Dr. Zamboni’s Liberation Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

You may notice that Dr. Cartwright’s voice is a bit scratchy and hoarse sounding. He’s been battling a bad bronchitis that got ahold of him a couple weeks ago and it won’t let go.

You can still hear him good there just may be a few short pauses where he mutes and has to cough. =)

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  2. Unfortunately, I am hearing-impaired/deaf so I am not able to hear what Dr. Cartwright says thru’ the videos. What way can you help me to learn about M.S? I have M.S about 8 years.



  3. Like Barbara Hamilton, I have been totally unable to understand most of the broadcast. However I would like to make two comments.
    1. As a scientist I believe it to be fundamentally important to develop a sound way to diagnose MS. I have had MS for 55 years and have lots of trouble with diagnosis. My first two countries were England ( London) and Wales (Bangor) where I had lots of time in hospitals. I then moved to Canada where I read a lot about medical problems I might have; decided it could be MS and got my GP to send to an MS expert in Halifax, NS. He said I had MS, although he did not test to diagnose my problem. I have always believed this to be inadequate; I’m a Doctor but the old kind ;PhD in Paleolimnology. If we don’t know who has MS how do we know how help people medically. For example I have evidence that strongly suggests I came by this genetically. With this worry I felt all I could do to help my daughter was give her no Milk products of any kind for the first four years. She is 29 and has no problems.
    2. I’am interested in your diet and could not find it on the web. I have eaten no milk products all my life.
    I have eaten no Gluten products for the past 20 years which has been getting easier in Canada. I have always eaten tons of fruit and vegetables—all my favorites. I have eaten a lot of fish as this was always recommended by Scandinavian counties as a positive move against MS.I Eat very little meat as it is not healthy. I have also taken things like vit D etc. And for many years I have been to tanning. This I have read to be good for MS, but not until years after I started.

  4. What about Ampyra that was just approved by the FDA?
    When it was called Fampridine we got it from a compound pharmacy and my son with MS has been on it for 3 months. The first week there was a diffinent improvement in five MS symptoms. Now he has reached a plateau and nothing is happening with the exception that his mind has cleared and he has b ecome more cognitive. Does this medic ine start working again in the future?

  5. My name is susan i have had M.S,since 1971 i am 57 now.
    still walking on zimmer frame it would be lovely to
    chuck all our aids away we would not know our selfs.
    What would help us all if a diet sheet made up for us
    what to eat we know it`s veg and fruit and chicken
    is that it.
    and to know what supplements and were to get them all
    Thanks for helping us.

  6. So helpful and interesting! Thank you so much for doing these web sessions:} Very very much appreciated.

  7. I agree with many others that we need transcripts to refer to. Also, why it is easy to say cost shouldn’t matter to be free of MS, realistically for most this couldn’t be further from the truth. Most are on permanent disability, living on fixed incomes, have little to no insurance and have out of control medical bills. After the Webinar somehow I came across a site that listed the MS Health Coach products and they seemed rather costly. I don’t expect anyone to do all this for free but at those fees it appears that it’s not just about wanting to help people. I would be a little more confident to purchase these products if there was a money back guarantee.

    • We just want to clear up a little mis-information. We are not sure what products you are talking about but there are no MS Health Coach products. The only thing we have previously done is the 6-week MS Health Coaching webinar series. There are no products other than this one. We are planning on releasing the home study version and the details for that will be coming shortly.

      We susupect you were looking at someone else’s website.

      To Your Health.

  8. I have RRMS and was just diagnosed last March via MRI & spinal tap. I weigh 320 lbs. and my neurologist at the Melon Cntr. @ Cleveland Clinic recommends bariatric surgery to get the weight off as it is more of a problem than the MS itself, at this point.
    Would this diet and the supplements be beneficial for my situation more than the surgery? I’ve already gone through the preliminary bariatric program for 6 months and am cleared for surgery. Just awaiting approval from insurance. As I understand it, the weight prohibits the efficacy of the copaxone.
    Was on Rebif for 3 months. Far too many side effects. Have been on Copaxone for 4 months. Am also on Lyrica 75mg/for daytime; Lyrica 100 mg/for nighttime (crippling leg cramps); Meloxicam 2/day & Tramadol as needed for pain.
    I have also been diagnosed with arthritis in spinal lumbar, hips, knees, ankles…..Seem to be doing well, considering, but experiencing piercing (stabbing) pains occassionally in head (eyes & side of head) and rt. lower leg (shin). Like a stabbing, weakening pain. All these pains noticeable since initial episode of gradually losing total feeling in left side of face and losing balance, resulting in ‘listing’ to the left.
    Anyone have any similarities? Very fatigued most of the time, also. I work all day (retail manager) and just fall into a heap in my chair when I get home. I really feel pretty much alone in this.

  9. yeah you are right iron is the cause but who would,ve known that.I think it is true.From what I read anyway,to what I read and what you say is true so true.But why oh why cant the u.s. do what zamboni did.Are we not smart enough.

  10. Is really helpful hearing about things that can help and things that can hinder. I was diagnosed in 2007 I am 49 y.o. and unsure of the future. Have even been looking into stem cell treatment in China. No help in Australia.

  11. Dear Dr. Cartwright,
    Thank you for your time and effort in helping solve the many issues that revolve around MS. My question/comment is firstly, I had been placed on two of the Beta-interferons which made be sicker than the disease and decided after two years of it that it wasn’t for me. SecondIy, I decided to “copy” a treatment that is being studied out in CA using the hormone estriole. I take 8mg orally once a day, my concern is that one of the supplements we are to use is DHEA, would I not be “overdosing” on it if I were to take your recommended amount?
    Also. some of the supplement’s dosage is not available at the levels you prescribe, is it possible to “get as close” to the recommended amount or does one have to be exact?
    I anxiously await your comment as I begin your regimen tomorrow.
    Thank you.

  12. This is great information! I have never been one to jump to prescription drugs first.
    Sp,even if one includes all the proper fruits and veggies, they still need/should take ALL the supplements mentioned? What about rice; is that safe?

  13. The webinar with Dr. Cartwright, Sue Ellen and Scott ? was very informative. Thank you for the presentation!

    I have battled the symptoms of relapsing-remitting MS since my diagnosis in 1958. After about ten years of numbness, paralysis, optic neuritis and others, I was relatively symptom free until 2000. Then my balance became very unsteady and cane, scooter and other walking aids became necessary. Fatigue is my major battle.

    I LOVE broccoli and maintain a healthy diet. I give God all the glory for my “50 Wonderful MS Years”.

    My story is available on my website: http://www.3mmanuel7.com

  14. I’m on board with CCSVI, but would like to hear this broadcast in its entirety. Hard time understanding it (fades in and out) . I would also like to be able to read manuscript.

  15. This is all fine and good….but there is something everyone should know….God heals!!Yes, if you give your life to him and are truly sincere when you do this, he will give you a second chance…he did for me. I suffered with MS since 1987. Today I am symptom free because I have PEACE with the creator and I let him run my life now instead of running it myself. I used to be so stressful, angry, upset about everything which I’m sure was very bad for my symptoms. When I gave control over to him, I let go of all that and just began to realize that God was in control of my body, not me. What he allowed, he could take away after all…he created us! I now love people and try to live a life of peace and helping others….it has changed my life. I am totally healed now. Praise be to God…..try it you have nothing to lose.

  16. Firstly, a big thankyou to you Sue Ellen and Dr. Cartwright for doing so much to try and help us all. It is much appreciated. I live in the UK and was diagnosed with PPMS in 2005 although I had been suffering from strange symptons probably a good 10 years before that. I was not offered any medication and was basically told to go away and get on with it. Since then, I’ve tried to follow the diet i.e. no red meat or dairy and make sure I have the right fruit and veg every day.

    I just wanted to ask if soya based products like milk and yoghurt are o.k.? I take a lot of supplements and have also been taking LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone for the last few years which I believe has really played a part in stabilising my MS. I have found it particularly beneficial for bladder control and excellent for fatigue as I rarely suffer from this.

    Dr. Zamboni’s research is very interesting and may open new pathways into how this illness is treated in the future. Recently, there was a story in the UK tabloids about an english lady who travelled to California last June to have this liberation procedure undertaken. Apparently, it really helped her and she now feels so well she is expecting her first child.

    All this is great news but I also agree with Lainey – faith and belief in God and in youraelf are pivitol to any possible recovery.

  17. Thank you for the informative webinar, I’m busy detoxing and have got Sue Ellens complete NO MORE MS program and her diet book with complete menu’s, that are both very helpful indeed. I feel a bit more emphasis should be placed on the excercise front. Also, I have been on LDN 4MG Low Dose Naltrexone for 12 of my 23 MS years and don’t feel I’m ready to give that up yet, can this affect my progress adversely, any advice on the meds? keep up the unselfish work, BRAVO.

  18. I am 55 yr old, dx with secondary ms only in 2009. I do not qualify for any drug treatment so will be looking closely at the whole diet thing.

    I did listen to the webinar last week, and it has been very good to read everyone’s comments.


  19. I would like to hear from someone who did your 6 week home course. Did they notice any improvement during the program. I think a lot of us are anxiously looking to purchase the supplements (including myself) but I have not heard any accounts from someone who has benefited from this program. Has diet alone shown to be beneficial

  20. To: Lainey

    I agree with Lainey, GOD does heal! But a good diet doesn’t hurt either; after all, God gave us brains to use, but we need to trust HIM no matter what, and pray about our decisions!
    Thanks for your comments Lainey!

  21. I would like to know about vinegar. I eat alot of salads with Italian dressing. I read somewear that MSers should stay away from vinegar because of it being acidic. I also would like to know if you heard of a natural product called Kalawalla that I take for my MS.I don’t take any of the MS drugs anymore because they don’t work for me and I’m trying to go natural and please can you recomend a good healthy snack.


  22. Lainey said
    am January 26 2010 @ 9:25 pm

    This is all fine and good….but there is something everyone should know….God heals!!Yes, if you give your life to him and are truly sincere when you do this, he will give you a second chance…he did for me. I suffered with MS since 1987. Today I am symptom free because I have PEACE with the creator and I let him run my life now instead of running it myself. I used to be so stressful, angry, upset about everything which I’m sure was very bad for my symptoms. When I gave control over to him, I let go of all that and just began to realize that God was in control of my body, not me. What he allowed, he could take away after all…he created us! I now love people and try to live a life of peace and helping others….it has changed my life. I am totally healed now. Praise be to God…..try it you have nothing to lose.


    my email address:
    ******** (address edited for privacy by Editors)

  23. This the first time I watched and heard the MS Health Coach Video Blog. THIS IS WONDERFUL. I was one of the participants in Dr. Cartwright’s 6 week webinars and I was really enlightened. I have incorporated most of the foods and all of the supplements into my daily routine. It is really hard to find anything to eat for breakfast since we are to eliminate all foods with wheat, barley, rye and oats. Any suggestions on breakfast foods? Also, any suggestions on weight gaining? I have lost over 20 poinds since my one and only set back in October 2008 (diagnosed in 1998), At this point, I am TOO SKINNY. HELP!

  24. Like I wrote on “patientslikeme” site, we have to write to schools,hospitals and MS societies to get them to do more research on CCSVI here in the US

  25. I understand Dr. Zamboni’s procedure is being given at U of Buffalo in New York as well as California..(UCLA? STAMFORD?). I have just me, I don’t feel strong enough to stand for my choices. I am alone, and feel alone.
    Is anyone in the same boat? I want to believe in myself, like myself, go forward with my life what ever that may be. Perhaps I’ll email Dr. Zamboni.
    Kind of mixed up right now. sorry. And I too, read a note from the woman who got the procedure (“Patients Like Me website). It certainly helped her with facial pain, and other things.

  26. I do agree with Lainey, God, peace and helping others–heps us. I live with a non believer,,negativo…I can’t even begin to describe it. I don’t even have a peaceful place to pray. But I love Lainey for putting it out there.

  27. Hi,Can somebody help. I have listened to the liberation part of video so many times and still can’t tel alll that is being said and don’t get time to write down names of supplements. I have got most of the supplements but can’t catch the bit about osteophorosis/eliminating calcuim. I’m so frustrated, I could cry. It seems that a hugh carrott has been dangled in front of us but we all have so many questions and there is nobody giving us any answers. Why can’ all the video be printed so it can be read and studied several times to make sure we’ve got all the information.
    Also, I can’t get any further than the video, who can we ask to answer all the questions that this has thrown up.
    Please email if anyone can supply missing bits.
    Thanks Barbara UK

  28. So far I have been dealing with DR. Cartwright and he has been wonderfyk abd really interesting. I have just gotten and looked to sign up, but it wouldent let me. That is probably get upset at the cost at first, but he dioes settle. I am sorry I am not going to be able to do this unless you are going to have another lagdf. I wont be able to do anything tomorrow as I have an appointment. The treated my mother for something and I met them once. I don’t know why I chose the one I did, but he is not at all helpful and will not return phone call. That will change tomorrow.

    Thank you for the help you have given me so far and I am going to talk to my new doctor and see what he says.
    Ellen Roach

  29. Still can’t understand – what is the relation between blood flow and MS scars in a brain.

    Being a MS sufferer I am interested in any new therapy.

    Thank you

  30. I am very interested in having the Liberation Treatment done. Can you tell me where I can go to have it done?

  31. I have had MS for 11 years and do not want to feel like I feel every single day for the rest of my life…. I am also very interested in getting the liberation Treatment done. But, it is like we are given only enough information to give us hope but not enough information to help us find sources that will help us here in our own Country…. I don’t care about who is right and who is wrong…. But, I would like to know why our government and our medical leadings are not helping us have access to this Treatment… Maybe, it is not a complete cure for MS… But, My god it is helping MS patients… How can this be a bad thing????

  32. August 27th, 2010

    I am so stoked about doing healing naturally! I was diagnosed in 1989 with M.S. and went through a lot of ups and downs.I was on Betecyron for over 8 years and going down in my health. I then was introduced to a “Seal Oil Omega-3. (www.dpalifestyles.com) and being consistant taking it and increasing it weekly, I started to walk better, but was still having some fatigue, then I found an amazing juice called Mona.vie as this was helping my central nervous system, bringing up my energy, memory was better, and I felt great! I did all this naturally, but I want more, I was very acitve, golfing, skating, running etc. I will do all these things again, and now that I have found Dr. Rudy Crtwright, I will follow his plan and be healthy again. I would love to hear from anyone about anything natural, as this is the best way to go!!

    Yours in Ridding MS!!

    Monalyne Bachalo


  33. It is true that CCSVI helped a lot of MS patients feel better. However, the procedure is very controversial, because while in some patients it showed rapid and incredible results, some patients only experienced momentary relief ( a couple of months) before the symptoms came back.

    It’s needless to say, that this is a procedure that has the potential of helping lots of people, and MS sufferers shouldn’t need to pay around $10,000 to get this procedure done in another country ( US and Canada still look into it, and it’s not paid by healthcare insurance).

  34. Hi Dr. Cartwright,
    I was immunizied against swine flu in Feb. ’09 Initially my MS symptoms increased for about 2 hours then I could feel myself getting better by the minute. I went to bed and woke up the next morning completely symptom FREE of MS what a feeling! This condition persisted for about 5 days then my symptoms gradually returned. What caused this remission of symptoms? Would I ever like to repeat this. Any ideas?

  35. Do you think that once a person has been liberate,that the scaring on the brain and spine will be washed away?

  36. We have been given a place to voice our thoughts and ask for professional opinions. I can see that this is appreciated and we need that, but not only do we need a place to vent our frustrations, we need answers and as I’ve read numerous times, the courses that have been provided to so many would be so much more beneficial if they were provided in print. Dr. Cartwright has provided a wealth of information but it has not always been clearly communicated. I can see he has spent numerous hours compiling this information but would be so much more beneficial if that information could be distributed in print.
    I’ve seen several comments about the question of Dr. Zamboni’s Liberation Treatment, okay now we know, now what? It’s time we talk to our Senators and Congressmen because nothing will change on it’s on, where is the block, is it the pharmaceutical companies? They have the most to lose and what about our president’s Health Care Bill?
    Okay, there are those of you who have faith in God, and God answers prayer, so, 95+ people leaving comments, let’s start praying for Divine Intervention. You, with faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Let’s pray for a cure.

  37. Any way to contact Mike Antypas? He left a message on 27/01/2010 @ 10.12am
    Last time I saw him in SA and know he has MS. Thanks to your site, I may have found and old friend.
    Thank you.

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