It’s a process

Recently, I received an email from my older brother. The subject line of that email was entitled “It’s a process”.

After reading the article concerning a “Refusal to file” letter that the FDA sent to a major drug company, I replied to my brother, giving my opinion on the subject.

A few days later, it occurred to me that the expression,  ”It’s a process”,  hits the nail on the head when it comes to going about slowing MS down, stopping it, and turning your life around.   Loosening the grip of MS is a process that takes time, effort, and commitment. 

A process started you on the road to your current situation and, likewise, a process takes you back to the destination you want to reach, free of MS systoms.  We’ve all heard that the journey of a thousand miles starts with that first step.  Since the first step is part of the process of getting your life back, take it; and keep stepping.  Eventually, you’ll find that pot of gold at the end of your rainbow——slowing MS down, turning it around, and enjoying life to its fullest by waking up in the mornings feeling refreshed, going about your daily activities without feeling tired and, above all, feeling normal again. Here’s that but—-“It’s a process”.

For example, learning which types of exercises to do and how often to do them and for how long is a process.  The process continues when you learn which foods to stay clear of and which ones to eat and, then, actually doing it. 

 “It’s a process”.

The good news is that you can start the process by doing the following for at least 120 days which is generally the time it takes to begin feeling better, looking better, and performing better.  Here’s what to do:

  1. Begin taking vitamin D3, anywhere from 5,000 I u to 10, 000 I u daily.  Pick it up from your local drug store, health food store, grocery store, or order it on-line.
  2. Take a vitamin B complex tablet/capsule daily.  Get these as indicated above.
  3. Eliminate diet soft drinks from your diet.  They are not friends: they are foes.
  4. Omega 3, 350 mg to 400 mg daily
  5. Calcium is known to be a “bad actor”.  I recommend staying clear of it (milk, cheese, supplements).
  6. If you’re not already doing so, start taking THE ESSENTIALS, two tablets twice daily.  Here’s why:

THE ESSENTIALS is a blend of seven (7) important substances that help strengthen the health of your vision, balance, fatigue, weakness, and several other important issues.  The seven (7) substances are Reduced Glutathione, Catalase, Quercetin, Hesperidin, Catechin, Acetyl Cysteine, and Niacinamide.  THE ESSENTIALS can be gotten on-line at or by calling 1-800-330-8998.

Keep in mind that these few things are just the first step of the journey and that there are many more steps that are part of the process of getting your life back.  One step at a time, and pretty soon you’re there.  Start now———————————-“It’s a process”.

To Your Best Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

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59 thoughts on “IT’S A PROCESS

  1. I have had MS for 60 years and have taken your recommendations for the past30 or 40 years.I have always bee milk and gluten intolerant. Two products I have not eaten for many years & before that, while I had to eat them, I threw them straight back up & so they did not enter my body.
    About 20 years ago I found I could walk etc. better in my holiday location, CUBA, & this is when I started the Vit D. I found that this did not do the whole trick and so I have been enrolled in weekly tanning as well. I now take your prescribed dose of Vit D.
    I believe MS is passed on genetically. My cousin has MS, a person I have never seen. The only thing we have in common is that her father, is my father’s brother.
    I had my own child before I diagnosed my MS & was worried I had passed on the MS, once I did my own diagnosis. However I gave my child no milk or milk products from birth. I was excited to, later read that this was the recommended way of removing the possibility of MS. She is now 29 & Fine.
    I should say that I’m a scientist & not a medical person. I have a PHD in paleolimnology. This means I have read lots of material my whole life & this is how I diagnosed the MS & found the way to elevate some of the problems. I love your sites, thank-you.
    With my best wishes Janet Cooley.

  2. Hello Dr Cartwright,

    I am a 32 year old female from Northern Ireland and have had r/r ms for 12 years now. I had been managing my condition really well, which I put down to being extremely active, but over the past few years I became gradually less and less active to the detriment of my health (and I REALLY believe there is a link between health and exercise).

    Although my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where I am no longer able to drive, have poor balance, suffer from constant uti’s, and find lifting my feet very hard at times, my main problem that I am most concerned about is back pain. I am currently taking the highest strength of pregabalin/lyrica but I would still suffer from chronic back pain from time to time which I find eases when I take ibuprofen which can be very sore on the stomach. As it is one of the main causes of stomach cancer I don’t want to take it but have to as I don’t know of any natural alternatives. Do you have any suggestions of what I could try instead when the pain gets bad?

    Also, I am interested in buying the essentials (if I could have more information on them perhaps?), but are they accessible for me to buy from here or would I be hit with a big import duty if they were shipped to the uk?

    Many thanks for all of your help,


  3. I have been reading an article (The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide by Dr. David G. Williams) about the healing power of hydrogen peroxide which, when ingested under the supervision of a Dr., increases blood flow and the amount of oxygen released throughout our system, but you say that hydrogen peroxide (H202) is a bad actor.Please explain, Thank you

  4. I am 59 and have had progressive MS for quite a while but diagnosed only 12 years. I have found nothing to help or slow down the disease and am discouraged.I have been a health nut and on many supplements for about 30 years. I followed all the recommendations in the “No More MS’ book. I take all the supplements and Essentials and stopped soda about 30 years ago. I am not on any drugs but did try them for a while out of desperation. Any suggestions?

  5. I have had MS 54 years, dealt successfully with it until a few years ago when I passed 60 years of age. I started taking THE Essentials and doing Dahn yoga in 2007. Now things are beginning to be very much better. My story of the alternative methods that are helping me overcome MS is on my site Join me there and let’s kick this monster together!

  6. I was interested in faith’s comment about having had ccsvi and got worse afterwards. This is very worrying for me, since I also have MS, was scanned and was shown to have the valve problem on one side of my neck. I am considering undergoing the ccsvi procedure in Scotland in a couple of months time. I would really like to hear more about faith’s condition and experience. Was there an improvement initially, then rapid deterioration? where was the procedure done?
    with thanks,

  7. I recently had a CT Scan which showed my cerebellum was smaller than normal which the Neurologist told me was a sign of MS.
    He wanted to confirm if it was or was not so he booked me to have a MRI done.
    I have to go back to the Neurologist on April 28 for the results of the MRI
    I seen a commercial for the walk for MS where it showed a woman with MS with a cane in each hand and in a wheelchair!
    If I am diagnosed with MS is this what I have to look forward to?
    I am 37 years old,
    So far my symptoms on a daily basis are Blurred vision or see double
    I am off balance just walking
    Last Christmas I lost my balance and fell through the coffee table!!and lean to the left alot and one day I was upright walking but felt like I was going to fall in traffic!
    Dennis Austin

  8. dear Vivienne i hope that i can find a center with a good reflexologist in UAE, anyway friends advice me taking a lot of water per day which minimzes such numbness and tingling in the legs.
    Many thanks to you vivienne…

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