On many occasions, I’ve run across important quotes made by famous people, people well-known for their contributions to society as a whole.  I often wonder if such quotes can be applied and used for the betterment of the multiple sclerosis community.  Below, I list three quotes made by three famous people.  I’d love to hear how you believe these quotes can be used to help you reverse the ravages of MS.


# 1

In science, “we… see if it works.  If it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong.  In that simple statement is the key to science.  It does not make any difference how beautiful your guess is.  It does not make any difference how smart you are, who made the guess, or what his name is—if it disagrees with experiment, it is wrong.”

Richard Feynman, PhD

Nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize in physics, 1965

May 11, 1918—February 15, 1988


# 2

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker, Father of modern business management

November 19, 1909—November 11, 2005       

# 3

“Any action that a man [or woman] undertakes for the benefit of those he loves is not a sacrifice if…in the total contexts of the choices open to him [or her], it achieves that which is of greatest personal (and rational) importance to him [or her].”

 Ayn Rand

Russian-American Philosopher and novelist 

February 2, 1905 – March 6, 1982

To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

PS: post your comments about how you think the three quotes can be applied to help you recover from MS.

On this occasion, I will post a comment also.


  1. I liked the second quote the best. It is so important to have a good outlook on life and the future. By eating well and doing exercise it helps to have a good future and a positive feeling for the future.

  2. After reading the quotes, my first response was to write that I have learned so much about MS since my dx 8 years ago. It has been a journey of reading and tremendous learning. Initially, I did not realize how individualized this illness was. A treatment for one may or may not benefit the next person. I have truly been my best advocate and I have tried many conventional drugs and sought out many alternative doctors and approaches to treating my MS symptoms. My goal is find what works for me. At this time I do not have the control over what is happening to me, however, I am trying to gain it back. I was used to being in control of my life and managing my day to day activities as well as my families. Presently, it is so very hard because everyday is so unpredictable. I just want to rid myself of my MS symptoms and if that means disagreeing with the experiment or questioning my neurologist or trying to create my own future then so be it. I have had to make many changes in my life and many sacrifices. I take my prescribed supplements and drugs reliously, exercise as much as I can and watch what I eat. Although I do not consistently see the benefit in what I am doing, I plan to contnue until I reach my goal. This is my science, this is creating my future. I just want me back! Dr. Cartwight, please keep educating me.

  3. #1, he obviously doesn’t have MS,
    #2,makes sense for clinical trials and procedures. I believe big pharma holds back proven treatments being afraid of losing the almighty dollar.
    #3,No matter how minor, all improvement is worth the risk. ie. CCSVI

  4. Dr. Cartwright,

    They all three make good points, although the first one seems a bit negative. I like the quote by Peter Drucker, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This quote applies to my life since taking your course, MS 201: The Fundamentals. The wisdom you gave us I have applied and it has been successful. So I think you have created a course and “The Fundamentals supplement that predicts the future of anyone who has taken advantage of those two products. Could it be the “cure” for which we have been hoping and praying?

    I will look forward to seeing your post, Dr. Cartwright!

  5. Thank you Dr. Ruby for all you help in the feild of ms.We all that have ms hope for a cure just like people that have cancer.

    I bless you for the help that you supply.

  6. “Yesterday is the past. Today is the present. Tomorrow is the future.” Anything you can do to help someone is not a sacrifice. It is a pleasure…a gift for them and everyone who has ever heard of an illness. God Bless the study doctors and trial participants.

  7. I’ve suffered with MS for 14years and i made the decision years ago to stop taking ALL the medicine that my GP was prescribing me. I have had a few relapses and ended up on drips of steroids which, thank the lord, in time have worked. Each and everyone of us sufferers has our own way of dealing with this disease, me personally no pills just a big spliff!!!!! I have hospital appointment next friday fingers crossed it hasn’t got any worse. PMA – POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE !!!!!

  8. What would cause dizziness from ms? When are they going to approve more medications for ms patients in stead of the needle?

  9. The science experiment quote is shaky–the U.S. has so many falsified experiment reports in comparison to other countries. Beyond that when experiment conflicts with politics, it is politics that wins out.

    The creating reality quote is nice but, ironically, unrealistic. The MS patient cannot take for granted that all that was true today will be true tomorrow to create tomorrow’s reality. Notwithstanding, the idea that satisfaction is up to the individual is more empowering than not.

    Ayn Rand’s quote is dryly phrased, but true. Every breath is both for an individual and the surrounding world–how an individual views each action (as for the self or for another)can help remind an individual of a level of control regardless of how the moment has panned out for the MS patient.

  10. Hi Dr. Cartwright,

    I do believe these quotes can be used to help me reverse the ravages of MS.

    Fist, as Dr. Richard Feynman stated, “If it disagrees with the experiment then its wrong.” I started to do my own research and I have not been able to find research to back up this theory, that MS is an Autoimmune Disease. After careful analysis of Dr. Richard Feynman’s comment, I see similarities in what you, Dr. Cartwright, have been trying to teach us. You always say, “Just because someone says its true doesn’t make it true UNLESS there is scientific research to back it up.”

    Second, I agree with Peter Drucker’s assertion. I am creating my future by predicting that I will be cured. Most important is God, along with the help of you Dr. Cartwright, and a whole lot of positive thinking will go a long way towards my recovery.

    Lastly, I agree with Any Rand’s contention and I relate it to your love, Dr. Cartwright, for your son and daughter in law, who has MS. Alternatively, Dr. Cartwright you have chosen to help us get better because it is really important to you. You were able to help your daughter in law and you know you can also help us too. I embrace your love for medicine; unending thirst for research, your amazing mind and knowledge, as well as your persistence in helping us get better.

    I accept full responsibility for my actions and will continue to do my own research and not just believe everything I am told, unless it is backed up by proven scientific research. Predicting my own future will be a no brainer since I have the help of God, Dr. Cartwright, and a lot of positive thinking.

    With your help, Dr. Cartwright, I do believe these quotes can be used to help me reverse the ravages of MS. I will continue to follow your advice from your Webinar’s but not just because you say something will help me but because you back it up with proven scientific research.

    Thanks Dr. Cartwright, you are the best!!!!!

  11. Since my diagnosis several years ago, there have been many of my own personal experiments, some work and some don’t but I have learned from both. So I don’t fully agree with #1. I found that by my own decision to not use any drugs and begin the process of learning all that I could with the help of a really fantastic Naturopath I am symptom free with the exception of blurriness (optic neuritis nerve damage)that I hope can improve with time and continued treatment. It is worth everything that I have done to achieve this so that I can be fully engaged with church, and family.

  12. Baie dankie Dr. Cartwright vir die efford wat julle ingesit het om my te help. Ek gaan julle advies gebruik.

  13. Why does every thing assosiated with illness cost so much.P.P.M.S. is robbing my son of life, pain and so many difficulties,incontinence for a young man,confusion, spasms the list is endless. If I could have it instead of him I would. We don’t have the funds to try new drugs and If I had the solution to easing the pain and distressing symptons of M.S. I would freely with no charge. Knowing how he suffers is awful because I can’t help. Yes I care for him, do all the every day things, washing his clothes ,cooking , cleaning( giving his medication which doesn’t do much).Coping with his depression isn’t easy,sometimes I want to scream ,or runaway. I am 60, my son is 40.Our faith in our heavenly father helps me cope,how we look forward to the time soon when GOD will fulfill the scripture at Revelation 21 verses 1 – 5. when “GOD will wipe out every tear and death will be no more, neither mourning or pain be any more the former things have passed away ” Only Jehovah can do this and he will do it without charge. through the ransome sacrifice of his beloved son Jesus Christ.

  14. Peter Drucker
    His words are mirror of my strougle
    that I’m dealin’ with on every day bases.
    So, my day or my health will be as good as
    I make them to be good or bad.
    And he really described me or better yet,
    my own facing with the MS every day.
    And with the symptoms of the MS.
    Basically, I’ve learnt to accept it,
    embrace it and deal with it as best as possible.
    And to me that’s all there is to it!

  15. I liked the quote that “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This means i have to go to do excercise and take care of my self with what i eat. Becasue i can accept MS, I am so frustrated. As a result, my psychatrist ordered for my RAN-RISPERDONE. is this allright i take it? It is creating dizziness.

  16. my name is louann haley i have had ccsvi sugery on Dec. 20th i had one good night i had it done in Albany N.Y. i just it clear two vein in back of neck. sincery louann

  17. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. Previously, I was told by a foot dr the pain in my feet could be Neuroma. After surgery to remove it, pain was still there. My first neurologist thought it must be Peripheral Neuropathy. Another neurologist ordered my first MRI and the diagnosis changed to primary, progressive MS. I began taking Avonex weekly in 2001 and still do now. In those ten years, I had no side effects from Avonex yet the pain remains in my feet, legs & back. The local pain center tried various medications with no relief and convinced me a pain pump with Morphine was my best option. Two years later, pain is still there. I retired from my career to concentrate on my health.

    I found Dr. Cartwright on-line and have listened to all his webinars with much interest. I spoke with him last week as part of his MS 201: The Fundamentals Course. Although it cost me $97.00, it was the best hour I could of spent for a phone call! Dr. Cartwright is amazing, spending his retirement helping those afflicted with MS and the symptoms that can knock you down to the floor. He cares so much and our conversation was so easy, as if I had known him for a long time. I never get that much concern from any of my many doctors or even friends and family. He gets what we are going through daily and truely wants to help.

    He explained the Inner Circle he wants to get started with more one on one coaching from him and asked my to join. Of course, I was thrilled but I knew, the cost is more than I can afford at this time. I am taking The Essentials and following his suggestions on a gluten free diet and exercise. He even has a cook book of recipes to use. I know this takes time and committment and I am more than ready for that! I want to prove to those around me that just because I found Dr. Cartwright on a website, he makes logical sense. Only time will tell and I have plenty of that. Then, maybe I can travel the long distance to see my two grandchildren.

  18. What is “created” is what God allows us to put together. Meaning it already exists. One must not give up so know what you are looking for. We have freedom of choice. Medication, surgery, alternatives, etc. Whatever one chooses it’s out here somewhere or on its way. Dr.Cartwright
    God keep you safe and may He bless you. I would like to correspond with Adrian’s mum 19MAR2011 12:51pm to encourage her not to give up. A type of chat room amoung us might help. Again bless you Dr. Cartwright for that you do.

  19. I agree with #2. We all want to create our future and it has to starts today. But sometimes our future can’t start as soon as we would like it. There are things that prevent us from getting started. In my case its money. I would love to be able to afford the MS Health Coach. It would not only give me the knowledge, but the opportunity to start my future now. I have recently lost my full time job due to my MS. So what Im trying to say is, I would like to take one step forward towards my future, but it seems that I have taken one backwards. But I have not given up hope. I believe that one day I will be free from my MS symptom, God willing.

  20. I enjoyed Peter Drucker’s quote, and agree our positive thoughts today indeed create our tomorrows. There is a wonderful book (also in full on the web last I checked) ‘You Can’t Afford the Power of a Negative Thought’. Originally created for cancer sufferers but certainly applicable for all dealing with illness, especially of a chronic nature. Worth the read in my opinion!!!

    Love what Jose had to say; lately I’ve been using the quote ‘I write the songs’ – in a sense, a combination of Jose’s quote and Drucker’s. Also a play on Barry Manilow’s “I write the songs that make the whole world sing” which seems to not only make me laugh for the nostalgic factor, but also infuses me with cheer.

    And to Anna Jackson, a variation I’ve heard on that quote: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift; that’s why we call it the present.”

    As someone with MS for ten years (diganosed at age 23) and enduring the struggles and they come and change, all of these things add to my hope and my life. My thoughts and prayers for all who share this condition 🙂

    Lastly, to Robert Little – I don’t know your situation with your MS specifically, but from my experience, I have definitely felt similar. MS can definitely seems to rob one of their identity in many ways, I will say I feel it’s a part of processing the condition and do believe identity can be revived and or revised. My heart goes out to you and feel free to email me (michaelaweiland@live.com) if you’d like to chat more about what you’re experiencing.

  21. I´m a 27 years Ms patient.

    I can not believe that they don´t finf a solution. I´m not taken official Medicine, I tried during 4 years. I stopped it because they´re not right and I don´t want to be a person to have what they want.

    The only thing I´ve tried and work is dayly rehabilitation. I´m treated with a Dr and his medicine is giving me what my body needs but after all those years, the degenerative sition I feel it. I´ve done methat analisys.

    The food we eat is very important too.

    I need someting else, I´m sure that somebody knows about it.

    Thaks to the person who could read my writing and if I get an explanation or natural treeatment I´ll be more that happy.

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