You have heard it time and time again that the cause of multiple sclerosis is unknown and that, more than likely, it is triggerred by the interaction of your unique genetic make-up and toxins in the environment that we breathe, eat, drink, and put on our skin.  Some of these toxins that affect our immune system in an unwanted way are the heavy metals such as mercury, iron, copper, chromium, cobalt, arsenic, nickel, lead, and cadmium.  Even those metals that we consider “prescious” have such an effect.  And we are encouraged to believe that they are harmless when we make them part of the adornment of our mouths.  Gold and silver come to mind.  When the conditions are right and chronic, they can, slowly but surely, add to your health woes.  If either gold or silver is part of the fixture in your oral cavity, it may be wise to remove it.


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Sharing some humour:

Somewhere in one of our great states, a sheriff pulled up next to the guy unloading garbage out of his pick-up into the ditch.  The sheriff asked, “why are you dumping garbage in the ditch?  Don’t you see that sign right over your head?”

“Yep”, he replied.  “That’s why I’m dumpin’ it here, ‘cause it says:  ‘Fine for dumping garbage.’ ”

To Your Better Health,

 Dr. Rudy Cartwright

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37 thoughts on “METALS AND MS

  1. Hi :
    Very interesting, how the DRUG companies have baffled the public to there need for drugs ,AND even more so the educated ,DOCTORS and etc. I believe our creator put us on earth with all we need for good health,in natural form.
    My m/s specialist, TOLD ,no treatment/ no cure ,but we have all kinds of poison to make you feel better.
    I am taking “serrapeptase ” 1 daily and “stem cell activator ” 1 daily since Nov. / 10. Now i walk quiet well, just need to build up muscel strenght.

  2. Hi Dr. Cartwright,
    I have always loved candy! So, when I got my braces off, I had 13 little amalgum (sp?) fillings to fill the holes all that yummy candy made. Then, I had a dental implant put in my mouth in 1999. About six months after getting the implant, the MS symptoms started. In 2003, I had all of the metal removed from my mouth, including the implant. I worked with the best, Dr. Hal Huggins. I hope you two know each other because your attention to your patients/students are very similar. He is in Colorado. I still get my magnesium from him. That’s the one thing I cannot be without. If you talk to him, please say hi for me and tell him that I was in his Summer of 2003 group in Montreal.
    Thanks and many, many, wonderful blessings to you and yours,
    Debbie Allen-Czerwinski

  3. Great to hear this again…My D.O. told me soon after being diagnosed, to have all my mercury fillings replaced with composites, which I did (my dentist is a friend of mine) he said “If I was diagnosed with MS I’d have every piece of metal taken out of my mouth immediately! I’ve also been taking oral chelation for a number of years. Also taking extra catalase and SOD.
    Dr. Cartwright, what are the supplements for a weak gait?
    Thank you!

  4. I had all my amalgam fillings removed and had them replaced with white composite crowns. The removal process has to be done very carefully, otherwise you can become very ill. This is an expensive procedure to have done. Prior to amalgam removal, I was tested for heavy metal toxicity, the results were off the charts! I even had an electro-magnetic field creating havoc in my mouth. There were times when my fillings would “bubble and fizz”. It is important to note that having your amalgams removed is the first step, you have to begin the process of chelation in order to bring down the “level” of heavy metal intoxication, it is an on-going process. Six months after amalgam removal, the level of mercury in my system had dropped dramatically. I continued with chelation for quite awhile but haven’t had any treatments lately.

  5. Hi Doctor,

    I’ve just completed a small course of hydrotheraphy. Thank you so much for your advice on taking essential supplements. As well as other essesntials, I now take magnesium every day.

    My public pledge is to BE positive, FEED my BODY with the RIGHT things, keep up with my exercise and be patient with myself.


  6. Dr. Cartwright,
    I had heard about the silver and gold in our mouths to be a bad thing. When I talked with my dentist, he said it’s not harmful. It’s good t o know there is proff that it is bad. Looks like I need to have what’s in my mouth removed. thanks for the information.
    By the way, that’s a funny story. Laughter is good.

  7. I have had all the mercury taken out! I feel great after going off
    1 yr. of Rebif! I follow all of your advice and thank you for it!

    Now at 48 I am challenged with building muscle again!


  8. Hi i just read don zarownys comment i was wondering where do i get serrapeptase and stem cell activator,very interested in knowing what dons symptoms are for mine is mainly walking,i cant walk very well and have no balance.


  9. Hi Dr Cartwright!
    Someone had mentioned that I should probably cut out gluten…I don’t think I have an allergy or reaction to this. Removal of metals sounds easier! I always appreciate and enjoy these newsletters. Thank You!!

  10. Wow! I guess I should maybe get my gold crown removed then too; I too was told they are the best and strongest to get 🙁

  11. Hi I also just read Don Zarownys comment and was wondering where do I get serrapeptase and stem cell activator. I am in Australia, had MS for 20 years and take no drugs. Thank you.

  12. Esme du Plessis, South Africa

    Hi Dr Cartwright,
    Thank you for the opportunity to put our questions to you. I have the same question as Simi, where do I get serrapeptase and stem cell activator. My simptoms are except for the extreme pain and migraines, walking problem, have great difficulty walking and have no balance.

    Do have a Great Day !

  13. Hey Dr. Rudy,

    We always said…hay is for horses…grass is free.
    Apparantly that was some kind of “pot” reference…but it was the early 70’s…
    I also would like to know more about Sereptase and stem cell activator.
    It sounds very interesting.
    Thanks for the jokes and laughter.
    The “swimming out to boat in the field was classic”.
    Thanks again, Sandy

  14. I was working as a CNA back in 1993 and a patient of mine had Shingles. Well soon after I came down with Chicken Pox at the age of 29 and during a doctor’s lecture was told that Cicken Pox is a Herpes Virus and that it caused my MS Gene to come out, but the only symptom I can remember is the fatigue and my daughter was about 18 months so I just thought the fatigue was due to having a baby and working night-shift. Then as I was starting my senior year of Nursing School in 1997 I was diagnosed with MS after having an MRI. My brain looked like a bowl of popcorn there were so many lesions so the Chicken Pox (Herpes Virus) Lecture must have been right.

  15. I was told having the fillings removed would be worse then leaving them in.If I get fillings now I have them use composite

  16. I have had all my fillings removed and take a number of supplements including serrapeptase. I would like to know what can help muscle strength? I was wondering if whey protein with excercise would build muscle mass?

  17. Hi Dr. Cartwright,

    I’ve last tried Tysabri, to lessen my symptoms from MS, after I’ve tried nearly every other medication under the sun, and have had no tother treatment for my MS symptoms since 2007. I do take Toprol and Primadone to lessen the Intention tremors I’ve experienced since Medical School, and I also take Mg, Vitamin D3 a multi Vitamin B and folate supplements and have been feeling better since I’ve started this regimen (for approximately 4 yrs now).
    I am also seeing a Pilates Trainer, 2 times a week however, I’m noticing upper body weakness especially in the right arm and hand and the weakness of my lower extremeties remains! I also walk with the aid of 2 canes due balance issues.
    The MS I suffer from became noticeably worse since the MVA I was in, in 2006.
    It seems that accident provided just enough stress and inflamation to further inflame the MS, an inflamatory disease itself, to the point I had to shut my practice. But I feel the Vitamin and suppliment regimen, alomg w/ a good diet and plenty of sleep, has limited any other disability!

  18. So many ideas … so many questions left unanswered…
    Meanwhile I continue dragging my left leg … my balance is worse on a monthly bases … etc., etc., etc.
    Do hope more reseach is being done … for the next generation.

    Mickie del Valle Cohen

  19. Im so bummed out , just came back from my Dr.s office. After mustering up the nerve to tell her Im experiancing more bowel urgency and some bowel incontinence issues,which are extremely embaressing and requested a handicapp permit so I could make it to a restroom faster to avoid the humiliating experiance of losing control again in my vehicle, she brushed me off and said she was surprised I brought this up and was somewhat dismissive. What did I do wrong? Im 56 yrs old and have had ms symptoms a long time . I take Tzanadine and it helps with muscle stiffness and pain. My difficulty walking comes and goes, but is getting worse along with this bathroom issue and have urine storage problems after seeing a urologist a few years back. Had my colonoscopy after initial bowel leakage incidents approx 5 yrs ago and my colonoscopy was ok. Im about to give up on doctors ever helping. Stuff is getting worse but is this just stuff I have to learn to live with now?

  20. In the MS Society’s BC Bulletin Fall 2003 edition, there is an article that says that mercury is released from dental fillings especially if there are both gold and silver fillings in the mouth at the same time. Is there a reason why a lot of Dentists don’t use amalgam fillings these days? Think about it and do your research!

  21. I am also very interested in which serrapeptase and stem-cell activator that Don is using. The only information I have been able to get is from people with a financial gain if I buy their products. These are quite expensive items. Thanks for the info.

  22. i find some of your works helpfull i am very much becoming gluten free i am at battle with ppms not much help from med but baclophen does help with stasticity your works help because im not a pill popper

  23. Fillings in teeth – made me think – never had any dental work till I was 22 – then had about 10 fillings – so long ago I presume they were mercury. Problems with vision started when I was around 23 more symptoms followed over the years. Keep going but walking not good nor balance. Hadn’t thought about the timing before.

  24. I reacently heard from a friend about her journey with MS.
    She had all of her amalgum fillings removed from her mouth and has NOT experienced any MS symptoms since.

  25. Very interesting to read everyones comments.I had all my amalgam fillings removed about eleven years ago,but unfortunately it did not halt the progression of MS.So I am very confused.Here in Western Australia,there is big news doing chemotherapy and stem cell treatment.The trials are in progress and the MS society here will comment in a few moths when the results are more conclusive.Thankyou Dr Cartwright and Su Ellen for all your valued work.

  26. Also, wondering if anyone else has any issues with Copaxone? I’ve been diagnosing myself, going on and off the shot, and off of it I walk quite a bit better, but haven’t totally given it up yet. Any thoughts?

  27. My husband has PPMS. When will you be doing any seminar about MS again?
    Can I/how can I, get us involved? Sounds like your work with MS is admirable; we want to hear more about it. Thank you,
    [phone number edited for privacy]

  28. AS I TRY TO REFLECT BACK WHEN I had my first symptom.I realize that it came shortly after-maybe 2 to 3 montha after a filling was replaced in my mouth. The first filling was a plaster substance, but the replacement was a metal substance. I was wondering could there be some connection with my MS symptoms. ONE Dr. told me no,but I really dont believe him. He went as far as to show me that he had several of the same type of fillings in his mouth. You know I dont want to call him an idiot ,but, if some one says Doc, you know every time I eat peanuts I break out. Is that DR. going to eat some peanuts and then turn around and say SEEEE!~ I just ate the same peanuts and nothing happened to me. Im just saying, what do you think?

  29. I was diagonosed 11/2010 was taking Rebif still fatigued, lots of injection site pain and bruising, then breaking out in hives and severe itching. Currently having numbness and tingling on my right side starting at the right shoulder all the way down to my toes. Need direction on a natural way to treat and live with this I have ordered hard copy of Sue Ellen Dickenson book and am praying that this will provide my answers to live my life with out pain and these problems with ms.


  31. In the 30 yrs I have had MS, I was only treated once in 2006 with Copaxone injections. I have many lesions on my brain and spinal cord and the neurologist advised me to begin taking these injection IMMEDIATELY as he viewed my case as severe (despite few symptoms at the time). I should mention I have the remitting/relapsing type of MS. I injected myself daily and after about a few weeks, I began experiencing shortness of breath, joint and bone pain. I could barely climb a flight of stairs and believed I was aging and that these injections caused new symptoms and problems.

    I discontinued treatment after three months AMA and have been following Dr. Cartwright’s regimen. Expect for some weight gain recently, I am health and active and am still working as well. Thank you Dr. C for all your hard work and dedication in helping MS sufferers.

    Blessings to you and the family, Olga in PR

  32. I noticed my symptoms while going through physical therapy post a motor vehicle accident. Everyone thought my symptoms were from the accident. During that time I had to get a root canal. A few months later I starting experiencing extreme fatigue and had trouble speaking. My neurologist treating me for the MVA kept giving me anti depressants saying I was just depressed. My MRI’s post the MVA showed no issues with my brain(my neck and spine were a mess!!) At my insistence the DR sent me for a MRI and it was discovered I had a large white fog(mass), not really lesions, in my brain. The DR felt horrible for not believing me. Anyway he said it was MS. I have destressed and the mass has decreased and some small lesions have appeared. I have chosen not to go on medication.
    After researching, I have discovered that root canals can trigger MS.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

  33. I had ptomain (lead) poisoning when I was six years old (1944).

    I had my first symptoms of M.S. when I was 22 years old (lasting approx 6 months). These same symptoms returned when I was 50 years old and are still with me. My walking and balance are now not at all good.

    I am convinced that my childhood illness is the cause. Any comments.

  34. Regarding the metal/mercury filings – while you insurance may or may not pay for them to be removed, please have them taken out. It is worth the money as it in an investment to your life for sure! I thought it was the craziest thing ever said, ‘MS could be triggered by the silver filings in your mouth’ – by Dr Robert Atkins, now deceased, but I found a Dr. Hal Huggins trained dentists who removed them with special technology so I wasn’t re-exposed in the removal and have them replaced with ‘white filings – Diamond Crown materials, is the brand. Prior to the removal, I had a terrible time with balance, motor skills, vision, walking, to name a few things, then after the removal, my symptoms were gone, most before I left the Hg free office. I only had 4 filings and one would constantly want to remove itself, now I understand my body could’t take anymore mercury or metals within my body and was saying ‘pay attention’ I can’t do anything else for you…help! So I listened to Dr Atkins, went to have then removed again, seek a Hal Huggins trained dentists, not a conventional dentists as they don’t protect you on the removal and you are re-exposed another 4% more when they take them out without the oxygen on you and themselves and the vacuum in front of your mouth as they remove the mercury and the metals from your mouth. Let’s face it, MS plays havic on your body as it is so you don’t need to add to it during the removal of toxins! Since, I do the Vit C flushes now and then and remove toxins as use many of the spices spoken of in another article and do feel good overall as take supplements with Nutrelite…totally raised her in the states and grown then put into pill form so only loose less than 5% of the value unlike any store bought which is a good 45% off the shelves…it cost more as you have to take more to make up for the amount loss for the value…You can find help overall…treat and invest in yourselves and have your mercury filings removed asap! The weight for me was about the weight of a french fry, 2 on each side, the fifth one between my teeth came out on it’s own prior. You are worth it and deserve good health and wellness! Afterall, it is a benefit to the ‘abundant life’ overall! Go for it! :o)

  35. To the party going through PT then having fatigue – I will share what my therapist says to my family, now that we have had to walk through more than myself, she has a broken arm to heal now…

    #1 – if you’re in pain, stop, pain is your bodies way of saying it’s too much! Inflamation sets in and you need to ice down the area to take off the swelling overall, then go back one exercise and slowly add it on. If you have discomfort with the exercise but NO pain, that’s okay. Your body is using either new muscles or old muscles you haven’t used in a while and ‘waking them back up’! Don’t dismay.

    #2 – Sleeping – my therapists says it’s okay to sleep for an hour following a therapy appt with your new exercises, however if it is more than that, it may be your bodies way of saying ‘too much exercise’ and you may need to either back off or do a little at a time to add it back – maybe (I have to do 10 minutes at a time) start with 3 minutes, if okay go to 5 minutes and stop unless you can go a little farther but no more than 10 minutes. You are building up strength not a body builder so be patient with yourself! Strength does come but only with patience and endurance dear friend! Work with wisdom and listen to your body for it wants to work with you but in moderation! You will build up to the amount requested for each exercise but be wise and listen to your body which is working with you, one step at a time :o)

    MS is really a patience game…work with it but be consistant! Slowly add exercises as you need to, one at a time! Interesting story…true…my daughter is a blackbelt and was with a group who were ‘body builders’ at a lake. A cooler of waters were being brought from the car to the seashore for refreshment but my daughter noticed the body builder constantly had to stop and go from the car to the ocean front with the cooler…he was getting out of breath, huffing and puffing as he would go…she on the other hand was just walking and offered to take one end to help him get the cooler to the sanded area they were at…moral of the takes being constant one step at a time and be both constance and endurance to work our exercises even when we don’t want to do them…if you have to, do part in the morning and the other set at night…however it works best for you to get then in but again, NO pain! A marathon runner doesn’t start in a day and finish, it takes many months of training to get then ready for the race…it takes anyone constancy and endurance to win an race or at least be ready for the race..You CAN do it! Just take it one step at a time…remember the turtle finished the race, not the hare! I believe in the God who created us all, we can finish strong and with His strength to finish well! You CAN do it!!! :o)

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