Happy New Year!

The phrase “It’s better to light a candle than to complain about the darkness” has a long history, from a Chinese proberb to Eleanor Roosevelt to former president John F. Kennedy.

The church my family attends offers a candlelight Christmas Eve service.  The lights are dimmed, and the pastor offers the flame from an altar candle to the person seated on the far left of the front pew.  The newly-lit candle is then offered to the neighbor, and the neighbor then offers it to another, and so on, until the chapel becomes highly lighted like a sun-lit day without a cloud in the sky.

This blog site acts as the flame that lights your candle to better health by providing you with important information which, when used, can put you on the road to recovery from your MS.  I’m looking forward to bringing you the best information possible.

To your better health,

Dr. Cartwright

PS; Let me hear from you.

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  1. my symtoms started on the 20/2/10 i gradually went numb all down the right side of my body i could not use my right hand at all which was so frustrating because i’m right handed. i had blood test which showed my folic acid was very low, the neurologist sent me for a mri which showed spots on my brain but a neurologist consultant noticed something else which could be a aneurysm, on the 15/12/10 i was finally diagnosed with ms, i am scared for the future and the problems that i’m going to face but i remain positive and i am still able to have a good laugh.

  2. I am writing my autobiography titled MS is my teacher. I have had the symptoms of MS from the age of 4 and I’m now 57. I write about my life and then at the end include the many lessons the illness has taught me. Do you knnow where I could have it published? Thanks. Arielle


  4. Looking forward to your advise and info about turning around my MS. Presently my neurologist wants me to start taking the drug Tysabri, after the Capaxone injections failed to offer me any benifits what soever.
    I am extremely reluctant to start this medfication as I am aware of the potential risks of the PML Virus. Plus what happens after taking Tysabri after 3 years?
    I have recently learned about Intravenas Vitamin C to treat MS. Do you know anything about this treatment for MS?

    Looking forward to your comments.

    Mrs. King.

  5. Hi, my name is Emiliano Chavez and I got diagnosed at age 21, have had MS for 1 year with very little guidance as of what to do. I was also in between finding medical insurance. I have been taking avonex shots once a week for a year. I pay month to month on the INS. but I’m not sure how much longer they will keep me on with MS. I need any advice, websites, or help with what to do… I want my chance to live my life as normal as I can. God Bless…. Emiliano

  6. Dr. Cartwright,

    I can’t begin to tell you how much you have taught me about MS. I have learned more in your sessions than I have in over 10 years of being diagnosed. You have encouraged me and given me many things to ponder in the treatment of my MS. You have helped ME to be proactive in my care. Thank you for all you do. God bless you, and may you and your family have a wonderful 2011.


  7. Thank you for all the help and knowledge and hope you have passed along to me. Like Angela, I have had more hope and help from you in just the last year than in the 3 years since being diagnosed. One thing you touched on in a webinar was to stay away from MSG. I started doing research on it and cannot believe the conspiracy (for lack of a better term) behind it’s use. For those of you who are looking for a cure for MS, just do some research on MSG and you will understand what I’m talking about. That’s just a drop in the bucket. Keep learning as much as you can about supplements and alternative therapies, and keep thinking outside the box. Use this blog to share what you have learned. This is how we will help each other. Please keep sharing, Dr. Cartwright!!


  8. Dear Dr. Cartwritht,
    I am very happy to have found this site where we can share, have a voice, have some contact with others like me. Since the diagnosis of Primary Progressif (07) I have continued to live an active life but not one day passes withought my thinking I have been handed a death sentence and in spite of me trying and trying to live normally,activly I realixe that everything I do seems to be prparing myself to leave…leave what ? go where ?. I am having a very hard time staying hopefull. Like Emilio, I need all the help, information and encouragement, I can get.
    Marie R. Martin

  9. Yes i was just reading your e,mail which i just recived.I found to be very interesting ;there were so many things no one has ever told me ;like calcium ;i have had MS for 22 years so far not to bad i hope i don;t go down hill as they say ;it is a horrible dissease to have ;wot i am interested in i wonder if there are any vitmins i can take to give me more energy ;i also get very tired a lot ;it is so hard to go out not knowing how one will feel ;i do the best i can with wot i have .Your web sight was very informative and i found it to be very interesting .Well i hope to hear form you and thank you once again for being there for all of us with MS.There are not to many people like you around .Thank you once again .
    Mrs S.Davis

  10. I take all the vitamins that you suggest. My biggest problem with this illness is the heaviness I feel in my legs, which makes it very difficult to walk. What is the best vitamin to take for this and how much? If anyone has any info I would appreciate it.

  11. I try not to complain about the darknes. My candle burns everyday, although it gets dim at times. I was glad to say good bye to 2010 and welcome the new year 2011. I am optimistic for what it will bring. I also agree that I have learned so very much from you in the last few months about MS. I had been experiencig some significant mobility issues in October and November. I had to use a walker for awhile. With your assistance and encouragement, my health improved a little everyday until I was able to put down the walker and use a cane. I had more energy and was feeling pretty good in early December. Then all of a sudden, I began to experience more stiffness in my legs and numbness on both sides of my body. I have very poor circulation in my lower extremities. My walking is quite impaired again. I am not sure if I can attribute my decline to the X-mas holiday or what. My candle went dim and I found myself wanting to complain of the darkness, but I caught myself and counted my blessings. I am looking forward to learning more from you, Dr. Cartwright. You are one of my blessings. To better health in 2011!


  13. walking is difficult for me, I cant bwnd my left leg. I gad to srop taking copazine(no insurance)

  14. Dear Dr.

    T keep getting e-mails from your website but nothing comes near our problem. Let me explane .I am writing this on behalf of my Daughter who has severe M.S. and has had for twenty three years, she is unable to convey any information to anyone she is unable to talk even a short sentence, she answers yes or no to questions that are asked of her. She is wheelchair bound and is in a very poor state consequently we (her husband and I) have to do all her thinking for her. It would be wonderful if something could be done for her but there is nothing that can be done in the Far.At present they are looking at Stemcell theripy but it could be a long way off. Although your e-mails may offer help to a lot of people but nothing for my Daughter

    Yours Sinserely

    Ron Claucherty

  15. Please resend your last email about vitimen D and minerals. I made a misstake and deleted it. I just got it 1-5-2010. Thank you

  16. It is a blessing to hear other stories thinking that u are the only one going through hard times and sometimes bad days just remember you can get through this the devil is always working always no GOD can heal you.My doctor don’t want me to take some of the vitamins stay tired a lot what can i take for more energy? Peace nd Blessing

  17. I have been seeing a wonderful chiropractor/nutritionist as well as a blood specialist who has worked with Dr.Young from the PH miracle clinic. I stopped taking all of the MS drugs and changed my diet a year ago. I couldn’t get out of bed some days. I have not been sick since I made these changes. No flu. No colds.
    I still get tired. I rest when I do. I’m 52. I plan to do even better this year. I don’t have the pain I had when I was taking the drugs. I made a lot of changes and I got a lot of good results. I even think clearer. I thank God every day for giving me the strenght to make these changes.

  18. I have had MS since I was 27yrs old,I am know 43. I also have stiff legs is their anything I can take to help the symptom?

  19. Tonya,

    I have the same issue with no energy, and I have a 5-almost 6 yr old girl that keeps me going. Nuvigil is what I take, 250 mg, and it’s a life saver. Helps me exercise more too.
    Write if you have any problems.

  20. I live in Oregon and we have had snow and cold weather since Thanksgiving.My MS is secomdary progressive and the cold is rathar hard for me. I strongly feel that keeping a good attitude and lots of prayers are very helpful and am open to the non-traditional therapies at this point while we await the cure.

  21. I have RRMS for appx. 21 years. Would love to hear about energy vitamins if anyone knows of any. I take muscle relaxers which cause drowziness (sp)

  22. my name is Paul i have had ms for 28 years i am now 47 it did not affect me with my walking until about 10 years ago where my left leg was hard to lift up and i was dragging my leg the leg feels has if the muscles are stiff around my knees and my feet feel as if i have fore pairs of socks on is there any thing i can take which will take away the stiffness in my knees and lower legs

  23. hello Sue Ellen Thank you for all e-mails enjoy reading them and your book i brought from you, very good reading. I live here in Australia and have had ms for 8 years I was on avonex for 4 years now i take only mannatech which is real food supplement. I’ve been on it for 7 months and i feelreally good I own my own bussiness which is boarding kennels which i run all on my own. I’m 56 years of age plus we run an angus cattle stud where I’m still invole helping out. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Lyn Newcombe

  24. I do enjoy reading all the comments but like everyone just want to get better. I have had MS for 35 years & am totally sick of it. Am now wheel chair bound & can’t walk at all so everything is hard for me of course. I do believe in God & know Jesus is my healer & am sure he gives people like Dr. Cartwright ideas on how to find a cure. I keep praying that he does as am getting desperate. I have a wonderful husband who does everthing for me which is more than some people have, love Janie

  25. I keep reading about Dr. Zamboni’s “Liberation Treatment”, and see it on talk shows on TV. Does it really work for some people with M.S. and who does this tretment in the U.S.? Please include names in the Chicago Area if any.
    Thank you,

  26. My name is Lennard and I was diagnosed with MS in 1986. My MS was kept under control by a Homopath in its early stages, but for the last 8 years walking has become a problem. (I fall a lot)and are dreading the day I break something. I thank Dr Cartwright for his positive outlook and helping us to stay strong. To all the other MS sufferers out there, Stay Strong.

  27. I’ve read a lot of what has been written and said by Ms. Dickinson and Dr. Cartwright. I have had MS for four and a half years. I went through Detox and administered it to myself over a 90 period. I stick to a strict diet of no sugar, of any kind, whether it is disguised as so many ingredients are, like corn syrup, etc., no fried foods, do not eat red meat, eat as much salmon from the pacific northwest as I can, don’t overdue the booze, which for me is beer and wine only and much much much more great eating habits. But two things have helped turn bad MRIs into good ones and returned my sex life to me for the most part: Having myself treated by a Nutritionist who had me have my MD perform a multitude of blood tests and then my Nutritionist analyzed my blood for deficiencies that the MD said were normal and provided supplements that were needed by me like high doses of Omega 3s and Vitamin D3, etc, etc, etc. With all that and a ton of exercise I feel pretty normal. I also continue to give myself injections of Copaxone, but go for a week sometimes between injections. I have discovered that about 10 beers or glasses of wine all day on a Saturday, makes me feel good for the next few days to the point I know my Immune system is not working overtime to demylinate my nerves. Alcohol depresses the immune system. I sometimes feel tingling actually but not for 3 days after the drinks. I only do this once a week and only on Saturdays, as I can’t function in life drinking any more. This seems strange but when I alter any of the above, my MRIs show more lesions. Go figure. I’ve had 10 MRI’s that prove my point. Best to all – Chris

  28. Interesting to read everyone’s comments.Medication was not available when I first presented with symptoms of MS.Although it appears it is not the answer to treatment.I personally have almost always lived a very good life style – that is what puzzles me.There were very few lifestyle changes I had to make.Stress was a very big factor in my life,dealing with three serious deaths.Could this have been a trigger to MS?My candle still burns but more often than not it remains very dim.Once again God Bless Sue Ellen and Dr Cartwright and everyone else afflicted with this dreadful disease.Heres hoping for a wonderful New Year for us all.

  29. What a wonderful image to start the New Year! VERY warming and uplifting! Thanks very much.

    Just had my birthday, so is a very good time to contemplate on how I was this time last year. I have been following the advice you have been giving on your course, and am feeling a lot stronger and better than I was this time last year.
    It does take a long time, but it look a very long time to get as bad as it was. Being pro-active with all your help is very very healing in itself – couldn’t do it without you and Sue Ellen and the regular reminders to keep on the right track.

    Wish everyone a very healthy year, from a very happy and very grateful 44 year old.

  30. Helpful advice from someone who has MS.

    I have been diagnosed with MS for 6 years. A positive mental attitude, keeping active both mentally and physically and eating a balanced diet filled with low fat protein, multi-grains, and vegetables have kept me well.

    I am religious about giving myself my Betaseron injections every other day as perscribed by my neurologist. I take 4,000 mg of vitamin D3 a day along with a woman’s multi-vitamin that has an iron supplement. I stay from all carbonated sodas. Since then I have not been incontinent.

    It is very important to do stretch exercises every day for at least 10 minutes and get the heart pumping with excercise at least 3 times a week.
    You will feel more energized. If I am tired, I find time to take a 1 hour nap in the afternoon and I am usually revitalized. Also, caffeine in coffee, tea or chocolate always helps. But, always supplement the day with 6 – 8 glasses of water a day too.

    Best to everyone!

  31. Hi again,

    I also wanted to mention a B12 shot every 6 months will help with energy

    Also, I stay away from alcohol except for maybe 1 beer or glass of wine a month.

  32. I was listening to one of the audios on M.S. and found it very interesting that the doctor mentioned that people with M.S. have an intolerance to gluten.

    I have been struggling with gluten intolerance for 16 years. I have had some symptoms of M.S. but I was also exposed to heavy metals through work which I think has contributd to sme of my symptoms. I also read a research paper that said lead can get stirred up in the blood at any time if you are under stress or your metabolism changes which can also lead to M.S. I believe there are multipl triggers for auto-immune diseases.

  33. I have had MS for 7 years and have spent the last 4 years in a wheelchair. I have read countless books and talked to countless people who also have MS and I have had ups and major downs but I resolved in December to stick with a strict diet and get better. I’d love nothing more than to get out of the wheelchair and walk again and I refuse to dwell on the negative and am sticking to positive thinking/speaking and I feel that this is MY year and I will see many positive changes. For everyone out there that has lost hope….The changes you seek must start from within. Pray, stay positive and eat well. I know MS can be reversed and I choose to have faith and remain positive.

    God bless.

  34. Happy New Year Sue Ellan, Dr. Cartwright and everyone else who has MS.

    I was finally told I have MS in the 1970’s after having at least 3 or 4 relapsing remitting attacks.

    I was still walking with a cane last February 2009 however by Summer found myself in a wheelchair. The following symptoms very subtly got worse until October. They were dementia, memory loss,speech problems,leg weakness, sudden falls, shuffling steps. When I tried to walk I had trouble taking the first step it was as though my feet were stuck to the floor. Apparently I (according to relatives and friends) was withdrawn, had mood and behavior changes. I even had urinary symptoms. Thanks to my girlfriend I ended up in the hospital on the 7th. of October where they finally realized it wasn’t the MS causing all these symptoms. The hospital contacted my Neuro Dr. in Montreal. He asked that I be sent there as soon as he had a free bed in the Montreal Neurogical Hospital.

    They discovered after a CAT scan,MRI,a spinal tap Etc. that I had HYDROCEPHALUS. The Dr’s thought that by puting a shunt in my head which would drain the excess liquid down into my stomach area it would stop the excess liquid from squeazing my brain. They hoped the surgery would help some of the symptoms I was having. I had the surgery on Nov. 10th of NOV.2010 and on the 13th was walking (with a walker) better than I had for at least 2 years.

    I can’t remember all he things I said and did before the surgery but everyone says it was like a miracle happened and the old Wanda was back. Before the shunt was put in everyone was afraid I was headed for the loony bin as my Aunt said.

    I am now mostly walking without my cane in the house,have put the wheelchair and walker away. Am doing some exercises to strenghten my legs as much as I can. My goal is to be able to ride my horse again by Spring. Now that I am Home after nearly 2 months in the hospital mostly in bed, I am gradually getting my muscles stronger. I can even use my left hand some now when typing,eating dressing,and can almost get my left arm straightened. This was something I couldn’t do for a few years.

    It was wonderful to find out that it wasn’t the MS causing all of my problems. I thank all the Doctors and nursing staff at both the Cowansville and the Montreal Neuro Hospitals for taking such good care of me. I feel like you have given me a new life.

    Never assume that every strange thing that happens to you is caused by the MS like I did for so long.


  35. this is to arielle: i was diagnosed in 2000, and have developed some severe symptoms (as of now can barely walk, but will not give up!) i am the same age as you and my son, who’s in his 20s now tells me since he was young, less than ten, has had this experience whenever he sits cross-legged. when he gets up his legs have always fallen asleep. most of the time it is painful until they have woken up. he was told that this was due to “bad circulation” and there is no cure. i have heard many do not believe that ms is genetic, but i have heard of instances where a number of family members have been diagnosed.
    now i am becoming concerned. what do you (or anyone else) think of this? and what would you (or any knowledgeable person) suggest? thank you for any help you may offer. rita joseph arielle, i’m asking you because i have never heard of such a young person having manifestations as you did. thank you.

  36. I was diagnosed with MS back in 1980 after my right leg started going numb from the foot upwards. As time has gone on I was walking using a stick then after a year or two needed more support so used crutches. They helped for quite a few years but then in 2009 had 2 blood clots and have ended up in a wheelchair. My fiancee also has MS and between us we kind of cope although its a struggle most of the time. The love that we have for each other and a great sence of humour makes things so much better so this is 1 good thing that has come of having MS was meeting Sally.

  37. Don’t know to do? I was dx at loma linda hospital 25 years ago, I had the needles ads pints in both legs, and lots more little numbness on my left side, how ever I never went back for the test? so I had too kids and very tired all the time but that was mother hood, I woken and I couldn’t see out of my left eye so I went to a eye dr that sad it was O.N. witch I didn’t know that was part of ms, time went on I was doing fine till I had to move, and my dad and then my brother pass, it was July 5 and hot, on after noon I could’n walk very well I had lost all the strait and was falling down this went on for a week. I went to a dr, and he told me I was bipolar and gave me some val, and that was it I was sleeping alot and if I did anything like shopping it took me today’s to feel better. I went to a dr who gave me my first MRI he said I had to small spots and that it could be ms? my insurance wanted more. so a few years went by and I couldn’t see out of my left eye, and pain when I moved my eye, all the test that all were neg so they say I don’t have ms I had been dx with ataxia, and he told me to use a cane. I don’t know if I have anything but I know I still have no energy, and cant see very will, what to do?

  38. I have experienced pain, burning and tingling in my legs and arms. I do not take medication but I take a lot of supplements. What has helped me the most is eliminating sugar in all its forms, wheat and many other things from my diet. As soon as I do it completely, symptoms go away. I read two key books which helped me to understand a lot more about MS and diet: Healing MS by Ann Borock and MS Recovery Diet by Ann Sawyer. Also I have tried Ayurveda medicine as well which helps a great deal when I have symptoms. I encuorage everyone with MS to try different thigs. Each one is a very specific case. Pleae keep learning and stay informed. I am grateful to Dr. Cartwright for providing this forum for people to exchange information. Thank you Dr.!

  39. i have had rrms since 1999,it has affected my left side, left leg gets very heavy on some days, i found changing my diet and execise has help also vitamin d3. for STIFFNESS there is a small device called MASSAGE XP MICRO, it really works its really good for your muscles. can be obtained from HI-DOW INTERNATIONAL INC, this really works for me and may help others, just a thought, if anyone tries this could you let me know if u felt any difference with it. hope can be paralysing, something will come along just wait, for how long? i dont know but until then live everyday.

  40. RESPECTED dr.

    Thank you for all your wonderful e-mails and sharing your most valuable info.I have ms for 6 years deteriorating.Was on rebif inj.then solumedrol,no help,now in a wheelchair for 8 mths.upper limbs were xcelent now slowly getting shaky hands.Had 1ST treatment of tysabri 3 weeks ago too early to feel da difference.was afraid of side effects but tried anyway,will do 3 treatments and pray to the ALMIGHTY FOR BEST RESULTS.


  41. Nancy: If you use chelated B vitamins they can give lots of energy. My daughter takes them by CountryLife and she loves them. Also there’s Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin that I bought her. It also has chelated B’s – got them at . They sound pretty good, anyway. Haven’t really had time yet to try them out – it’s only been a few days.

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