On various occasions, I’ve been told to take nothing for granted no matter what the circumstances are; and throughout the years, I’ve tried to adhere to this advice. So, I’ve posted this video on “how to and where to” apply the lotion onto the skin.

Click on the start video icon above.


  1. Hi Dr. Cartwright,

    I was selected as one of your volunteers to use this lotion, and I was just wondering what the ingredients are? Since we are putting it on our neck, I want to make sure it wouldn’t disrupt the thyroid in anyway. I appreciate it.

    Thank you for all you do,

    Susan Stone

  2. I just started the lotion I will see how I get along with it how do I buy more of it ? if I like it Thank you Doug Erhard

  3. I received your lotion today and will start using it tomorrow morning. Thank you very much for letting me in your opportunity period. I’ll keep good track of what’s going on and let you know.

      • I have used it twice and it has allowed me to work outside in my garden and enjoy the sun more. I live in Maine, so it hasn’t been too awfully hot here yet. It was 80 degrees that day in the garden though and with a cooling scarf on, drinking cold water and the heat intolerance lotion I was able to be out in the heat for 3-4 hours without the heat bothering me like it used to.
        Thank you Dr. C. !!

    • Again, thank you so much Dr. C. The lotion worked when I needed it most. July 3rd my Mom passed away, so with all of the stress and an outside burial with temps near 90, I had no problems what-so-ever. I was able to be outside with family during cookouts and enjoying each others company. Without the lotion, I would have been in terrible shape……It absolutely is the best thing ever!!! You are a Godsend!

  4. I’d like to share with you my experience when I used Dr. Cartwright’s Heat Intolerance Lotion, for May 9, 10, and 11, 2015

    First of all, each day remained the same weather and temperature wise, with clear, bright blue and sunny skies here in the panhandle of Florida, with temperatures ranging between 92* and 95* (in the shade) This doesn’t factor in the heat index.

    MAY 9th

    Being as I’m so familiar with Dr. Cartwright’s products (and the many people who report such great results using them), I was eager to feel the benefit….so I tinkered with his application recommendation and applied the lotion to my neck twice during this 24 hour period, starting with the first application on Friday night, May 8th at 8:00pm

    Then, I applied the second application of the Lotion mid-morning on Saturday May 9th. At 2:30pm that afternoon, my sister Patty and I got to the barn and began our usual daily chores of taking care of our two horses….cleaning stalls, feeding, brushing them down, etc.

    After being outside in a mixture of sun and shade for about an hour, I realized that I was able to function and do my chores with more energy than usual and in less time. In other words, the heat wasn’t bothering me, or slowing me down like it usually does.

    Also, my mental clarity was exceptional, even in the intense sun and heat.

    When I got home from the barn, I reflected on that experience and closely examined how my body had reacted to the heat, and how I felt overall…..higher energy level, clearer thought process, and an absolute relief (tolerance) to the heat…..(well….was this feeling counteracting my normal daily physical sensations/reactions to the environment in regard to my age, perhaps……or, did somebody turn back the clock?) 🙂

    MAY 10th

    Sunday, May 10th, I concluded that I’d probably had a little too much of a good thing…..meaning that in regards to having applied the Lotion twice within a 24 hour period, that may have been too much, too soon for my body in such a short time. The response to the Lotion was excellent, but overwhelming at the same time…..not unlike going from 0 to 60 in a race car and firing up the engine to the max in too short a time. So I decided not to apply the Lotion on May 10th, and see what happens…..

    I went to the barn at the same time of day, and did all my chores as usual. I still had the same wonderful tolerance to the heat and temperature conditions as the day before, and my energy level remained high, and I was able to finish in less time than usual. However, there were subtle but marked changes on this day….

    a.) My body perspired more than the day before….but still much less than without the Lotion

    b.) My energy level was higher than usual, and my endurance to perform in the heat was exceptional, and I felt great!

    c.) My mental clarity was sharp, even in the sun and heat

    I concluded at the end of the day, that for me at least, the Lotion has a residual effect, and I don’t need to use it every single day to achieve the same results.

    May 11th

    Wondering if any residual effects of the Lotion would spill over into Day 3 of my experiment, I decided not to use the Lotion on this 3rd day. Unfortunately, there were no residual benefits, and I knew it’s effects had lasted for two days prior, but that was it…..(I sure missed using the Lotion that day!)

    Also, let me add, that my sister Patty (age 67), who does not have MS, has been using the Heat Intolerance Lotion as well. She has experienced a reduction in muscle pain, soreness and stiffness….she is brighter mentally, has more overall energy and stamina, and does not ‘feel the heat’ nearly as much as when she does not use the Lotion.

    Dr. Cartwright, I can’t thank you enough for introducing us to this remarkable Heat Intolerance Lotion you’ve formulated! Not only is it helping me greatly, but it’s also helping my sister…..and I highly encourage others to try it also… have given us something that is truly ground breaking!

    • Could you please give me some information about this heat tolerance lotion that has been talked about here.Thank you very much.

  5. Sue Ellen,

    Thank you for your gift of painting a picture with words! Your experience with Dr. Cartwright’s Heat Intolerance Lotion is marvelous.

    My experience with the great outdoors is going from our front air conditioned house to the similarly cool comfort of our family Buick. Then we drive a few miles in that blessed coolness to our destination. We are confronted with a blast of heat going into the doctor’s office, church or restaurant. In cool surroundings once more, we enjoy our visit and finally retrace our journey back home.

    However, there are times in the late afternoon when the heat buildup makes even our sweet refrigerated air intolerable. Then, the Heat Intolerance Lotion which has been applied after my morning bath goes to work admirably. The heat index may be up, but my body remains cool and comfortable thanks to Dr. Cartwright’s Wonderful Heat Intolerance Lotion! Looking forward to the coming months of soaring temps and muggy rainy days when even the AC of indoors makes me long for New England’s weather. Dr. Cartwright’s Heat Intolerance Lotion gives me confidence in knowing that the comfort and coolness of my body is under control.

    Happy Summer,


  6. What is in this amazing potion. I have extreme fatigue in the summer as the result of heat intolerance to the point of becoming ‘legless’. I would love to try it out? I live on New Zealand

  7. How much does this lotion cost and how long will a cylinder last if used every day as told?

    Thank you

  8. Most people who have MS do not have a lot of money. I did not see how many ounces of the lotion you get for the money.

  9. How do I go about purchasing this lotion? I am going to Walt disney world next month and I am not looking forward to the heat. And I do not have a link to the video about dit

  10. I began using the Heat Tolerance Lotion on Thursday, April 30, 2015. My first application was while I was at North Myrtle Beach, SC. I wanted to go out on the balcony overlooking the ocean, but it was 76 degrees. I usually do not go in the direct sun at 75 degrees and up. I was a bit afraid to try going out, but I did. I applied the lotion and laid on the lounge chair in direct sun and suprised myself that I was able to stay for 7 minutes before I had to go in due to the heat overtaking me and having to get inside. I did this for two more days while I was at the beach with the same surprising results. At home in NC, I normally walk three miles a day, but never in temperatures over 75 degrees no matter what time a day. I applied the lotion for a 7:30 pm evening walk with the temperature above 75 degree. It seemed too hot to try, but I tried anyway and I did okay. I did not have that feeling of hurry get home because it is too hot at all. I sweated of course, but that’s not a problem. I like to sweat because I know I am working my body well. I did not have the feeling like I was going to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie the Wizard of Oz when Dorthy threw water on her. I was able to walk at a steady fast pace for three miles in 45 minutes. I have continued to have the same results in similar situations while having an application of the lotion onboard. On Monday, May 18, 2015 it was 85 degrees outside and I had to run several errands. I find getting in and out of the car and walking in and out of stores very difficult with all the MS heat zapping symptoms. I thought that maybe the lotion may help me with this ongoing heat challenge so I applied the lotion before I left the house to do my errands in 85 degrees. I handled the heat better without feeling panicky and feeling like I have to just stop doing what I was doing and rush home. I finished all the errands I intened to take care of in 1.5 hours. In addition to this, I currently am able to stay in direct sunlight at temperatures greater than 75 degrees for 10 minutes.


  11. I am very happy to see that the lotion is working so well…….This is for Gail: I do live in New England, actually Maine, and haven’t had to use it but only once. I thought that it worked that day, but it hasn’t been over 70 degrees since….This week though, we are supposed to get very hot and humid, so I’m happy to know that the lotion will get me through it. Dr. Cartwright, once again, is our blessing!


  13. My experience using Dr. Cartwright’s Heat Intolerance Lotion: I am female, age 64.

    In a nut shell….this lotion is a win-win for those who have trouble with the heat like those of us with MS or for that matter anyone with heat intolerance. The lotion is not greasy & it is odorless.

    I live in a metropolitan desert town in Arizona where the weather is very hot and dry from March through September.
    I used the lotion on April 29, 30, May 1, 2, 3, May 26, 27, & 28, 2015. On all of these days, the temperature was at least 96 degrees. Some days I used the lotion and some days I did not use the lotion. I spread the lotion on the length of my neck … 3? in width.

    DAY 1….April 29, 2015….
    I did not apply the lotion on my neck. I walked 3/4 mile…without any shade. I was really hot, felt weak and sick to my stomach, and could not tolerate the heat. I sat in the shade for 1/2 hour inside an air conditioned building until I felt rested and cool enough to walk the 3/4 mile back home without any shade and I experienced the same feelings as before. The experience took me over a day to recuperate with most of the time sleeping.

    On the following day, I rested all day. But, on May 1st, I used an umbrella to walk the same distance without using the lotion. Essentially, I experience the same thing as before, although not as bad. So it was slightly better walking with an umbrella.

    On days 4 & 5….May 2 & 3, 2015, I put the lotion on my neck and again walked 3/4 mile … without any shade and rested for about an hour without any trouble. I was actually cool in the shade; and walked 3/4 mile back home…without any shade. I felt uncomfortable and warm but not unbearable.

    On day 6…May 26, 2015, I drove my car without the air conditioner on for 25 minutes without applying the lotion to my skin. As before, I got sick to my stomach from heat intolerance. I had low energy and was really hot. It took about an hour to feel better using my ice vest. This procedure was repeated the following day with the air conditioner on. Outcome was the same.

    DAY 8….May 28, 2015, I used the lotion, got in my car and drove for about 25 minutes with the air conditioner on. This time the journey was delightful. I had lots of energy and was not hot.

    Thank you, Dr. Cartwright, for allowing me the opportunity to try your Heat Intolerance Lotion. As you can see, your lotion really made a difference. I love it.

    As always, thanks a million Dr. C. for helping MSers,

    Take care,

  14. I have only used this lotion once, yesterday. I realized as soon as I put it on that it had a coolness about it. I wondered what was in it to feel this way. It almost felt tingly. I’m hoping I notice a difference. Thanks Dr. C!

  15. Dr. Cartwright,

    Thank you for allowing me to be in your voluntary group to try out the new heat cream. I was very skeptical, having extreme issues with the sun and heat. I don’t know any other way to explain other than my body would “shut down”. After applying it for several days, it does make a difference. I recently attended an outdoor graduation followed by a pool party. I was in the heat for hours and it sure made a big difference! I still don’t care to get hot or be in the sun for hours, but I think that has nothing to do with the MS. At least now I will have the option and be able to tolerate it. Thank you for another great product!……A dedicated Believer…..Cathy

  16. I just wanted to update you on how the Heat Intolerance Lotion is working for me.

    (it’s awesome!)

    Here in the panhandle of Florida, for the past two days, the temperature has been hovering at or around 98* in the mid-afternoon. This doesn’t take into account the humidity level, (which feels high), nor the heat index, which I know has got to be well over 100*

    Every day, my sister and I drive out to the barn to take care of our two horses. There’s a lot more work than most people realize in taking care of these large animals…….stalls and corrals have to be cleaned every day, which means a lot of shoveling and raking….. filling and then dumping the wheelbarrow at least twice.

    The big water buckets have to be cleaned and scrubbed out on a regular basis to keep bacteria from forming, then refilled with cool, fresh clean water every day. And then there’s the hay room, where I pull down a 40 lb. bale of hay, cut it open, tear off ‘flakes’ of hay to fill up the horses mangers.

    Since I’ve been using the Heat Intolerance Lotion, I’m able to breeze through my chores at the barn with more energy and without the heat ‘dragging me down’ to where I’m totally spent by the time I’m through.

    Well…..this morning turned out to be the biggest test of all for me and the Lotion. I’d ordered a load of hay to be delivered to the barn and we had to be out there by 8:00am. The thermometer on the side of the barn read a whopping 96* already… the SHADE…..and that was at 8:00 in the morning.

    My friend Joe who was bringing the hay already told me they were one man short, which meant only one thing….I was going to have to help unload the hay off the long flatbed trailer, while Charlie stacked the bales inside the barn.

    This isn’t the first time this has happened. Last summer I’d unloaded hay like this, but wound up suffering a lot from the heat which made me feel very weak and sick. But this time would be a whole lot different.

    I’d applied the Heat Intolerance Lotion when I got up at 5:30 this morning. I knew I was going to need it, and sure enough I was right.

    By the time we finished unloading the hay, I realized that although I was perspiring a lot (as usual in those temperatures), I wasn’t “feeling” the effects of the heat. Even though the air temperature and humidity level around me remained unchanged, something else HAD changed, and that was my body’s ability to deal with and tolerate the heat.

    In fact, my overall energy level remained high, even after all that physical activity. I felt alert and did not experience or suffer through any of the heat related symptoms we associate with living in Florida 🙂

    Dr. Cartwright, I can’t thank you enough for this Heat Intolerance Lotion. This formula is absolutely wonderful, it has already helped both my sister and me, and I know it will help many others as well……

  17. My name is Patty and I’m 67 years old, and very healthy. I have been using the lotion since May.

    It has enabled me to be outside in the heat and actually feel good while taking care of our horses.

    My body seems to acclimate to the heat when I use the lotion, and now I can comfortably withstand being outside for more than an hour with temperatures reaching into the upper 90’s and even into the 100’s, with the heat index being even higher than that.

    I can do more work and stay outside longer than ever before in this intense heat and still feel energized since I’ve been using Dr. Cartwright’s lotion.

  18. I am interested in trying this lotion, would love to know more about it. Heat is a big problem for me.

  19. Hi everyone, I want to tell you how Dr. Cartwright’s cream heat n sync has changed my life. Several months ago my family doctor, because I was extremely dizzy, decided to take me off my high blood pressure pills to help my dizziness. It didn’t work so he put me back on them and said that wasn’t the cause of my dizziness. Then he wanted me to wear a heart monitor for two days and nights and it didn’t work either. I went to see my MS doctor and she decided that I had postural hypotension. It’s a condition that whenever I looked up, down or sideways it made me dizzy. To cope with it she told me that whenever I changed position with my head that I was moving too quickly and this made me dizzy. I then had to time my movements 2 minutes and then walk. It was very annoying to say the least. After some time, I wrote to Dr. Cartwright and told him my problem and he said that it could be due to my heat intolerance. I tried the cream, heat n sync, to see if it would help the dizziness and it did. It has changed my life. I wasn’t able to drive because of being dizzy, but with my heat n sync cream I can now do it and I’m do longer house bound. I want to thank Dr. Cartwright for helping me with my problem.

    Gratefully yours as always,

    Mary Kelly


    The wind howled through the shutters as they banged against each other. We could only hear the beating of our hearts loud in our ears. My brother and I squeezed past the “No Trespassing Sign” and climbed the stairs to the second floor. We opened the door and made our way towards a closet. Once inside our faces went cold as they brushed against the garments once worn by the family who used to live there long ago.

    We had only wanted to see inside. It was our first adventure since the house had been condemned and we went forward very cautiously. Suddenly , we heard a clock chime, we jumped. It was 7:00 p.m. we better not be long. Jake & I went inside the closet. The hair on our necks began to stiffen as our noses smelt the errie smell that was seeping its way inside the closet.

    Our eyes strained as we sought to peek through a small hole in the doorknob. We took a turn looking. We saw a figure of a small girl moving slowly about the room. She seemed very sad as we caught her reflection in the mirror opposite the closet. I whispered to Jake, “doesn’t she know that everyone who has ever lived in this house had died many years ago”?

    There was a small wooden crib on the floor at her feet. She bent down to pick up a small doll and cradled it like a baby holding it close to her body. A soft humming noise came from her as she began to twirl with the baby in her arms.

    Suddenly the mood in the room began to change. The lights dimmed softly reflecting shadows of small stuffed animals that sat on a shelf along the wall. They were rocking sideways to the humming as each one came alive. The little girl’s face softened as she watched their silhouettes move slowly to the rhythm of the song she was humming.

    Jake & I watched the touching scene but realized we had intruded. In an attempt to escape quietly, we carefully turned the door knob. It hit the floor with a loud crash outside the closet door. Our eyes pressed against the hole in the door looking at the scene a little bit longer. To our dismay, we watched in disbelief as the images one by one began to slowly disappear in the crevices of the walls that had held this secret for many years.

    written by Mary Kelly

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