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I felt compelled to post this subject because i want every MS recoverer to think in terms of a “system approach” to MS that’s unique and not just one thing when it comes to getting your life back.  The road to recovery requires a combination of The Essentials, diet, other dietary supplements, medications if tolerated, exercise, relaxation techniques, encouragement, knowledge, and understanding.  An illustration of what the “system approach” can do is shown in the following excerpts from an email that one of my students sent to me on February 19, 2009 which I’ve been given permission to share with you.

Dear Dr. Cartwright,


In only a little over six months!

My MS Neurologist said, 


     I am NOT on any Disease Modifying Drugs. I stopped in June of 2009.  It made me violently sick for four years.   I had chills and fevers constantly.  I had the worst flu-like systoms.  So, I quit.  I just couldn’t take it any more.   I am only taking your Essentials and other nutrients and vitamins you suggested would be good to take as well as changing my diet per your wonderful coaching.

Your classes are great.

     I can’t thank you enough for helping me. The proof is speaking for itself, take a look. You told me, it was possible to turn my life around and get better and I can actually see it happening.

     You told me I should easily be able to turn my health completely around and be able to see results in seven years…..but wait…it’s only been six months.

     I saw my MS Neurologist Wednesday, 17 February 2011. I see him every six months and the last time I saw him was August of 2010. He was astounded, as was I.   As he started running hands-on tests, he kept saying, I think you are improving. As he ran more and more hands-on test and finally finished, he said, “I have to correct my statement, YOU HAVE IMPROVED IMMENSELY.”

     My neurologist said, “This is amazing.” “Look at my findings, printed here on the computer six months ago and now look at today’s results.” He said, “I have to remove this from the computer because you have no problem with quite a few key areas anymore.”

 My Background

     Let me give you a little background about myself. I was working in a really stressful job, for the Federal Government, when I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis 6 years ago. I was put on permanent disability within 28 days of applying; this was over the Christmas holiday which included mailing time both ways. 

     As near as I can recall, I started having MS symptoms, loss of sight and loss of use of the legs since I was 15. I would only loose the sight and use of my legs for a few hours every time I went snow skiing. I was told it was snow blindness and altitude sickness.

     Fourteen years ago, March 1997, I lost the sight in my left eye. As treatment, I was given high doses of a steroid, 1,000 mg a day, intravenously for three days. I was weaned off via pills over the next two weeks. After a month, my sight returned.

      After being diagnosed in February or March of 2005 I was put on medication.   But my health did not improve until I started listening to Dr. Cartwright, following his coaching, changing my diet to GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, AND MSG FREE, as well as taking his ESSENTIALS, nutrients, and vitamins he coached me to take.

     You told me, Dr. Cartwright, that “I neither can change the past as to the toxic air I was breathing nor what I ate but I can change my future.

     Thanks to your help,


Thank you a million times over.

God Bless,

My point is this.  Think “system” and not just one thing.  The results here were quicker than I expected.  But everybody is different.  That’s the jelly of it.

To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

PS: Let your voice be heard.  Post your comment below.

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  1. I have stuck to the Best Bet Diet religiouly, using a body detoxification every 6 months or so in addition to my dietary regime, have been taking the recommended supplements and have had the CCSVI Procedure here in the UK.
    I am slowly improving and getting my life back through Diet, Supplements and exercise.
    Give me seven years and I’ll be running marathons, but for now, I’m just overjoyed to be able to walk with confidence!!
    It is never just one thing, it is finding and then putting the right puzzle pieces together in the right way.
    It is do-able!! 🙂

  2. Love the blog, Dr. Cartwright. One thing that stood out to me was your point that it requires a menu of items and approaches to support recovery ~ essentially a well balanced mind/body healing tract. Also, the comment by your client on your wisdom that while you cannot alter the past, you can transform the future by making conscious choices today that support health and well being.

    It was an honor being a guest expert for your teleclass. Great work you are doing…and applicable to so many, even those without MS ~ to integrate wellness and prevention into life today.

  3. Well done to the writer for practicing what is favourable advise.
    I am in a similar situation presently. Nothing the doctors gave me has worked, so now they offer me TYSABRI.
    After reading and researching, I decided no. Let me try hard with Dr. Cartwright’s suggestions. I’ve only started one month ago, and have not got the ‘Essentials’ yet, but slowly, and surely, I will purchase all the supplements and know that like you, I also will turn this ship around.
    Looking forward to sharing my success with you soon. In the meantime, keep going everyone, exercise patience and believe in God and yourself.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Thank YOU Dr. Cartwright.

    Marcia King.

  4. Dr. Cartwright;
    All your recommendations make good sense to me. Detoxing, proper diet, exercise, positive attitude and the right nutritional supplements are good for everyones overall good health, especially people with diseases like MS.
    Thank you so much for reaching out to help people with this terrible affliction.
    Doug & Bobbie

  5. Very True 😉 Tried this with my own research and improved dramatically yes you will notice the improvement in 6 months and then every passing day you will be much better than millions of people…Try, it will cost less than your medis and other therapies 😉

    Use your own wisdom to heal your body!!

    Best of health to everyone <3

  6. Your MS world sounds almost identical to mine! I was a 13 year old ballerina & competitive swimmer with bad knees. At 22 I was a skier and mountain biker in Colorado-still with the bad knees and balance problems. At 39 years old I was diagnosed with RR MS. Today at 44, Im working towards gluten/dairy free and Im about to order Essentials. With eliminating glutens & dairy and taking at least 6000mg of D3 a day I already feel better. Cant wait to see difference with Essentials.

  7. I absolutely agree that so call dmd`s are a total waste of time with such a poor sucess rate not to mention the ridiculous expense.
    My husband was diagnosed with RR MS nearly 7 years ago. Straight away his neuro wanted him to go on Avonex. We took away the info and then I hit the computer. The cost of the drug, the ineffectivness of the drug, and the side effects of the drug made it an easy decision to say, no thanks. BUT, I found a drug called LDN – low dose NALTREXONE that was being used by thousands of people all over the world. It`s used in a low dose “off label” as many drugs are now and as the patent has expired, there is no money to be made for big pharma.
    We persuaded our neuro to allow a six month trial of LDN and he grudgingly wrote out a script and we got it compounded at a great pharmacy in Florida, by a doctor who is an LDN advocate. 6 years later my husband is still on nothing but LDN. He has an annual MRI which shows no new lesions, many have gone and the remaining once don`t enhance. He has not had one exacerbation, not one new symptom and continues to work every day. His MS is not cured, he still has periodic fatigue and his balance is not good, but the progression appears to have stopped. We pay under $70 for a three month supply and it`s one pill at bedtime with NO side effects. He has an annual full blood panel and everything is good. His immune system is in great condition and he rarely even gets a cold.
    However, finding an LDN friendly doctor is a nightmare with very few willing to prescribe off label. Luckily for us, our neuro (an MS specialist) at a well known hospital in California, has an open mind and see that my husband is thriving. Does this mean he offers LDN to his other patients? NO! UNless the specifically ask for it and how can they do that if it`s an “underground” thing.
    It`s about time proper clinical trials were done on LDN so the whole worldwide MS community can start taking this amazing little drug. The few very short trials has shown great results. One using LDN for Fibromyalgia at Stanford and one at UCSF (our hospital) using it for MS. Neither of the trials were long enough or well funded. If theres no money to be made then why should big pharma be interested? Theres no money to be made in getting people well, only keeping them sick.
    When you tell people about LDN they presume it`s snake oil or youre trying to make yourself some money – people have so much faith in their doctors that they cant imagine anything that could and would be kept hidden!
    LDN together with good diet, exercise and stress reduction is the way forward until a real cure is found.

  8. I too have improved immensely. I could hardly walk 2 years ago and now I go to the gym 6 days a week and do Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Body Pump and other Aerobic and Weight Training classes! I was originally told when I was dx’d in 2004 that I could not exercise because it wouldn’t do a thing to help and that I should quit work and get a nanny for my kids…I wish I knew where that doctor was now because I have a lot to tell him and show him too! Diet and supplements are the key along with exercise. I also use Essential, Oils which I believe have healed my nerves. We CAN recover and Dr. Cartwright needs to be on TV!

  9. well i was dignosed in 2003 with RRMS i am currently going through a HUGE relapse i lost control of everythiing! i had to relern how to do everything i mean everything.It has been a year now and i still have trouble walking, talking, fatigue, and motor skills. I read everything i can on MS. yet everyone wants you yo buy there product, so forgive me if i seem a little P.Oed but you just read your letter and saw nothign but blah blah this is what was said 100x over on other web sites pls stop with this stuff REAL people with MS im sure of tired like i am of the run around!! we want REAL ANSWERS!!

    GOD bless!!
    Ray H Garcia

  10. i am a believer in what you and sue are selling i intend on getting on either the booko dr cartwrights program as soon as i get paid i have been diagnosed with ppms struck down in prime of life was 45 when was dia now 47 i dont give up i am not lazy but there is alot of things i struggle to do but show must go on sadly my niece has rrms and spiritualy worse than i am but physically if i got around as good as her i would return to my job of many yrs but one thing i have in common with man whos story was printed i was a postal clerk and cared to much worked nights and weekends many years up to 70 hrs some weeks was given overtime when no one else was cause i worked hard i wonder if that could have been onset but just the same beating it is my personal goal i wouldnt wish being as crippled as i on my worst enemy

  11. I was diagnosed with MS in 1995 & gradually my symptoms worsened & then remained reasonably stable. I have a permanent gammy left leg & my memory, bladder & bowels are affected. I was also daignosed with many food intolerances about 4 years ago & have tremendous trouble trying to eliminate them from my diet. I am sure I would ve far better if I could, but am lacking in self-control which doesn’t help at all. I desperately need to find a way to help & cure myself

  12. That is a remarkable story, I know everyone with MS is effected differently, in my case I have had M since l979- I ‘ve been in a wheelchair for about 15 years. What vitamins do you recomend & what are in the essentials? Also, what can you eat if you are on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet?
    It almost sounds too good to be true. I’d like to learn more about it.

  13. Thank you so much for sending me this information. I appreciate it very much. I have some good news though. I do not have MS. What I do get are some of the symptoms of the disease whenever I drink some diet soda by mistake. I cannot have aspartame. That stuff mimics the disease and that was causing all my problems. As long as I stay away from aspartame, I’m fine. I wish I could get through to the Food and Drug Administration and let them know what they are doing to the people but I know they won’t listen to me. I did a lot of research on MS and aspartame. What a horror. I’m sure there are a lot of people going through what I went through for 2 years and don’t know that it’s caused by something that is added to food and drinks. Its also in cold medicines. Thanks for hearing me out and thanks for being concerned about me. I’m fine now thanks to a lot of research and a lot of detoxifying. Judy Floyd

  14. I have MS for 11 years now and have paralysed toes and have difficulty in walkin.
    I have taking the Essentials for 3 months when I had a heart attack and was asked by the hospital to stop taking them as they could interfere with the heart medication I am taking.I would like to assk what can I do to ensure that I can maintain by wellbeing and can one recover from paralysis?
    Thanking you for your assistance.

  15. I have MS forr 11 years now which has caused paralysis of the toes and difficulty with walking on my left leg. I have been taking the Essentials
    but have had a heart attack recently and was asked by the hospital to stop taking them as it could intefere with the heart medication drugs I am on.
    Would like to know what I can do to maintain my health and whether one can recover from paralysis? I am in a difficult situation and do not know how best to overcome the situation and try to improve my health.
    Thanking you for your assistance.

  16. I have MS for 11 years now which has caused paralysis of the toes and difficulty with walking on my left leg. I have been taking the Essentials
    but have had a heart attack recently and was asked by the hospital to stop taking them as it could intefere with the heart medication drugs I am on.
    Would like to know what I can do to maintain my health and whether one can recover from paralysis? I am in a difficult situation and do not know how best to overcome the situation and try to improve my health.
    Thanking you for your assistance.

  17. This is a great story that I relate to because I also have been helped by Dr. Cartwrights methods/insites/approaches . . . this article/e-mail came at a great time today. I just went for my first bike ride in oh lets say 15 years. I was worried about balance, legs working,fatique, everything you can think of and was wobbally at first until my body adjusted and then was fine (so humbling and feeling embarrassed in front of neighbors BUT I did it. I only went down and around the block before all the muscles I haven’t used started to let me know that it was enough for the first time. What was great is after resting and having lunch, I was more balanced/stronger walking around and that surprised me. This all leads back to my MS recovery from Dr Cartwrights system, that I feel brought me back to the point of taking this next step/ride. There was no way I could or even think about riding a bike a year ago and here I was today doing it – Thank you Dr. Cartwright, as you said “It takes time to recover” and it’s the small moments like this that keep adding up to being recoved.normal again 🙂

  18. What exactly do I need in addition too The Essentials? I only get disability once a month and will be strapped so I need to know and know something soon. Please help me…
    Thank you for you help
    Ransom Ritter

  19. I haven’t been prescribed any drugs, with my family doctor having referred me to a vascular surgeon for the CCSVI surgery with the reply being “not yet”. I’ve read positive reports on folks who have it performed outside Canada, with few similar reports from folks who have taken prescribed, costly, drugs.

    A question: when will the medical community focus on improving the condition of MS sufferers vice what I’ll term ‘stalling’? A follow-on question: how vigorously are the neurologists being ‘argued with’ by their physician colleagues?

  20. This is wonderful news. I stopped taking rebif about a year ago but I had to
    rest art amonth ago. I hate the shots and was not brave enough to try the new
    medication. thanks for shot in the arm. I will search for the vitamins and diet.



  21. I have recently found your name and The Essentials. I will be ordering them and would like to know what the other nutrients and vitamins mentioned above.

    Thank you!!!

  22. I have had relapsing remitting MS for the last 14 years.In that time I have had 4 attacks.I actively fight the disease doing the following.
    1.I exercise 6 days per week.3 days are a combination of weights and cardio,the other 3 just being cardio.I find that to get benefit for MS I have to get my heart rate up.The effects of this are instant with my movement being no where near as stiff.
    2.I get alot of sunshine.(No sunblock as this stops the production of Vitamin D )
    Symptoms can be worse in winter so we holiday in Fiji to get some winter sun
    3. I take the following supplements and pain relief
    Fish Oil 6Gm/day Magnesium 800mg/day A good Multivitamin and Ibuprofen 400mg twice a day and Paracetamol 1Gm twice a day
    I find all of the above help and am still active running,cycling swimming etc

  23. The thing with MS, is the variations as to the way it affects us – we are all utterly & completely different.
    I was diagnosed on the day of 9/11 & from the results achieved by some, I truly need to change my Diet ASAP.
    I’m currently taking Tysabri, which has been a saviour for me & keeping me from any relapses – I’ve been on it for over 3 years now.
    I’ve been relapse free now for 6+ years!
    With having been on Rebif, Copaxone & Mitoxantrone, I’ve never had a side effect – unlike so many others!
    Maybe I’m unlucky having MS, but I’m truly blessed by the Tysabri treatment.
    I need to adopt Dr Cartright’s Plan.
    My Best Wishes to all!

  24. I believe that your program works, I felt good trying it, but have found out that I am suffering from what is known as “leaky gut syndrome” holes in the intestines and until I get that situation rectified, I will not be using your products, I was so happy to hear about the gal that got to ride her bike, there is another Texan doctor that knows an awful lot about Gluten, Dr. Peter Osborne has recipe book and videos

  25. I do the diet and some of the supplements…can’t find Catalase here in Australia…also gave up the diet pepsi I was drinking all day for all the years I have been sick!! Aspartame IS poison!!! I have been feeling better and have gotten some of my cognitive skills back, like reading and comprehending! I am convinced that diet is a key element in the treatment and cure of MS symptoms!! Dr. Rudy, YOU ROCK!!! xoxox

  26. Dr. Cartwright’s diet modification has helped me alot. I take fish oil 2 times a day, essentials, Vitamin E, COQ10, and Vitamin D3….I also pray alot!! I feel God made my body, he certainly can heal it if he wants to and I can honestly say that he has!! I’ve been battling MS since 1988…..but then I gave my Life over to the service of God and man, and my symptoms have gradually disappeared over the last 22 years. I am so very grateful for Dr. Cartwright’s info on MS….I wish more people with MS could get this info….I don’t believe medication is the answer, it is just a bandaid. Lifestyle, diet and spirituality has played the most important roles of my recovery….and I can’t thank God enough…I have no more fear.

  27. no website. I have had m,s, for 33 years, and i would like to have the name of the vitimins you find help with m.s. please.

  28. I was diagnosed in April 2009. I was never told what “kind” of MS they think I have but apparantly I’ve had it for years. What I would blame on my thyroid ended up being from MS…blind in left eye for 3 weeks…numb left side for 3 weeks. When I started walking like I was drunk (I don’t drink) and my motor skills were affected, I knew it had to be taken seriously. Hard to do with no insurance. I wouldn’t take the medicine the neurologist from the hospital prescribed (expense, method and my overall aversion to medicines) BUT in my darkest moment…when I couldn’t walk right, if at all,I found LDN (low dose naltroxin). A miracle drug? No. Could I walk the next day, feel stronger and able to do more each and every day? YES. It’s all about endorphins. A pill that makes sense. And it’s only $34 a month. No insurance required, just a compound pharmacist (which thank you LORD, there’s one 2 miles away from my house)!
    I don’t understand why anyone would tell you they have the answers …after you pay them. List the “essentials” on a blog or put them in a newsletter. MS will not define me






  31. It wonder full to read all your feed backs i have M.S.I was diagnosed in the 70s it started in the right eye with double vision my doctor put me on steroids i did get it better walking uptill 20yrs ago then my legs got weaker put me in wheelchair on zimmer frame now.Ive been praying at nights for help our dream has come true we have found our Which doctor it`s great it`s lovely thank you Dr`Cartwright i`m just going to sign now to join you all.

  32. i have a dificult time swallowing, you see all the medications ive had to take for m.s. have destroyed my teeth and now i were denthers ,which is totaley messed up , so i feel in a way i am starting over,,i eat lots of vegetables, or at least the ones i can chew its very difficult. i just keep trying. marcy

  33. I too, have little faith in md’s. When I think of how long it took me to find out about my MS, how long I got the run around…I understand now that it is difficult to diagnose but why can’t doctors admit ‘they don’t know’. I appreciate Dr. Cartwrights info and research with this horrible desease. It is nice to be reassured that SOMEONE is trying to help. Honestly i wonder, at times, if anyone is really trying to find a cure. MS is not fatal so why look for a cure? I do agree that diet, less stress,along with excercise help. We just do our best and appreciate Dr. Carwright more. Thanks for listening.

  34. Hi,
    This Blog, by Dr. Cartwright, is about me. I sent him the note because I was ecstatic and thought others might want to see what happens when you change your way of doing things.
    I am always doing research to be able to make an informed decision on my health. So, when I found Dr. Cartwright on the internet I was cautious, at first. I watched his Webinars, listened to his Q & A Sessions, and looked at his Blogs since January of 2010. I had decided to go off the DMD and was off of it for a year. I hadn’t gotten any better though I still did not have any active lesions since 2005.
    Everyone has different issues with MS and between Dr. Cartwright’s Blogs, Webinar’s, and Q & A sessions he covers just about everyone’s different issues and what to take for it. Each of his Webinar’s deal with something a little different and over the course of his classes he has told us what foods are better to eat and which ones to avoid. He brings in experts in their particular fields, for two weeks or so, like a Gluten free dietitian or a stress coach. They were awesome and we learned tons of stuff we had no idea would help us on a daily basis. Before the Question and Answer Webinar Sessions (Q & A’s) he ask us to send him questions so it’s basically our answers we are getting. We can also log in and ask a question during his Q & A. Dr. Cartwright goes out of his way to research our questions and answer what is most important to us.

    Like Dr. Cartwright said, “it’s not just one thing…you have to do many different things to change your life around.”

    I know you may want to know what I am taking but it’s different for everyone, so it wouldn’t do much good for me to tell you all the things I am taking right now. I do take the Essentials and D3 but take other things specifically for my MS. I have taken some things for a month or two and then taken other stuff for spasticity and yet other things for excruciating pain.
    I used to be extremely active, water and snow skiing, tennis and golf, met with a trainer 4 times a week and did a super aerobic class nightly. I also loved cycling and did 100 mile bicycle races on the weekends. I was a stay at home mom and was the score keeper for my son’s baseball games. My son and I loved to snow ski and we went a lot during the winter season.
    I know now I was a bit of an exercise junkie, but I loved my outdoor life. I have not been active since I started to get sick 20 years ago, though I was only diagnosed in 2005. I kept falling and hurting myself not knowing what my problem was so I gave up all my sports, one by one.
    My doctor was truly amazed, when I saw him last week. I no longer had electrical shocks going all the way down my spine to the tip of my toes, when I bend my head down and touch my chin to my chest. It’s called Lhermittes syndrome. I have no signs of it anymore and have had this for at least six years that I am aware of. He also noticed my arms, feet, toes, and legs were stronger. When he pushed to move them they didn’t budge. Six months ago I couldn’t hold then steady or stiff to save my life.
    I also noticed, over the last 15 years, that when I get a pedicure the manicurist had to hang on for dear life to my toes and in January she didn’t need to. My toes didn’t even jump once, which was a miracle in itself. But best of all, I used to have excruciating pain with horrendous spasticity in my legs, toes, and feet. So, I am thrilled this issue has subsided to the point of non existent. So, I am medicine free and don’t have to take Baclofen, Tylenol, or Aleve, ANYMORE.
    Most of my disease is in my spine. I am riddled with polka dots all the way down my Spinal MRI, which is the scaring from MS. This is why my neurologist was in shock, he said, “I should not have gotten better, in these areas, from looking at my Spinal MRI.”
    So, all I can say is, I am taking Dr. Cartwright’s advise and going Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and MSG free. Personally, I watch his Webinar’s over and over again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I am not a saint; I cheat with a dish of ice cream or a baguette once in a while. But, I know Dr. Cartwright’s coaching, the diet, Essentials, vitamins, nutrients, positive attitude, GOD, and little to no stress has helped me to this point.
    So, I will continue on this path of getting better. Now that I am strong enough to take up exercising on a daily basis, I am starting with yoga class for MS, and one day I will play on a tennis circuit again.
    Again, thank you Dr. Cartwright for everything and thank your son, Scott, too as he plays a pivotal role in your Webinar classes.
    May God bless both of you, abundantly…

  35. Dr. Cartwright,
    Do you have a book with all this information that I could purchase?
    Fort Saskatchewan, AB

  36. In reply to Michael Zimbert’s Ampyra query.
    I have a friend in the US who is taking Ampyra Daily.
    He has noted tremendous results with his walking.
    Here in Oz, it’s not available – in the US, it’s approved though!
    I follow his progress with envy!
    Tony Rooney

  37. Thank you for sharing your very positive experience. I have seen no results yet from following Dr. Cartwright’s advice so it gives encouragement that results are yet to come. I have a huge mobility problem but thankfully am not plagued with many other things. Recently I was in Costa Rica for the CCSVI treatment and the doctor there told me it will take one to three months to work, and in my case it will more apt to be the three months. Perhaps that is the same here. Unfortunately some of the products Dr. Cartwright suggests are not available in Canada.

  38. I suffered from an unknown ailment through grade school, high school and University. Once I started life in Canada, I diagnosed this life time problem as Multiple sclerosis. I couldn’t seem to get diagnosed in the UK; in high school I was diagnosed with heart problems and wasted lots of time in hospital, being let go once it was established I did not have heart problems. For my Childhood, I lived in or near London and then did my under graduate studies in Birmingham and my PhD in Bangor, North Wales. After countless trips to the Doctors, through my childhood, and spans of unnecessary time in Hospitals; I actually identified the MS myself, through reading, and I got sent to a Nova Scotia specialist, who identified, the MS without much testing.
    I’ve probably always had MS—the last 59 years. A cousin also has it, indicating it has originated genetically. My father is her father’s brother. (She and I have never met) It took 31 years for me to get the MS diagnosis; my PhD, though in Paleolimnology, certainly helped me interpret text, to determine the MS myself. I was 31 by this time and so certainly did not get a diagnosis that identified when my MS started
    Not knowing I had MS, until later in life, gave me no reason to not have children. Once I had diagnosed my MS, I was delighted to read that one doctor’s advice to MS women was to not give the child any milk, human or cows. Luckily, since I have always been so allergic to Dairy, I fed my baby on baby formula made from plant ingredients. She is now 28 years old and so no signs of MS and no allergy problems. Once she started solid food I also restricted the types of food she could eat.
    Because of the server allergy, I have never consumed milk or any dairy product. I would rather be shot than go anywhere near butter.
    I have been very interested in your site. I have taken 4000 IU of D3 for nine years. I also go tanning twice a week. I find the sun rays do more for me than just make D3. I have for years tried to discover what this is, but to no avail. I have also found exercise essential; I exercise in the basement each day. Cycle a couple of miles. I take omega daily and some other vitamins. I have been told to take 1000+ mg of Calcium daily. I now see that this is wrong, but I can’t find an alternative here in Canada. What do you suggest? I was also unable to buy your supplement, as I live on this side of the border. Is there anything you could recommend I take instead?
    Best wishes Janet

  39. I await for the Drug Ampyra to be released in Australia – but it probably never will!
    I was told by my MS Dr, Dr Helmut Butzkueven, that Ampyra has only about a 30% success rate with us.
    But, if you’re one of lucky ones, then YIPEE it is!
    So in the mean time – pray!

  40. Dr. Cartwright,

    Thank you a million times for your course MS 201:The Essentials!

    I completed it in November, have been gluten free and dairy free, altered an already healthy Mediterranean diet to eliminate the grains suggested (wheat mostly) and increased my Dahn Yoga practice from 2 to 5 times each week.

    Happy to admit that I have finished the vitamin routine that you suggested in MS 201. It did help me improve, but my order today of “The Essentials” will make me stronger, plus improve my balance and coordination. Continuing with my bible study/Prayer group every Wednesday morning will put the ‘icing on the cake’ for my recovery.

    My MS journey began in 1958 at the age of 17, the summer after my high school graduation. My college, graduate education and thirty year teaching career went pretty smoothly with relapsing-remitting MS and the few symptoms I experienced were treated with steroids, ACTH and B12 injections. My MS condition remained relatively normal until the age of 60, when lack of balance, lack of coordination and slow walking speed became my major issues.

    BUT… and that is a huge word for me because I consider myself an MS Overcomer, since I have overcome the disease for 54 years. You can read my story on the website If $2.50 is an issue for anyone, email me and the price will be adjusted for you.

    God Bless You, Dr. Cartwright,

    Judith Norris

  41. My wife dignosed MS last year, first doctor start Betaforn and now she is taking Avanox, please let me know if other remedy can also have any cure from the sickness, so that we can start using it. Thanks.

  42. we love reading these notes. I have had ms for many years and in the past few year it has gotten progressively worse. I have no balance and waning strength in my legs. I must now walk with a walker. I began the Best Bet diet about 6 months ago. I would very much like to know what the Essentials are that are spoken about. How do I purchase them or find out about them. Thank you. Larry

  43. Interesting reading everyones blogs.I wish had all this information 18 years ago.I now have no use of arms or legs,however I still maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and always have.I have taken supplements and have had a good diet for over 30 years,so how I have got this monster disease absolutely baffles me.CCSVI is not recommended in Western Australia until more evidence is collected that this procedure is safe and effective,so for people like me a prognosis isn’t good.Does anyone have any suggestions?

  44. I don’t eat anything with MSG in it, which is a full time job. It has numerous names. It’s in everthing. Go on the internet, type “MS and MSG”.
    Should give some incite as to what you are dealing with. Hope this helps.

  45. Dr Cartwright – I had seen lot of change in my energy levels when I stopped taking gluten and lactose free foods, when taking essentials and more of good food which had anti-oxidants. Thanks a lot for educating us.

    Two things I would like to seek your advice – I get cough & cold, which leads to ear infection twice in a yr mostly in the start of spring and fall which I have it currently. It drains all my energy, cannot talk without cough and seems to stay anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks, pls advice as to what steps I can take in advance to prevent it.

    Secondly, I feel anxious and have mild panic attacks when I am focussing or discussing something and am into it, my whole body seems to shiver. How can I control it.

  46. I´ve Ms 26 years now.

    Very interesting and usefull for me all your news.

    I would like knowing about “the essentials”

    I´ll be very happy to know about them. I´ve found your very interesting website today, a very nice day, April 24 2011.

    Thanks to work for us.


  47. I have been dx with ms since July 2010, but been having symtoms for long time. Really bad right leg weakness buckled knee and some pain at night. Go to PT therapy twice a week help some. Need to know how to get information about Dr.Cartwright diet program. Thanks God Bless you all

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