Feeling Refreshed

I took a little time off from my rigorous schedule of serving you.  I feel refreshed, and recuperated.  So, what did I do?  1) Slept, slept, and slept some more. 2) Ate things that fell from trees, pulled from bushes, and gathered from the ocean, 3) Swam, swam, swam, 4) Climbed hills—-my legs are not what they used to be, 5) Tolerated the lizards and frogs that climbed walls and found various ways to become a guest in the room, and last but not least, 6) Enjoyed the rain that, on occasion, would come and go alternating with the sunshine about every three hours.  All of these things occurred on that wonderful French Caribbean Island, MARTINIQUE, a beautiful place inhabited by wonderful people.  My command of the French language is poor, although, I did take two years of french in high school over 50 years ago.  Now, I really understand what is meant by “if you don’t use it, you lose it”.  However, I did manage to say “Oui, Je, bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuit, merci, and a few other words.

Exciting new things will be posted in the coming weeks.  I’m sure the information will be helpful.

To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

8 thoughts on “Feeling Refreshed

  1. Welcome back. I missed your sunny voice and humor. I guess the Island added a well deserved rest and pep…so…give ua an island joke…in English please.
    Again… Welcome back.
    Sandy Walls

  2. WOW…I posted a second and now the first one showed up. I guess the computer did not recognize my name at first…well it is early. So again…Welcome back “guys” I wanted to include Scott, since I figure he was with you.
    Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Good for you.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Sandy Walls

  3. So glad you are back refreshed. My lovely dughter in the very early stages of MS and I found your site enormous help. Started to panic. Thought you had disappeared and I contacted Sue Ellen to be reassured.!!!

  4. LOL!!!! Mon français est très bien. Je suis Québécoise de langue française. J’espère que vous allez participer au ISNVD en février prochain. I am bothering you with this but I will continue doing so because it is so important that you become a member for us, please.

    Merci pour ce que vous faites. I appreciate what you are doing to educate people with MS. Bonjour, et bonne journée !

    Mylène from Québec city.

  5. Hi Dr Rudy,
    Glad you are back and had a wonderful ISLAND vacation with family and friends…Yes, we are in rainy/hurricane season. I’ve working and enjoying time off but want to let you know that I continue to do very well and continue to use the regimen you prescribed and refined over the past 5 years. Thank you again for being a committed and relentless physician in the search of knowledge, treatment and hope for MS patients.

    Your patient and friend,
    Olga in Puerto Rico

  6. Good to hear that you had a nice well deserved holiday. Thank you again for all your help and knowledge that you give to us all with MS.

    Ursula from Ireland,

  7. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and so much rest, I envy you and I’m also very happy for you. You deserve it and a lot more.
    Your admirer always

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