are enzymes. Check out both of them on the internet, there is a lot of information and Serrapeptase is presribed by doctors in Europe regularly for various conditions, including the dissolving of ovarian cysts. This method is cheaper by far than any surgery and risk free. It takes 12 to 18 months to clear out the stuff, but some benefits should be noticeable much before. As the body gets a good internal scrubbing, you may have some side effects. Drink lots of water to help flush out the broken down particles. Take the enzymes on an empty stomach and do not eat for at least 1/2 hour afterwards. Good luck.

  8. I agree with Brenda, that it is sure over rated and good money making procedure. I’m MS patient for last 20 years and had this CCSVI, it offered little relief but more noise. I think we have been given this rare disease for some kind of punishment maybe this birth or previous birth.

  9. My experience in that treatment of MS with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been 80% show signifant improvement. The value of HBOT for MS is also confirmed from England. See Perrins & James, IJNN 2(1):45-48 2005 that also confirms longterm benefit in MS from HBOT. Contact me if ?s. wsm md

  10. In response to the above research into stress/trauma causing MS, in my case I do definitely believe that trauma and ongoing stress, which I personally at the time did not deal with very well, almost certainly brought on my Primary Progressive MS. I have since been unable to avoid more stress, involving divorce, having to set up home on my own, anxiety involving loved ones and financial worry, but although it has caused me to have symptoms, it has not made the condition worse. According to doctors it seems to have levelled off and I have only had one relapse involving my eyes in the 8 years since I was diagnosed. I see a kinesiologist who believes in keeping the candida albicans in the body at bay. This has really helped with the awful symptoms initially experienced and I feel much better now.

  11. I heard somebody say that these things that can happen to us only bring us closer to god.I like the sound of that better than some kind of punishment.Its all in how you look at it.

  12. I’m truly at a loss with the resulant outcomes from CCSVI Treatment.
    I know for a definate, absolute fact, that a friend who had Stem Cell Treatment late last year here in Oz, is now out of her Wheelchair & getting about – FACT!
    I’m nearing my 50th Tysabri Session tomorrow & I share the same with some others in my Ty Group – it definately is doing something!
    Others beg to differ!
    That’s the nature of this thing – we are all different.
    The $ cost is beyond crazy for CCSVI & Stem Cell treatements making it only a dream for the majority of us.
    But, my sincere best wishes to anyone who tries these Treatments.
    Tony Rooney

  13. Can I ask kind sir, what else should I be taking along with the essentials, I am taking LDN, vitamin D (10,00 mg per day, very expensive) alpha lipoic acid, fish oil, and magnesium is there anything else you would recommend?

    I have had MS since I was 11, it is so sneaky and silent, crept up on me, and I felt fine until I was 33, when I had to use a wheelchair.

    But since being on your course I can use a walker, stand at the stove and cook and wash the dishes, I have even been hanging the washing! But all these baby steps are taking to long, I just want me back 🙁

    My husband has left me to look after 3 boys alone, I admire my strength!


    • Josie,

      I, too, admire your strength! By all means, keep taking baby steps in the right directions. You can’t beat slowing the ms process down, stopping it, and turning your life around. So, keep going. Oh, send me a smiley face, i—we– need it. And don’t forget that you have a larger family now.

      Dr. Cartwright

  14. Dear Dr. Cartwrite,
    Hi ,I have ppMS and I had ccsvi .But my viens are normal .
    What do you think about that.
    what couse my MS when my viens are normal?
    best Regards

    • Iadan,

      The cause of MS is unknown. From many indications, MS is the result of several environmental influences acting on your genetic make-up.

      Dr. Cartwright

  15. I am going to try to keep this as breif as possible since we have a long history. I tried to start Kevin (the loved one with the MS) on your plan almost a year ago. He is a Veteran and has been under their care almost since the beginning. The last part of 2009 Kevin had a huge relapse leaving him with swallowing problems and “deminished mental ability” (not true, he has always known whats going on around him). A PEG feeding tube was placed along with a trach to protect the airway. Shortly after having these procedures done he suffered multiple Grand Mal seizures during which he aspirated leaving him with not only the problems he already had but with pneumoina as well. He was placed on a vent for over a month. Talk was that this maybe a permenant part of his life. Kevin did well during the weaning process and the vent was removed but he was left on O2 100% of the time. During his hospital stay he developed a stage 4 bed sore and a pump was placed. He was moved to an LTAC hospital close to home to start on his long journey to recovery. He spent his 41st birthaday, Thanksgiving and Christmas in the LTAC. In early January he was moved to a nursing facility 40 minutes from home. His condition was delicate to say the least. I had the fear that maybe it was to late for him. Both you and Sue Ellen encouraged me and told me it was never too late. Thank you both for that, for I probably would have given up and not insisted on things I felt he needed while in the nursing home. I purchased the supplements, took the list to the nutristionist at the home, had her approve most of them. I found out later that they had not been given as suggested because they had to be crushed or did not mix well. I watched Kevin go down hill for a year. He was hospitalized (at my insistance) several times for eveything from sepsis to Dilantin toxcity and UTI’s from just plain neglect. The basics of health and life were not even being done, let alone anything that was needed for him to get better. He was placed in a corner and left to die. I purchased my own equipment to monitor him and went over daily to do my own assesment (I am not a nurse, but I am a medical assistant and I do have common sense). I would insist that he go the hospital ( he went to 3 different ones while he was in the nursing home including the VA). They all seemed to agree on one thing, he was not receiving the care he needed. One of them actually turned in the nursing home, for which I got blamed for doing. I had all I could take. I started to assemble a Private Duty Staff to bring him home in November of last year. The only improvement that Kevin had during his stay was that the bedsore had closed and the pump had been removed on one of his hospital stays. I had also been taking him to the VA on a regular basis for Wound Care and to Urology for his care, since I didn’t have confidence in this place. The VA was trying to get me to leave him there, telling me that I could not care for him at home and I didn’t know what I was getting into. All I knew was that I could a least do as well as the nursing home. The VA had been paying for his care in the nursing facitlity, but will only provide 16 hrs a week for a bath aid and house keeping. They also provide visiting nurses on an as needed basis as well. Despite all the talk and finances, Kevin came home last January. I had a staff of 4 when I brought him home. Two of us were full time, 2 were partime, all with patient care and medical background. We are now a staff of 6 total. Three are parttime, 3 full time, me included. I coordinate his care and am the educator in MS. Your CDs and and printed information is available to them at anytime. Our staff includes a Pharmacy student and a 4th year nursing student with 25 years of patient care experience. I have 2 with years of home health care experience. I spend a lot of my spare time doing research and managing staff and home. Kevin’s care has been turned back over to the VA and I am with him whenever he goes for visits. This last summer he was placed on 3 very heavy hitting antibodics. We had been fighting pneumoina and UTIs since he came home. His condition was very fragile when he came home, but dispite the setbacks he has continued to make progress. After the heavy hitters, he ended up with C-diff, leaving him with severe diarrhea. I did some research to find a natural cure (I believe there is always something out there for what ever we may contract). I came across a product called DigestaCure. This product was in the making for a decade. It is safe and natural. It targets the immune system and works to bring the body into balance. It doesn’t effect any meds or supplements you maybe taking, in fact, may help them be more effective. It is expensive. It helped to control the severe diarrhea in about 2 days. He is now off of the O2. His levels run in the upper 90s. He sets up in a chair and travels now by wheelchair instead of a gurney when he goes for Drs. appointments. He is more alert and responsive. He is able now to follow simple commands and is gaining some control over his limbs. He is trying to talk (something he really hasn’t done since the trach was placed), he sits at the table and eats soft foods and takes part in family dinners. He has vitals that I would trade him in a minute. His blood work is excellent. Remember this man was placed in corner and basicly left to die a little over a year ago. I was reading the blog on CCSVI and that prompted me to write. The VA wanted a Bard Power Port placed to make blood draws and access easier for Kevin. He had this done on Wednesday. During this procedure the jugular vein is accessed and a catheter is placed. On Thursday during a Drs visit we found out that Kevin had several labs that needed to be done. Kevin and I went up to the Infusion Clinic to have the labs drawn via the new port. The tech flushed the port several times and mentioned that the flow wasn’t what she would like to see, that it was slow. She flushed some more, and finally we had the flow that was expected. When Kevin returned home his bath aid came in and I thought that he would really be tired and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening sleeping. Was I wrong!. He was wide awake, very, very responsive, trying to talk, laughing and joking with us, much more than usual. My theory is that during all of these flushes that the jugular was widened, and optimal blood flow obtained. Any thoughts?

    • Ms. Smith,

      I remember Kevin. When you first told me about him way back when, i said to myself”love conquers all”.
      From all indications, i was correct. Much of conquering the MS beast is knowing that you have a great support system. Obviously, Kevin has it and is fully aware of it.

      While Kevin is at the VA, ask them to take a look at his blood vessels in his neck with a CAT SCAN or with an MRI. It is possible to demonstrate constrictions. If significant constrictions are demonstrated, give me a follow-up. I hope he is still taking nutritional supplements.

      Dr. Cartwright

  16. Hi Brenda Luka,

    I’ve read everything posted by most of you but connected greatly to what you said about CCSVI. I’ve had the procedure twice in just under 2 yaers. The first time I went to Poland-medical staff were helpful, the cost was reasonable and I did have some marked improvement afterwards-mainly with less fatigue and a feeling of ‘lightness’ in my body. Sadly the improvements didn’t last very long. I’d heared that a new clinic in Scotland were going to start doing the procedure. This centre boasted more understanding/ability to read dopler imaging etc and more comprehensive follow-up so I booked in there and had the treatment done again as they said I still had CCSVI. This time, I did not experience any improvements at all. The place in Scotland cost alot more and justified this by talking about their aftercare/follow-ups but to be honest, a few phone calls here and there should not have increased the cost of the procedure by as much as it did.

    I have continued to deteriorate but am now booked for stem cell treatment in January 2012. For the last 3 years,I’ve researched and followed progess with the place that I’m booked into now and again they don’t talk about this being a cure for ms but the results appear to be more scientifically lead and are better.

    3 years ago, I had pretty much all my mobility and was reluctant to take on the costs of having stem cell treatment while I didn’t feel I needed it and the liberation treatment (CCSVI) seemed to be a cheaper/more viable option for where I was at the time. I don’t regret giving it a go but the 2 procedures I’ve had almost add up in cost to the 1 stem cell treatment I’ll be having shortly.

    I hope for better progress.


  17. I am from Battleford, Saskatchewan. And would Love to have my name on the List for the Zambonie Liberation treatment. So thank you for the Information above I will phone either Darren or Jeanine. Good Luck to everyone, fighting this battle.


  18. Had the procedure last December. I had no improvements, and I think my circulatory system got worse. My weak side experience much more swelling. Any chance the new study will take on someone like me? I have SPMS.

  19. Yes Dr Cartwright he takes his supplements like clockwork now that he is home. His rehab Dr even asks if he is taking them. Especially Vit D. He also requested level to be ran. I think some of the main stream Docs are starting to see the importance of them. Two Docs this week have been very excited about Kevin’s blood work. His results are “excellent” with no signs of infection. I had requested that this rehab Dr see Kevin again. He had been dropped from the Spinal Cord Clinic because his condition was too advanced for their programs and treatment. With urgering from Kevin’s Service Officer with the PVA he agreed to see him at least once. I didn’t feel that his Primary Care Dr was getting it and had asked her to see if Dr McAnelly would see him again. This past week was his second visit with him since he came home (they were 6 months apart). His next appt. is in 3 months. Kevin has shown him that you can get better, so he’s back in the program. Almost everyday I see some small improvement, maybe its because he was so far down that I can see the small things. When I look back at where he was a year ago, it’s a BIG LEAP that he has made in his journey back. I’ve told him that I’m going to start taking everything he takes, and start laying on my back more, since he doesn’t have a wrinkle or a line in his face. When he grins at me, its like some onery kid being naughty! He is truely a joy. I don’t want to be anywhere else.

  20. To Josie
    It sounds to me like you have made a BIG LEAP in your journey as well! Reflect back to where you were and see how far you’ve come. You’ve had this monster tagging alone with you for a long time. Don’t expect it to leave without a fight and in time you will win, so turn that frown around! Read my posts. It could be much worse. I’ve seen it, cried over it, and then took action to help the love of my life. I almost gave up once, but with the help of Dr Cartwright and Sue Ellen I hitched up my pants and went to work and we are winning!

  21. I have ppms and have been in a wheelchair for a couple of years now. I had the CCSVI procedure in Poland in March of this year at a cost of 10,000 euros. I was told by the doctors that I had a problem with my left and right jugular veins on which they then performed a balloon angioplasty. I don’t think they even checked my azygous vein which I thought was strange as most of my problems are with my legs. The procedure took about 45 minutes. Afterwards, I experienced very little improvement apart from a decrease in headaches. This treatment is like any other – it works for some people and not others. I have heard that the technique appears to be more beneficial for people with rrms and to my knowledge, there have been a number of patients who have felt very well for about 6 months after the procedure but then experienced significant setbacks. I agree with the comments made about the expense and believe there is an element of greed out there in terms of cashing in on other people’s vulnerability and desperation.

    I’m now looking at the possibility of stem cell treatment which is also a costly exercise but in the mean time, I will continue with all my supplements. diet and exercise in a bid to keep myself going whilst trying to maintain a positive mental attitude which I feel is very important in fighting ms.

    Good luck to all of you in your battle against this illness and for anyone contemplating CCSVI, I wish you every success

  22. Any chance you might take me on in your new study – i have
    please ,please

  23. Thanks, Dr.Cartwright, I was thinking of that as far as shingles is concerned.
    Pneumonia vaccine only because I’m sixty now. Do you recommend the flu vaccine?
    I know it has to be the shot and not flumist. I’ve had pneumonia twice. Once viral, one bacterial. Took a long time to recover( this was prior to MS). Susan

  24. Hello Dr. Cartwright,

    I received the results of my blood sugar test, 5.3; however, I never received an email address of where to send you the results. I hope you don’t mind me posting them here since I didn’t know how to get in contact with you. Thank you for your call a few weeks ago. My husband, Ron, and I were very impressed with your information and encouragement. Once again, I find the “program” overwhelming and I don’t know how to begin. I am taking the vitamin program – the brain fog still has not lifted. I find myself lapsing on the diet, feeling discouraged, while at the same time knowing that doing so is the worst direction to go in.

    I missed your conference call today because I couldn’t get online. I’m very sorry to have missed it.

    You were going to send me something to assist me with getting started on the program – I will be very appreciative of it.

    Joanie Luke

  25. Have been away in South Africa for last three weeks visiting my daughter and have not taken any supplements. Since I returned to UK the PPMS has become much worse. I had CCSVI in Scotland earlier in year but have seen no improvement and the cost – which does not include travel or hotels – is horrendous. Would obviously do ANYTHING (legal or not!) which would help. I feel very alone and would appreciate any advice you can give. Can you advise me on best way to rdegain my balance; the floor is very hard! Sue

  26. I have been very lucky I have been reading the comments. My biggest problem is having to use a rollator/wheelchair. I dont have any symptoms since I went on LDN six years ago. I had been on rebif for the previous three years and i decided to give up the rebif and go on LDN against my doctors advice. I do have a peg tube but i am off the nightly feeds and lost weight also I have speech problems especially with people I meet for the first time. Right now i am afraid to try any other treatment in case I end up back where I started in any case I cant afford to anyway.

  27. Dear Michael Pearson,
    I am so sorry for your loss of a friend. My thoughts, prayers, blessings, and love go out to you. We must value the friends we still have until we again meet the ones we have lost.
    Hang in there Michael, you have friends here at Dr. Cartwright’s support blog.

  28. Hi Susan,
    I see you still have your sense of humor!
    I have found Dr. Cartwright’s eye exercises good for balance. But, it has to be added to my daily routine. If I don’t do them for a while, I notice my balance is worse and then I always realize that I had been “too busy” to get my eye exercises done. Then, after a week or two of steady two-times daily, I realize my balance is better. It is definately worth the effort.
    Good luck!

  29. Dear Eileen,
    What do you think is the reason your son, Wayne, gets better when he is in the Phillipines? Maybe I missed an explanation in a prior blog.

  30. Hi Phoebe I found your comments re CCSVI on Scotland very significant. Before I went to South Africa I spoke to the clinic in Edinburgh that performed the CCSVI and they suggested that when I returned I should phone them to arrange a telephone consultation. Quite what they felt that would achieve is beyond my comprehension but like you I am willing to try anything. I wonder how they feel they can morally justify such a price. Since returning from South Africa I seem to have totally lost my memory and fall quite a lot. You say you’re going to have stem cell treatment. Would you let me know where you’re going. Thanks and good luck

  31. dear sue,
    i have ppms like landan if my viens arent blocked would it be worth my time with the cvcsvi treatment,im already off my feet|?also how come we cannot get the chance to test this new brain pill?
    james keaveney

  32. I had the CCSVI in Poland in May this year. Having Secondary Progressive MS, using a cane, I did not feel any changes in my ability to walk. Felt a little more energetic than before. As six months passed by, I feel deterioration, both ankles burning sensation and legs have weakened. More difficult to walk and less endurance. I am 56 years old and love life and always curious to find out something out there like stem cell treatment that could help. Thanks for having a forum for us to SHARE our experience.

  33. What an amazing site, I have PPMS for 3 years and had the CCSVI procedure done in Seattle last April, 2011. What an amazing difference in my life. Warmth, ability to walk much better and longer. Headaches are minimal and life is sooooo much better. I was wondering how long the “placebo” affect will last.(lol)
    My neurologists are stunned at how well I’m doing. I can’t wait for the seminar. Information is key with this disease.

    Thank you so much!
    Lesley Clarke
    Victoria, B.C. Canada

  34. I’m curious to know more about the eye exercises that seem to help with balance. That is my major problem.

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