Multiple Sclerosis Success Stories

Sometimes you just have to stop and celebrate your SUCCESSES… No matter how big or how small!
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Please share your success story below.

Your story gives hope to other MS recoverers who may need a bit of encouragement to “keep going.”

To Your Better Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright
Scott Cartwright

36 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis Success Stories

  1. I was diagnosed in 2001 with very advanced secondary progressive. At that time, I was vice president of finance and treasury of a large non-profit organiza- tion. I thought I was just having back pain from a car accident years before and stress from the huge demands of my job and my family.
    My neurologist just smiles and says you just never know about this ms, sometimes people just improve. At my family reunion this year, I was using a walker-NOT A WHEELCHAIR-for the first time in years. EVERYONE was so excited at how much better I looked, sounded, and moved. I did not drive for three years, I now drive. I am now doing my own laundry after my husband doing it for me for about three years.
    I still think of myself as that invincible executive and am I disappointed that I’m not there, Y E T. The first thing Dr. Cartwright addressed was my hope, and I needed that!
    Thank you Dr. Cartwright. I was one of your first 10 students and I am so very excited you are doing another class. Blessings and thanks, from me, my family and friends, Debbie Allen

  2. Dr. Cartwright;
    When I first started you MS coaching class back in 2009, I was having a great deal of fatigue, pain, my balance was awful and I could not walk without a cane. I still walk with the cane for now, however, I go for short walks even with the cane. My balance has improved very slightly and my fatigue has also improved. I was having a great of pain and during the webiners I could hardly sit for any length of time. Now I can sit for a while without too much pain. I am looking forward to even greater improvements. Thank you, Scott and sue Ellen for your dedication to all of us. Rhenia Carter

  3. Hello Debbie, wonderful news that you have improved so much. Did u have the CCSVI treatment done as well? There is so much to take in with this MS, so many “should we or shouldn’t we” things to do, its really hard for one to decide on some of the more drastic measures when there is so much uncertainty.

    Take Care

  4. I was diagnosed in December 2008 with Remitting Relapsing MS. Basically my right arm, hand and leg were numb. I am right handed and could not write or eat with this hand, and dragged my right leg. A few times I had to break down and use a cane. I was fatigued, had stiffness in my neck and shoulders, not sleeping well at all. I just felt tired all the time, and could not get enough sleep. I missed quite a few days from work, but I refused to quit my job. My husband was very worried and its a good thing we work together as he had to drive to and from work. I’m a Project Administrator and my husband is a Systems Administrator; we work in Information Technology (3 cubes away to be exact). We also had to get maids to clean the house, at least I could still do the laundry. But that would even leave me exhausted.

    After I took your MS Health Course, I went and bought the supplements and food you suggested as well as performed a detox and cleansing. I noticed I was getting a little better, and over time, I felt a lot better. I can’t believe the difference in how I feel.

    Now, I’m able to drive home from work (my husband is a morning person, so he naps on the way home). I’m cleaning my own house, no more maids! I no longer feel exhausted, fatigued or even drag my right leg. I even sleep deeply at night. I’m no longer getting up during the night due to pain or constantly having to relieve myself.

    I have a lot more energy and sometimes I go grocery shopping by myself. I could not even go grocery shopping before, my husband had to do it. I practically felt useless during this time, and now I feel I’m contributing and really feel good about myself.

    Your course and webinars has helped me a GREAT deal and I continue to see even more slight improvements. I’m hoping soon, that I will be able to go on long walks, go hiking and biking! I still get a little stiff when I overdo, but I rest for a little while and I’m good to go again! I LOVE this feeling and can’t wait until all the numbness, tingling in my fingers and weakness in my right leg disappear!

    Dr. Cartwright and Scott; I can’t thank you enough!! You changed my life!!!

  5. Care home attends to its residents
    I’ve got a nasty case of MS which has taken away quite a few physical aspects. It left me, at 40, unable to live with my children, and even though I would rather be with my kids, I’m now living in a wonderful special care home.
    This home has workers 24 hours a day. They cook our meals, make sure our rooms are well kept and our laundry attended to.
    They take us to doctors’ appointments, manage our medications and try their best to fill our day with good times and good company. They also help with our daily bathing.
    My family has been invited on a regular basis to Christmas parties, cruises down the Saint John River and even a variety show.
    I know that going into a nursing home is sometimes a necessity, but this Special Care Home has given me and others all the care we need.
    I receive long-term disability, and that all goes directly to the cost of my care, but each month I get a small amount that I use to buy those sorts of things I personally need, such as birthday cards or small gifts.
    I am grateful our province has special care homes. I am happy living in this home. It makes me feel safe and well cared for. I hope our province finds the money to make sure the staff receive the pay they deserve and the home is financially OK to be here for years to come.
    Grand Bay-Westfield

  6. Hi Jill,
    Although I list these improvements, I still have a long way to go. Right now, I am following our wonderful Dr. Cartwright’s suggestions while I am doing some mild oral chelation. I am spending a lot of time trying to figure out where I would have the CCSVI done. Although my son is 31, his father just died suddenly a couple months ago. I have to be very careful not to cause him to worry about me now as he is still grieving some. It’s just making me be a little more careful, although my son is doing fine-just adjusting a bit.
    Here in Michigan, we seem to be a bit behind in the CCSVI world. Every time I think I know which vascular doctor I want to work with, all of a sudden you have to be in a study. I don’t want to be in a study. I want the most successful doctor that does Dr. Zamboni’s protocol at one of our top hospitals. In other states, you can just call and make an appointment and be treated royally!
    I have asked Dr. Cartwright to cover chelation in his class. I get lots of solicitation for oral and creme chelators. It has been just since the CCSVI “explosion”. They make it sound like a panacea!
    I won’t miss an opportunity to learn from Dr. Cartwright. No doubt he will go down in history not forgotten! Don’t forget to do your eye exercises, even Dr. Cartwright does them. I look forward, Jill, to “Seeing you in class!” Thanks for the response.
    Blessings to everyone, Debbie Allen
    p.s. I think I made some spelling errors, sorry!

  7. Since taking DR. Cartwright’s webinarI felt stronger and well informed, I have had surgery on my neck. ( I have srained my ankle worse, surgery was a delight.) going to PT.getting better every for about 2 mo., then my Nuerologist wanted me to try some muscle relaxer. I tried for about 2 wks,felt worse, Neuro. suggested a different med., din’t work, tried a different med and every time I seemed to get worse and never rebound to where I was 6-mo. ago. 3 mo. ago I was tested positive for Lyme Disease. I have been on treatment fo 2-mo., so far I feel bad. tight, weak and sore, arms and hands the worse. Tony

  8. By eating your supplements I’m walking better but need to wait to improve numbness, bowel, tingling to get better.

    Dr.Cartwright and Scott thank you.

  9. I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2003. Had my share of up’s, downs and scarey times when I have woken up, after a sound night’s sleep, only to find my legs could not move. But I didn’t panic. I retained my peace. I have learned that panic, worry, anxiety etc are emotions that carry energy that can lead us ever deeper into a world-spin. Taking one ever deeper into the abist of emotional chaeos.
    Immediately that the situation rears its ugly head, ‘call upon your ‘peace’ Peace is who you are but we have been taught to react to our emotions. – That is what is responsible for many of our failures in life. We all have our different challenges. MS is a BIG challenge for many of us, but does worry make it better? Does anger make it better? I put it to you that none of the common emotions make any of our problems go away.
    Instead, practice ignoring the thoughts that call up those emotions. Put Peace and Joy in it’s place. ‘Peace heals’ In your meditations, visualize yourself been successful in your goals. Ask for others what you would ask for yourself. Even in your situation, help others, in what ever way you can, ‘seeking nothing in return’. See yourself being well over and over again.
    Move from in front of the TV and read a good book instead or listen to the type of music you like, but above all keep telling yourself that ‘You are at peace in the midst of your greatest challenge and nothing can be against you.
    You know that this is true because why? Because you have ‘free will’. The (nothing can be against you because you ARE that Peace itself). You have the freedom to say yes or no, I want or I don’t want, I will or will not. You have the freedom to do all of the above and more. That freedom is given to us from before we came into this world. Now that we are here, know that there are going to be challenges and set-backs. But how will you deal with these challenges?
    ‘Try exercising the peace that you really are! Nothing lasts for ever on this earth.
    Thank you Dr. Cartwright for stretching out to help others. I prey that my words would have touched even one reader. Peace and Joy fellow MS recovers!

  10. The Essentials are essential 🙂 This system took me from a slow downhill slide that I was fighting all the way. Then one day while investigating MS info on line a friend (Sue Ellen Dickenson ‘no more MS’) told me of Dr. Cartwright. I then became one of the first to try what Dr. Cartwright’s advice on what we (MSers) should do to improve our health, multiple symptom management, science on why the body does what it does (priceless to understand my body), why nutrition and excercise is so important. So, all in all I have gone from a slow downhill demise to a person who has taken the steps Dr.Cartwright created through experience and with his advice I am now almost symptom free. It took/takes time yet is well worth it.

  11. what do the essentials do to improve m s systems i take fish oil and ginkgo biloba so would it be too much to take the essentials as well thanks for your wonderful advise and help

    patricia mccarthy

  12. Hi there Scott & Dr.Cartwright,

    I have recently learned about you through Sue Ellen Dickenson… I was diagnosed with ms in 1985, approx. 21/2 yrs after my daughter was born. I have been fighting this alone from the beginning.I have kept my body drug free for the most part. I can count the # of times I’ve taken prednisone ( I had ms in my teen years I am sure!)on my both hands…My family Doctor worked with me to take 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide!years ago… I wish I had known you existed years ago! I’ve had to be my own scientist…
    I enjoy so much reading about the successes of others and want to thank you both for all you do for everyone with MS.I had CCSVI done in April this year having some minor improvements… THe neurologist is not too definite, but thinks I had entered Secondary progressive stage… but I am getting stronger & able to move better. I didn’t think you get better with secondary progressive. God is good and i plan on going all the way! I have cut sugar totally out of my diet… eat very little meat and make sure to eat veg’s & high quality protein. I have found cleansing & probiotics to be important for the colon… Anyways,thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge with the ms community helping us to get better.It’s so nice to know I am no longer fighting this “my way” alone!!! Thank you both Truly, Brenda

  13. i am 62 years old. i have had ms sence 2004 . am i have been off my medication because i could not afford it. i have been taken the reliv products for over 6 months now. they have everything in them that the doctor has told us to take. sure i have my up’s and down. but sence i am not taken my medication i feel i am doing good. i wented to thankyou. for all of your help. for i could not have make it this far without you.for ms is nothing to deal with. plus i am being able to work from home on my computer. for i have a website that i would like to share with the people that have ms. please go to my facebook profile page and check it out. once again thankyou.

  14. I love getting your e mail and information i take fish oil and ginkgo biloba and I am on avonex injection once a week is there anything else I could take to improve my m s the foggy brain and double vision is the worst with me

    thanks for all you help

    Patricia McCarthy

  15. Thank You for the webinars. I don’t eat a lot meat now but more vegetables and fruits. I was diagnosed on 1997.

    Ka Yan Ho

  16. hi! dr.Rudy many peaple are so ancious and ready for that your CCSVI procedure but they need more detail about it i mean i suggest that you tell us address of the person or hospital where somebody will contact.Again pls i want know if it’s only in US that traetment is taking place.thanx alot

  17. I was formally diagnosed with MS 3 months ago although I had a massive demyelinating episode 4 years ago form which I made an almost full recovery. I realised that my new symptoms suggested a definite diagnosis of MS even before I was admotted to hospital for tests and treatment. It was very fortunate for me that I stumbled across Sue Ellen’s site which refered me to Dr Cartwright, the day after my discharge from hospital. I bought the ESSENTIALS and cut out all the dairy products and where possible gluten products from my diet and started taking supplements also as recommended by Dr C. Now I just have to work on doing more excersise! I feel safe and more confident than I would have felt if I did not join the classes and find encouragement in seeing the comments of others, Dr C’s research findings and of course the improvement in my energy levels. I look forward to the rest of my journey with MS which of course is unavoidable but does not look so bleak after all. Thank again Dr Cartwright for making yourself available. You are a blessing

  18. Is there a web-site which lists and describes things for MS sufferers to and avoid, including excercises, foods and supplements? Also, can bladder ‘issues’ be handled?

    I find aquafitness classes beneficial but have not seen them mentioned in the context of MS.

  19. Hi Dr. Cartwright,Iwas diagnosrd with RRMS about 18 years ago.Iwas wondering what wonderful things did you tell all of these people to do that helped them all so much.
    I would love to know what to do,
    Sherry Lepp

  20. Hello Everybody
    I have MS for a long time. I had already taken Avonex, Rebif, Copaxone nothing stops the Monster. I would like to know if somebody had a homeopathic treatment. I have now, tell you later what the result is, but without faith nothing helps. I spent one year in Brasil, Abadiania, John of God (google). It is a wonderful place. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER NEGATIVE, ONLY POSITIVE!! Everything depends on you, Lord helps us. Nothing happens by chance, everything for reason so my message as well. It is a philosophical issue but medicines do not help properly. Dianetic.., Ive read about, sounds good, but have no idea if it works. Please share the experience if someone did.
    God bless each of us.

  21. My MS story has been told and retold so many times, I finally wrote it down and now devote 2 wesites to it.

    Exclusively about MS, its effect on my life and how I have managed to overcome the devastation it can cause.

    This website has some additional ebooks besides my MS experience ones.
    I have been charging, but decided to cancel the charge. They are now FREE!

    Dr. Cartwright has helped me very much through his online course, MS201:The Fundamentals, the dietary changes I have made and the supplements he recommended plus THE Fundamentals. Thank you, Dr. Cartwright!

  22. I would like to thank Tinneke yr for sharing your story. I am also in
    my 40’s and have young children but am fortunate enough to not have such server MS at this stage. Your strenght and positivity are inspirational.

  23. I too took the MS Health Coaching Home Study Course in 2009 and have taken the recommended supplements, other than the MS essentials, since participating in that course. I am basically wheel chair bound at this point in my life but am very interested in the CCSVI procedure and am starting to take the MS essentials again to prepare for this procedure. Again, I am hoping to participate in the MS health coaching home study course being released on Friday as I continue to revisit the MS Health Coaching Home Study Course from 2009. I can’t express my heart felt thanks enough for Dr. Cartwright, et al., for all the help and support offered.

  24. Hi Dr. Cartwright,
    I was diagnosed with MS in July of 2009. My neurologist recently sent me to a rheumatologist saying that he didn’t think it was MS. He thought it was a combination of Fybromyalgia and “hardening of the arteries of the brain”. Of course the rheumatologist said he was too quick to take away the MS diagnosis. He did not find the cause of the sclerosis in my brain – 3 large lesions. I do have fibromyalgia, lupus and antiphosphlipid (clotting disorder – I am on cumadin). I also have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression, anxiety, adhd, and osteoarthritis. I would like to know 2 things.
    1. Do you think you can help me, I have been on a roller coaster for almost 3 years and I really need to get off!
    2. I am the keeper of the Courtright Family History, I have traced the family back to 1550. Do you know if you have any connection with Bastiensen Von Kortryk who arrived in ‘New Netherland’ in 1663? If you do have any family history info I would like to link you into the family ‘book’. 🙂

  25. Hello,
    I wrote on here once but it seem to have gone.
    I am in England and have ms and am very interested what you do, and was wondering how I go about getting some help, maybe this is the wrong way to go about it, but if anyone has any information i would be very grateful.

  26. My name is Sherry and I was diagnosed with MS in 2010. I am suffering from hearing loss(for now). I am on Rebif for 10 mths now and it really helped the dizziness go away. I am walking so much better but am struggling to jog. I find that when my husband and I go walking that I cant walk long with out having to use the bathroom. Sometimes wetting myself. Do you know what might help my hearing and health in general. I feel better each week now but wonder how far this will go?

  27. hi guys

    Hang in there my husband have MS, i whish i could give 50% of my strenght
    to him, we are living in SA and now the heat is starting and he suffers
    from the heat, he also suffers from his bowl and bladder.

    i feel so mutch for all the people with MS, but your guys al so great and
    admire you for sharing all your suffering with us, whish we all could get

    Keep well and i pray for eatch one of you.

    Letitia Odendal
    South Africa

  28. Hi my name is Jennifer but everyone has been calling me Jenni. I was named after my grandmother Jenni so its so appropriate for me to have. Anyways i was so happy to hear someone mention ( LDN – LOW DOSE NALTREXONE) CAUSE i actually take 4.5mg of it every nite now. Unbelievable medicine. It really does work. My sister-in-law found it and takes it for her fibromyalgia. It really does help. Hopfully will finish up the trial so i can get it in M.A I can only get in N.Y it stinks but i can get it fedexed overnite so its ok. Try it.

  29. Dr Rudi & Scott. Thanks to you I’m STILL FEELING WONDERFUL by using your information for the last 9 months and WITHOUT TAKING ANY MODIFYING MEDICATION. I can walk again, drive my car, do my own shopping, laugh again and for the first time in my life do exercizes by walking 30min per day on my treadmill. It is my wish that more people will use the information provided by you, especially our neurologists.

    Estelle Schlebusch
    South Africa

  30. Doesn’t seem to be a video on this page, just lots of comments which are good but I would like to see the video if that’s possible.
    Thank from Janie.

  31. I enjoyed the 16 week coaching classes very much. Unfortunately when it came to purchasing the Essentials the process of actually buying was a nightmare each time. That aside, I received the much spoken about supplements and hoped they would become the magik pills to wellness. Not so for me. My body reacted badly. Something made me very sick but this has been my story for most of my life. I am a very prone to allergy/intolerant person. The finest help I ever received was from a clinical kinesiologist. He identified many intolerances and it helped me personally. I realise there is no ‘one size fits all’. Each of us is very different. I got rid of most of my horrific symptoms using Jon Baron’s Base Line products. Drinking green juice daily. Eating tons of leafy greens. Colourful berries for breakfast. NO red meat and I am now a fish eating vegan. I take a 5000mcg Methylcobaline (B12) each day. After years of incapacity (2001) I can now walk up and downstairs, take my dogs to the river and enjoy a happy social life. HOWEVER … I still suffer bladder intolerance which I hate beyond all hates and for no apparent reason, if I turn too quickly I fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes.


  33. I am sure you must be becoming fatigued at hearing this but THANK YOU for giving me the the hope and the advice I so desperately needed!!! I have only been taking Essentials for about 2 months; but at least I know NOTHING will change overnightBut I will not give up!
    I promise. I promise, me!!!

  34. I have PMS and am finding a significant improvement after hyperbaric oxygen treatment especially in relation to some bladder problems which disappeared after one session.

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