CCSVI Success Story

All of your positive thoughts WORKED!!!

Here’s the latest from Ms. N

“I thank GOD my surgery was a success. I feel Blessed for having so many people pray for me, thank you so much. Thank you to my friends and family as well as Dr. Cartwright, Scott and Sue Ellen for sending out a prayer request to over 15,000 of you. The power of prayer works miracles.

I knew I was sick with MS, and Dr. Cartwright helped me lay the groundwork and prepare my body for getting better. As Dr. Cartwright suggested, you have to prepare and till the soil (my body).

1. I started taking The Essentials, and the other nutrients and vitamins he suggested.

2. I then cut out of my diet the things that are really bad for me, soda pop of any kind, but especially diet soda pop, and MSG

3. It took longer to wean myself off Gluten and Dairy

4. In January of 2010, I started taking notes from Dr. Cartwright’s seminars on what to eat and what not to eat. I noticed his food group was fresh and none was processed, and I have been doing Gentle Yoga with Cathy Downie to strengthen my body physically.

I have been doing research for myself since diagnosed in early 2005. It took me five years to find Dr. Cartwright on the internet, but I am sure glad I did. He had blogs and seminars on Dr. Zamboni’s CCSVI procedure.

Then he asked me, you have seen the research, what are you going to do? BE….ACERTIVE and PROACTIVE; I was!

I emailed my local Hospital and asked, are you performing this CCSVI procedure? They emailed me back and said, YES. I was told I needed a referral from my doctor. I didn’t have one….so I said, I would like a second opinion on a CCSVI surgery and come to the US for the surgery, $10,000 US dollars; my insurance covered $9,000 and my mom $1,000.

The rest is history; I got the referrral on Monday, had a whole day of testing Wednesday, had the two hour procedure Thursday and was back home Thursday night.

I went back for post-op testing Friday. Previously, I was told I had a 95% blockage in my left jugular vein and 35% in the right jugular vein.

I noticed right after surgery, I was walking in a straight line, no more drunk walking. Wednesday to Friday; the difference is AMAZING, and these are just some of the changes:

1. I WAS tired, foggy and weak; I HAVE so much energy, clarity, and strength.

2. I COULD NOT lift my legs, when standing, more than 3 inches off the ground; now I CAN lift my leg above my waist, and stand like a stork (without holding on to anything.) I CAN actually do this with both legs;

3. I COULD NOT even do one heel to toe. NOW…I CAN walk heel to toe the length of a room; and

4. My eyesight went from 20/30 to 20/20 in my left eye.

I thank you again for all your prayers & may God Bless all of you.

Ms. N.”

We are grinning ear to ear!…and we bet you are too!

That’s the power of positive thoughts and prayers.

Please leave your comments for us and for Ms. N.

To Your Better Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright

26 thoughts on “CCSVI Success Story

  1. What a miraculous outcome!
    I’m so happy for you Ms N.
    I have my 6 monthly appointment with my Neuro, Dr Helmut Butzkueven, in 3 weeks & I’II bring this treatment up in conversation with him.
    Helmut is a World reknowned MS Specialist & I’ve adhered to his recommendations over the last 10 years.
    In the past, within my Tysabri Group, it has met a lot of scepticism amongst others & my MS ‘Crew’.
    Tysabri has been my saving grace & I thank God everyday that I can still get around & work.
    I’m extremely lucky with where I’m at, but it’s only being Human to want more!
    I wish everyone the best of health.
    Tony Rooney

  2. I have been reading up on this and it is my understanding that the procedure does not last and has to be done over again and again. Is this correct or have I been mislead? Glad to hear you are doing so well hope it continues.

  3. The CCSVI procedure seems a little radical, but I’d consider it! Especially if it becomes available in Michigan. My immediate concern at this point is with my gait, and I have asked my NP for Ampyra but Priority Health has so far turned me down three times!! I have to go in for another walking test so my neuro can resubmit my claim for it…with the hope that they will approve me~ (scheesh!)
    My continuous question is: what are the supplements you have recommended for us to take to improve the gait??

    Please answer, as time appears to be running short~

  4. I’m very happy that Ms. N is feeling so much better. I’d like to know how many people have had the procedure and what percent got completely better. What are the qualifications for the procedure?

  5. I had the CCSVI procedure done in New Jersey in February and have had no improvements. I have Primary Progressive MS and have been in a wheelchair for 10 years so maybe this procedure cannot improve the symptoms since I have had them for so long.

    I am curious to know if anyone with PPMS has had this procedure done and what their outcome was

  6. Hi, wanted (o ask will the ccsvi procedure work in primary progressive MS my brother has been dignosed nearly 4years ago he has no other health problms hes still young.

  7. This blog keeps the community alive, thanks guys the info here help one actively involved in researching ways to improve their quality of life I pass on what I receive here to my daugther she has MS.

    Blessings to all

  8. Thanks Maggie for the doctors names in Chicago. Does anyone know any doctors in the Detroit area doing CCSVI? I probably should just be looking for the doctor with the best history anywhere in United States. Lot’s to consider. But how exciting to have so many getting good results. Seems like people not too far advanced do best. I bet Dr. Cartwright’s protocol is a good foundation for life, before and after CCSVI. Ms. N. you set a great example for the rest of us. I am so happy for you.
    Love to all,
    Debbie Allen

  9. THANK YOU so much for all your well wishes.

    There is no way I could ever begin to thank all of you enough for your prayers and kind thoughts. I truly believe prayer is the answer to everything.

    Of course Dr. Cartwright had a HUGE helping hand in my healing process, both BEFORE and AFTER my CCSVI procedure:

    • I followed his MS-201 class and paid attention to what was being taught as I referred to it often;

    • As Dr. Cartwright says, you have to prepare the soil before you plant something. So, I did the same with my body by taking The Essentials, D3, other nutrients, and vitamins Dr. Cartwright suggested. I started this regime about 9 months BEFORE my CCSVI;

    • Dr. Cartwright also said….. No More: GLUTEN, DAIRY or MSG. So… they were also eliminated from my diet about 6 months BEFORE my CCSVI. I had been working really hard on giving these up and am actually 99.9% successful; I only cheat maybe once every two weeks now;

    • Eat healthy foods, as Dr. Cartwright suggested; and

    • Dr. Cartwright suggested exercise. I also am exercising a lot and started four days after my CCSVI procedure…now that I have the oxygen to do so. I went from Yoga once ot twice a week before the CCSVI to exercising at Curves five days a week and an hour ZUMBA class on Saturday. I have so much energy after my CCSVI. I don’t need the four or five espresso’s daily any more.

    I think everyone should first prepare your body with the proper nutrients, put the proper things in your mouth and THEN…try to have this CCSVI procedure.

    BE YOUR OWN ACTIVIST: Email your local hospitals if you don’t know of a place to have the procedure done. I emailed the Heart Institute which was about 3 miles from my home. I just asked if they were doing the procedure and they said YES. I asked my PCP for a referral for a second opinion to the Heart Institute. I had previously discussed the CCSVI procedure with my Neurologist but they do not refer for this CCSVI procedure.

    I FEEL GREAT!!!!!

    Take care and thanks again for all your prayers.

  10. On April 19,2011 My husband took me down to Altanta,GA to CCSVI Atlanta to have the doppler ultrasound to find out if I had CCSVI. Later that afternoon we went to Dr. Kevin Sullivan’s office just 20 minutes away where I learned I had 60% blockage in my left jugular, 50% blockage in my right jugular and 50% in my azygos vein.

    The next day I have the Liberation Therapy, the procedure took about an hour and a half. I had to lay flat for about the first hour or so and then I was raised about 35 degrees where I stayed quiet for another 3 hours. I was given a blood thinner by injection before we left to go back to the hotel. I gave myself a daily injection (blood thinner) for the next 20 days.

    Immediatly afer surgery I noticed the spasms I had on my left side were gone. Previously I had spasms every 7 to 8 seconds, some mild, some severe. Without the spasms I fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

    Also, I could walk barefoot again. My left side is smaller because that is the side my MS affects. My calf and tendon have shrunk so it really hurt to step on my left heel unless I had a high chuncky heel to help compensate for the changes caused by MS. Now I can wear low heels!

    In addition, my gait is more normal, my drop foot is getting better.

    I have noticed I have better control of my left side when I ride by bicycle.

    I am hopeful for the first time since I was diagnosed on April 1, 1992.

  11. Could you please tell me who the Dr. was that did the surgery on Ms.N’s ccsvi success story. I am very interested in your essentials and would like to have the surgery done asap. I would just like to talk to someone about the surgery and my insurance. It sounds like insurance took care of things for this lady.
    Thank you,

  12. i did ask and go ta respond to the albany one for ccsvi its 10.000 cash if you have no insurance and medicare does not cover this mexico its 8.900 i just ask around hoping when montel williams get it done in june that he might be able to get it fda approved so then people like my self can get this done when needed because at least if its fda approved you get help if you have no insurance/ but i really feel that what the money first for this ccsvi so they dont want it fda approved

  13. I was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago and would like to find out more about this surgery and if my insurance would cover it.I feel that I do have part blockage in my veins.I have small veins and have 2 stents put into my heart a year ago.I live in the Detroit area and would like to find out more information.Would someone please answer my letter? My symptoms are getting slightly worse and the fatigue is horrible.I can’t seem to walk a straight line anymore and am afraid I will be getting worse.
    Thanks so much for helping me.

  14. Dear Dr. Cartwright,
    I would like information on what “The Essentials” nutritionals are and which diet I need to be following to get my MS better. If I need to purchase a book with all of this information, where can I get it? Please email me to let me know.

  15. I will have ccsvi soon.In Albany NY.I have Stenosis in both Jugular veins.My ins co is United Health waiting to hear back from them on there contribution or coverage.

  16. Hi, does any one know of any place here in New Jersey that does ccsvi. Live in Bloomingdale, New Jersey. I did have the test done, doctor said you have it half done ,meaning all I half to do is locate a place that performs ccsvi,
    Ann Fredericks

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