MS MARATHON: The Effects of Aging

Aging – the process of growing older – plays a big role in the downward spiral associated with MS.  Aging quickens the pace.  However, you can slow the role that aging plays simply by reducing your caloric intake every three days.  The process is indicated in the following scientific publications:

1. Aging Dis. 2011 December; 2(6): 4444-448
Is Immune Aging a Cause of Disease among the Elderly, or is it a Passive Indicator of General Decline of Physiologic Function?
Abbe N. Vallejo

2. Cell Cycle. Dec 15, 2013; 12(24): 3736–3742.
Aging is not programmed
Genetic pseudo-program is a shadow of developmental growth
Mikhail V. Blagosklonny

3. BMC Med. 2011; 9:98
Epigenetic regulation of caloric restriction in aging
Yuanyuan Li

I suggest that you start counting your caloric intake; then, reduce the caloric intake by 500 calories every third day.

Continue your marathon,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

20 thoughts on “MS MARATHON: The Effects of Aging

  1. thank you so much for your suggestions. I really have tried so much over the years, its hard to know where to turn. again thanks a bunch. sincerely Belinda

  2. I seem to be coming along OK. Except my balance is still out or control. I fell last night but luckily no harm was done. When I loose a lot of sleep is when it’s worse.
    I’m only 5’6″ tall so I don’t have far to go. Still hurts sometimes. I do a lot better when I get 10 hrs of sleep. I have a part time job working at home and for some reason I could not sleep but I still had to get up and go. You know how that is.
    Anyway thanks so very much for what you are doing.

    Robert Nelson

    • Robert,

      Part and parcel of MS is a disorder of the metabolism. The purpose of the alternating caloric intake is to help the body right its metabolism. It takes time. You’ll know that you’re on the correct track when you start to feel better. Keep us posted.

      Dr. Cartwright
      MS Health Coach

  3. I don’t know what you mean by website. I am pretty much computer illiterate and I don’t understand all of the things they ask me to do. Please help me.

  4. Thank you for your advise. They are so welcome. My bladder problem and constipation a are troubling me the most persistent. Balance, poor sensation in hands and feet and poor sleep at night are secondary.. What to do? Really troubled.

    • I sympathise with you; bladder and constipation have been my worst problems. The worst thing to do about it – the WORST thing – is to worry about it!!!

      I know, easy to say. When you’re all bunged-up you turn into a different person and nobody understands what that’s like unless they too suffer. But ‘not worrying’ is part of dealing with it. Don’t force it, just allow your body to go at its own pace. And drink loads of water anf flax seed oil – and alcohol. Oops! 🙂

    • 1- try to move or walk the suitable way you can, any consistent movements is ok.
      2- eat more lettuce.
      3- messaging the gastric area (ask doctor before)

  5. This reduced calorie thing may seem implausible; however, like everything DR. Cartwright researches, we will find out it works! So, we have everything to gain just by trying it. I am certainly going to try it and keep you informed. Thanks, Dr. Cartwright , for coming through again for MS patients everywhere! You’re the “berries!”

  6. Amendment: After the semi-colon, spell check and I both missed DR., should be Dr. and ‘we will find out” for we well find out. Oh well, even spell-check makes mistakes, it’s OK!

  7. Question: What is the result if we reduce our caloric intake by fasting the third Day? We could do a water fast, juice fast or blender veggie fast, would that work just as well?.

    • Ms. Norris,
      Fasting is caloric reduction. To get an additional benefit, meditate along with the fasting. Above all, be patient; after a period of time, you’ll note a huge benefit.

      Dr. Cartwright
      MS Health Coach

      • Dr. Cartwright,

        Patience is my middle name. I have had much practice with students over the years. Also, fifty-five years of my ” friend MS” teaches patience. Thanks for responding.

        Blessings, Gail

  8. i have started taking Cod Liver Oil recently. I am beginning to see the benefits.
    The pins and needles in my abdomen are not as bad as usual. Thank you so much for your ongoing advice.

  9. Hello and good morning,
    everything is fine. I took the Essentials but I want more and hope you have send it.
    It allways takes more time untii it arrives in Venezuela.
    Something else and an question. You know about the alpha folid acid ? I think it could be important for MS people.
    Many greetings and kind regards
    Manfred Walter Frischeisen

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