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 Besides having a genetic tendency for developing multiple sclerosis, a mix of things in the environment must join in to get the process started and to keep it going. 

Among the things in the environvment that’s part of the mix are the different agents that cause infections—- agents like viruses such as Herpes, Epstein-Barr, influenza, and others, bacteria such as Staph, S. pneumpniae, chlamydia, as well as salmonella, and fungi that cause athlete’s foot and ringworm; and we must not forget about candida.  But these agents do not act alone. 

In addition, other factors such as the low sun light exposure, vitamin D3 deficiency, poor dietary habit, geographic location where you live, and the toxins, one of which is acrolein, that you breathe all join hands with the infectious agents to become the allies of harm—-the harm that causes multhple sclerosis. 

Reestablishing good health is needed to slow the MS process down, stop it, and turn it around.  To begin with, you must create condition that will allow the cells of your body to regain their health. To do this takes time.  After all, the human body is made up of one hundred trillion cells.  When old cells wear out, they’re replaced with new ones.  Because of MS, the old cells are being replaced in conditions that keep the process going.   These new cells have to be replaced in conditions that under pin good health.  

This is where The Essentials, among other things, come in. The supplement is a blend of seven “emmumetric” substances, either obtained from plants or made by the body, designed to create the conditions that allow new cells of your body to be replaced by good ones.  The Essentials help the body rid itself of tiredness and restore energy levels. Based on the feedback from MS users, it does a good job.  It really helps! 

The ingredients in The Essentials are as follows: 1) Niacinamide 2) Catalase 3) Glutathione 4) Quercetin 5) Hesperidin 6) Catechin & 7) Acetyl Cysteine.

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To Your Good Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

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37 thoughts on “Measuring Progress: The Essentials

  1. I can’t for the life of me find an ingredient list for The Essentials. Where can I find that? Thanks.

  2. have just come across your info and webinars. very impressive.
    i have had MS 30 years and breast cancer 6 years. i am 58 years old and take no meds.

    i can obviously see the progression of the disease and want to get off this downward slide.

    i’m curious about ‘ESSENTIALS’. can u list what is inside the bottle?


  3. What about a list of the exact ingredients of Essentials?! As you know, on any MS ‘Wellness’ program, one needs to be careful about what one ingests.

  4. Need to know what is in these “Essentials “…no one takes medication or supplements today without knowing the ingredients and/or side effects.Thank You

  5. Please tell everyone how important it is to keep the gums clean as this can be a major contribution to making the MS really bad if not actually being the cause

  6. I think the heavy metals in our environment are the biggest contributor to the development and progression of M.S.

  7. Any chance of detailing expenses{money} out in pounds sterling, and how,we,in the UK can order/obtain, what seems to be,solely for the US market.

  8. Hi Dr. Rudy/

    I would like to have a good diet and get the essential vitamins in what i eat,
    i just dont like having to swallow a lot of pills every day, as i am on a lot
    of pain relief medication,and on copaxone as well.
    Can you explain that to me plse and my physio said your body would not be able to absorb all the pills.

  9. My 41 year-old friend is bedridden with second stage progressive MS and is in a long-term skilled nursing facility.

    He needs help with all daily living requirements, but mentally he is pretty sharp although recently he has experienced some hallucinations.

    I’m new to blogging – but does anyone know anyone who has recovered from this stage or improved to the point of gaining some mobility?

  10. Thank you Dr. Cartwright…your study and efforts have given hope to those who struggle with this condition.

    Blessings on you


  11. Dear Barbara
    My daughter of 34 is living with MS for 6 years now, in the same stage as your friend and also in a nursing facility. The neurologist’s here in South Africa assured me there is nothing that can help her. She also hallucinate and most of the time lives in the past – a blessing – so she does not always know what is happening to her. They also took her of the Betaferon. She is close to a feeding tube as it becomes more difficult to swollow and also difficulties with speech.
    I’m only sharing this with you as we are in the same boat.
    All of the best

  12. You talked about fungus in this e-mail. What can I take to get rid of everything in my body that causes fungus? The essentials I have been on for about nine monthes. What should I notice with this essential? I cancelled it this month because I did not noticed any improvement. Please talk to me about this.

  13. Barbara~related to your 41 y/o male friend with M.S. and bedridden. I have experienced a friend named Fred who, when on Lofat diet, 15 gms of fat per day and cooking with oil. Did walk again, and our Neurologist said, he would return at some time to wheel chair and the walking would not last forever. Fred was a miracle for a long time, and it is true, he did return to wheel chair. This is not true for everyone. We have not taken the ABC drugs. We eat lofat mostly vegetarian, fish, white meat of chicken etc. We eat black olives and avacado for the linolic and linoleic acid needed for repairing our nerve lining. You cannot take this information as working for everyone, as we are all different. I work so hard at being healthy and hope to take the essentials Dr Cartwright talks about. They are so expensive coming from California. I wonder if we could find them where they are not as expensive. Perhaps the Pacific Northwest.

  14. Hi, I have been taking the essentials for several months now and am
    finding my m.s is worsening. The fatigue is really affecting me and
    i can hardly walk now. Are the essentials not going to help me?
    Thanks regards Dorn

  15. Dear Joanie,Barbara
    I’m 35 years old, suffering with MS for 6yrs myself. Moved from SA to Nottingham England as it is way to hot for me to cope in Johannesburg. Next day I changed my diet totally. With help of God, I climbed struggle, struggle out of my wheelchair, able to use my hands and today only slur my speech when I haven’t drank enough water. I hallucinate still, not that often anymore. I remember the day I was diagnosed, felt as if I could not breath, looked at my letter said to my husband I have to get over this! Remember I have been from one doctor to the other to a point where my brain said move but my body would not respond. I went through a terrible time, still suffer from day to day. I was send to bed to live my last hours but stubbornly refused to take this lying down! (Ha-ha) I could tell stories that is funny today but those days when I could not keep my bladder or colon under control was embarrassing, the days when people though I am drunk!! I tried to always laugh, be positive through everything, keep my faith, tried not to blame God for my situation! I cried every day because I could not read properly. Today I still struggle to walk, but keep to my natural foods and vitamins, always hoping and believing! I will pray for you’s! Love Raven!

  16. I started on the Essentials on October 17, 2010. I had just taken a leave of absence from my job as a result of deteriorating health that included bladder and bowel issues, dragging right foot, difficulty w/ fine motor tasks and balance issues. I soon required a walker to aide w/ ambulation. Along with the Essentials, I was also taking additional supplements recommended by Dr. Cartwright. Within 1 month , I began to see slow improvement. I have come along way in 4 months and thank Dr. Cartwright everyday for his wisdom and committment to addressing this horrible illness. I am still taking the Essentials and plan to continue until I reach a maintanence level where I have reestablished good health and perhaps can discontinue the supplement. I use a cane now and go to physical therapy 2x’s wk. I am dairy free and gluten free and I try to exercise as much as I can. I have noticed improvement in my fine motor skills, my bladder and bowel issues have also improved and my balance/coordination is much better. Although progress is slow, it is noticeable. Every MS sufferer has to find what regimen works for them and stay with it. I do believe as Dr. Cartwright has stated “the body can reheal itself”

  17. I have started Dr. Cartwright’s MS Home Studies Coach Studies Course since the 21 January. Started taking quite a few of the supplements, including Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin D3, Omega 3, Catalice,DHEA, Linoleic Acid and Melatonin as well as Selenium and Zink. I also take LDN 4.5 mg.
    I am still trying to get the rest of the supplements suggested by Dr. Cartwright – it’s a matter of time, with God’s grace. I Thank God for Dr. Cartwright’s information as the time had come for me to choose to take the infamous TYSABRI. Although I went through with the Lumber Puncture, I decided, for more reasons than one, NOT to take the Tysabri. I also have a firm conviction that ‘Healing is in the spirit’ – if man’s spirit can unite with God’s.
    I welcome Dr. Cartwrights info on The Essentials and will surely be researching this further.
    I have just come across a SUPER, SUPER Antioxidant called Chaga Mushroom – It heals and tonifies and is an Immune system modulator, an adoptagen which has the highest concentration of antioxidants.
    It make sense to me to try to help my body heal and repair in a natural way, than to be constantly suppressing my immune system with chemicals from the pharmaceuticals. God does not want us to suffer, but we must learn and realise that life brings its challenges in different ways to EVERYONE – but it is how you deal with YOUR challenge.
    Don’t allow your emotions to rise above your divinity. You may not kniow it , but YOU ARE PEACE ITSELF, as God is PEACE itself.

    Healing is in the spirit, meditate and see yourself well and thank God for the gift of the imigination that has been giving to all mankind.

    Yeshi King.

  18. I have been taking The Essentials since Dr. Cartwright started offering them. I also follow the dairy free, gluten free diet 99% of the time. I also take vitamin D3 and exercise regularly. I recently had a routine MRI and my neurologist and I were amazed that lesions that were on my spine in the previous MRI, were almost gone. Slow progress is better than no progress.

  19. I have been taking the Essentials since they became available. I had changed my diet took the herbs and vitamins suggested by Dr. Rudy, removed toxic and all chemicals in my home and on my body. My balance and fatigue issues bounced up and down until the essentials. THIS PRODUCT (THE ESSENTILS) ARE MY MIRACLE!!!!!!! I FEEL FANTASTIC. For those of you out there who are on the fence about this product or are concerned about the cost give up something like movies or some other expense and give yourself the gift of health and wellness. You are more than worth this product. It will give you back to yourself , family and friends.

    Dr. Rudy thank you for all that you do for us. Your conatant advice and research for us is miraculous and I am eternally greatful. You are truly heaven sent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Blessed Be,
    JoAnn Spriggs

  20. Dear Raven
    Thanks for the motivation. Do you also take the essentials and what vitamins and diet are you on?
    It’s veru difficult to see one’s child suffer like this and reading your story gives me hope
    Keep well

  21. My friend was diagnosed with MS Sept ’07. He tried 3 DMD’s including Tysabri, which made his progression worse. In three years time he went from a very active productive individual to totally bed fast with a permenant catheter,trach,and feeding tube,unable to talk. He ended up in a nursing home on his death bed with pneumonia,severe UTI and sepsis. Hospice wanted to drug him up with morphine and just let him die this past summer. I said absolutly not, not until he was seen by a real doctor. He was sent to the VA Medical Center where there was not much hope given, but was placed in ICU where treatment was started for his infections. The next day when I went in, he was awake, smiling and enjoying his other visitors. The doctor was amazed. The VA convinced me I could not care for him at home, so he returned to the nursing home. He was started on some of the supplements, including the Essentals, but not according to the directions. He was only being given one tab per day. Although I feel this helped, it wasn’t enough and he continued to have problems. In December of 2010 I had had enough of the very poor care and decided to bring him home. I started to look for experinced people who could help with his basic care. In Jan of this year he came home, sick, with the same issues that he had before. He just came home from the VA. I call it a “tune up”. He is taking the supplements as recommended is doing much better. With someone who was as sick as he was, you really notice even slight improvements. I am teaching the 4 people I have that help me what I know about MS and even have got them involed in the MS Health Coaching series. My helpers are all in the medical field in one way or another. Three of them are planning on going back to school in the field, one already is attending classes. Kevin has a really bad yeast problem which I will address next. From the research I have done, this is a very big factor in overall health and well being. If you have ever had an antibodic or steroids, you have it. Next, I am going to find a doctor who prescribe LDN for him.

    Health and Wellness, and thank you Dr. Rudy for your help and to Sue Ellen for bringing you to us.

  22. Hi Dr. Rudy

    Firstly thank you for all your effort and hard work.

    i was diagnosed with Ms less than a year ago. i am using Betaferon and so far i am feeling great. How important is a diet and vitamins for me if i am already on medication.

    thank you


  24. Thanks Dr Cartwright for all the info you have been giving MS sufferers freely. I have given up milk,cheese,bread and am taking magnesium and D3 and others.Also am now taking Kallawalla tablets that where mentioned by someone on your site and I feel I have improved.On Rebif interferon now.Am getting used to them but of course would like to cease with needles.Did you find out about Kallawalla because you said you might.
    Thanks again

  25. My mother has MS she has had for 6 years she was walking around really good and then starting having seizures she in up being bedrittin and has a trake and a feeding tube I keep praying for a miracle I have been to he’ll and back I have raised money for my mom for her to get stem cells. I did not pay my mortgage for three months so I could help my mom I took my money and payed for her stem cells it cost me $10,000 name it I done it all I would like to know can you help my mom I am looking for a miracle.

  26. Dr Rudy I’m very interested in the Essentials product. As I’m from South Africa it’s not easy to get hold of it and I’m sure there are many MS people around the world who would like to use something similar. Please tell us what the exact composition/ingrediants are so we can also make use of something similar. However, I’d like to share something with you and others. I picked up a tummy bug which caused a flear-up resulting in having balance, walking, vision & writing problems. After hearing about Vit. D3 I went out and bought a bottle and sarted taking 3000 iu per day. After 3 days my balance issue & writing improved drasticlly. My right leg still drags after a lot of walking & my vision is still affected.


    Estelle Schlebusch
    Randburg, South Africa

  27. Hi All,
    Was in hospital with a serious bladder infection which got into the blood stream, this mimiced a relapse. I did have a Brain MRI ,the good news, is there were no new lesions or ms activity in the brain. was on costisone, 2 weeks later i am walking with one crutch. I am taking Vit D3, omega, ala, selenium. multi vitamin. I believe i am going to get well.
    Thanks to Dr Cartwright for all the informtion, I wish all the MS sufferers well, keep fighting and be positive!
    Mari South Africa

  28. Is it worth trying Kallawalla ?
    I have tried many things BUT NOTHING WORKS!!!
    I am sick and tired of bitter disapppointment.

  29. I have been diagnosed with ms since 1996 but have had different problems for over 25 yrs. I have been in a wheelchair for the last 10 years and have both bladder and bowel incontenence. Have been on Avonex for the last 4 yrs. and before that copaxone. Please tell me where to begin and what to take to get my life on a positive track. Money is not plentiful so I will need to do something that I can afford. Thank you for all your wisdom that you bestow to all of us who have this horrible disease.

  30. Hello Dr Cartwright,

    I am a 32 year old female from Northern Ireland and have had r/r ms for 12 years now. I had been managing my condition really well, which I put down to being extremely active, but over the past few years I became gradually less and less active to the detriment of my health (and I REALLY believe there is a link between health and exercise).

    Although my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where I am no longer able to drive, have poor balance, suffer from constant uti’s, and find lifting my feet very hard at times, my main problem that I am most concerned about is back pain. I am currently taking the highest strength of pregabalin/lyrica but I would still suffer from chronic back pain from time to time which I find eases when I take ibuprofen which can be very sore on the stomach. As it is one of the main causes of stomach cancer I don’t want to take it but have to as I don’t know of any natural alternatives. Do you have any suggestions of what I could try instead when the pain gets bad?

    Also, I am interested in buying the essentials (if I could have more information on them perhaps?), but are they accessible for me to buy from here or would I be hit with a big import duty if they were shipped to the uk?

    Many thanks for all of your help,

    Gillian 🙂

  31. My mother has ms she was diagnosed with it in 2006 my mom is 54 now she is bed ridden she has been since 2008 I have been taking care of her she has a trake feeding tube and a catherter the doctors wanted me to put my mom out her missery my mom was not in missery it was them talking about what kind of life she will have I said a good one do your job this was because she was getting infection in the hospital I told them god will handle the rest im not going to murder my mom because u dont believe in a higher power. Well I do I told them do your job and let God do his well my mom came home now after the doctors said she would never come home any way I started her on real food that I give thru her peg and started her on esstentials and she also see a holistic doctor so dont give up it is hope.

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