Below is a link/URL to an important announcement for MS Recoverers.  Finally, a real approach to one of your needs is being recognized.  I urge you to take advantage of it.  So, click on the link below or copy the URL and paste it in your browser and take appropriate action after reading the announcement.

To Your Best Health,

 Dr. Rudy Cartwright

PS: Let me know if this is beneficial to you by posting a comment.

8 thoughts on “MS AND WORK

  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have read the info about Merck Serano. Thats great, so I have MS for many years. Im educated person, have a lot of working experience looking for an appropriate job for myself. “Flexible hours, working from home, adaptive office environments and a commitment to raise awareness of our progressive policies throughout our organization will form the cornerstone of our employment practices,” said Dietmar Eidens, Head of Global Human Resources at Merck Serono.
    I live in Canada, Toronto.

    God bless you,

    Guennadi Kachkine

  2. Hi Dr. Rudy,

    Two points: Having been [now] on both sides of the corporation board room, I can pretty much tell you, if it involves money, [ or a company can find a qualified person w/o MS] these adjustments pretty much won’t happen unless there is someone in a position to affect change in the corp. who is involved and/or knows of how this heinous disease can affect a person in the prime of their career. Let alone the money, the dignity and self esteem are high on the list, too. I hate to be a “gloomy gus” but I know this as I have lived it before and after dx of MS. The bottom line –is always–the BOTTOM LINE. I am sure there are exceptions out there. I sure hope so!!

    Secondly, isn’t Serono involved now with questionable practices of payoffs to docs who prescribed Rebif to their patients? This is a piece from a blog by Trevis G. who has ms and is an advocate. [a great ms blog.]

    beginning quote

    “Finally, this week’s news of a massive $44.3 million settlement by EMD Serono for the “marketing” of its MS drug, Rebif absolutely disgusted me. The marketing that federal regulators (cum prosecutors) sued the company over was linked to illegal kickbacks to some doctors for prescribing the drug.

    These payments were made from the time the drug was launched until the end of 2009, according to documents released by the US Department of Justice. That Rebif is now the number one selling MS drug on the U.S. market is probably the result of this kickback scheme.

    This is not the first time Serono has been caught illegally marketing its drugs. In 2005, the company was slapped with a $704 million dollar fine to resolve civil and criminal charges of improperly marketing its AIDS drug, Serostim.

    The monies from the Rebif settlement will be split between states and the federal government to settle both Medicare (federal) and Medicaid (state) claims against the company.

    Nowhere is it listed that there are intentions to expose the doctors who were on the receiving end of the massive kickbacks.” end quote.

    Sounds like a little “PR Reframing” may be going on at Serono. Again, I have been present in board rooms where such situations are discussed and action plans are designed, presented and implemented. Hate to [once again] be a Gloomy Gus, but this is a fact. How do corporations “retool” their image? –for Seronno –“let’s get involved” with patient advocacy–maybe the patients will forget all about this #44.3 million dollar [pesky old] scandal and won’t know if their doc could have subscribed another [pesky old]DMD that would have been more help to them.

    Anecdotal: Neuro #1 sent me home with a whole shopping bag full of Rebif stuff with Teri Garr’s lovely face on it. “Come back in 30 days and we will begin use of this drug.” I said “Anything else avail?” “This is the one you should have.”
    was the answer. Aside from neuro #1 glaring [lack of] bedside manner, I wonder now if that neuro was involved. Hmm…Neuro#5 [a keeper] discusses all that I do for my MS w/ options if available. He cares about me as a patient. I trust [but verify] his recommendations.

    Finally, Dr. Rudy, I have listened to you speak on the calls and with the coaching series, I have trust in your judgment. I know you would not be caught up in a scandal like this on Seronno is involved with now. Ms is as you know is heinous, painful and there is no cure. I appreciate the work you do for us. To have doctors and Seronno “mess around” with ones treatment is the lowest form of “unkindness”.

    I am thankful for what you do and don’t feel the need to post this as I know it is not a very positive post. It was important to me to tell “YOU” my feelings. It’s just so hard to accept this kind of treatment when the burden of “ms” in on you already.

    Thanks very much for your caring, positiveness, and your contributions to helping us with our ms. They are priceless.


  3. Dear Dr. Cartwright:

    I love that your getting the word out about M.S. I developed CF/FM after a shoulder injury. I was given lots of drugs for pain, muscle spasms and anti-inflammatories. I’m sure the drugs contributed to the development of these conditions.

    You might be interested in learning what the leading research doctor has to say as to the causes of these conditions. You can learn more at my site:

    I would love for you to be able to share this site with your readers. I have had some symptoms of M.S. I believe are related to lead and other exposures from work I did. I have learned that you can carry these metals for years without overt symptoms. It was after I developed the leaky gut due to trauma and drugs that I started to become reactie to the metals. I was diagnosed recently as having phyroles in the urine. This is due to the lead being stirred up by chelation therapy. If you have any suggestions for getting rid of lead, I would love to hear them. I did read a recent research paper that said when lead gets stirred up in the blood it can cause M.S.


  4. Dear Dr. Cartwright:

    I just wanted to let you know that I recommended your essentials product on my website since I believe that many people who are dealing with CF/FM could also benefit from your formula.

    I would like for your to become an affiliate if you would like so I can continue to send some customers your way. You can contact me to let me know if you would like to do this. Thanks.

    The blog is at:

  5. I read that World MS Day was initiated in 2009. This is the first time I’ve heard of it. Imagine. My own “holiday” and naturally I find out about it 5 days after this year’s “celebration.” Figures.

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