Open letter: HBO

Dr. Maxfield,

Our research department is very pleased that you reminded us, again, about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) for MS recoverers.

I kindly request that you share your long experience of using HBO on a webinar with me; I’m asking the MS recoverers’ community to join me in this request.

To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

Ms Health Coach

PS: Let Dr. Maxfield hear from you by posting your request below.  You’ll get great information about HBO and the benefits that it offers.


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171 thoughts on “Open letter: HBO

    • Paula,

      Now, that’s taking the bull by the horns. We’re looking forward to you keeping us informed.

      Dr. Cartwright

  1. Hey guys,
    I have been in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber here in Frisco, Co
    I am doing my own research into this(HBOT) and found out
    that It helps us with MS.
    And a hyperbaric chamber helps
    to accelerate the healing process for many with chronic pain.

    Out of The International Hyperbarics Association. Inc.
    They point out there results demonstrate HBO treatment
    results in dampening of T and B cell-mediated responses
    to oxLDL or inflammatory stimuli, hence, retards MS….

    After 2 visits I will do 10….They tell me I should feel( in 3 visits) my
    pain will go away in my Knees….Then my gate will improve.

    I’m feeling great and know for many they do too!

    Sincerely yours, Brooke

  2. Hi Dr Cartwright, I am a member of your courses and have seen the webinars. Recently my email was hacked and I had to change bank accounts. The money that is taken for your course will not be available. Please contact me by phone 516 887-5042 so I can take care of this matter thank you Janet Carroll

    • Hello Janet,

      Thank you for letting us know about what happened with your bank account. I will contact you so we can
      update your information. And I am sorry for such an inconvenience!

      Take Care,
      MS Health Coach Client Support

  3. Hi this is the first time i have messaged on here. I would love to join the webinars but am unsure how to any help would be much appreciated.

    As far as HBOT goes i have been having weekly oxygen therapy at my local MS centre in Nailsea south west england for the last year. I have so much more energy after and this only starts to go a couple of days before my next session. I also sleep better and the tingling in my feet has all but gone and my balance is vastly improved. The way i understand it works is that because you are breathing in pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber ( different levels, lower pressure more oxygen absorbed into the cells) your cells open up more and allow the oxygen in which promotes healing and helps to reduce inflammation. We sometimes have sports players to heal injuries in ours and recently a lady with cancer.


  4. Dr. Ruby Cartwright: Thank you for the email regarding HBO treatment for M.S. I’m very interested in trying this procedure. I don’t have a neurologist, so hearing about HBO restores my hope. I was just counting down my years until I turn 72 y.o. which is the life expectancy for those who have MS, stated by my former neurologist. Thank you so much, Ruth D.

  5. Dear dr,

    I have had ms for 23yrs its now Secondary progessive ,I Have HBO treatment once aweek along with Reflexolgy as 99% of my symtoms are on my feet ,if you have both the theraphys on the same day this really does work in terms of walking a short distance.Iuse purple crutches , wheelchair , scooter ….. My question is ….. what vitamins should i be taking& is there ANY THING that can be done for nerve damage on both feet that makes me feel like im walking on a tight rope in a force 30 gale ALL THE TIME.

    Thanking You
    Sue from uk

  6. Have had three treatments in a mono unit in Kansas City, KS, 10.5 PSI (pounds per square inch). It really helped. Diminished chest pain on left side of chest. Less fatigue, more energy and zest for life! Lasted for about three months. Since then I have repeated hyperbaric treatments at another facility. Oxygen was administered through mask while sitting in an enclosed tank but not as effective. Cost is $130 per treatment.

  7. I experienced numbness in my right arm when I was about 16 years old. My GP said it was a pinched nerve. Throughout my childhood, I was always called clumsy and uncoordinated. I was diagnosed with MS since I had optic neuritis in the Summer of 1982 at age 21. All my episodes lasted about 30 days, now at age 51, symptoms are constant. I met a man in Charlottesville, VA who continued lecturing about home schooling across the U.S. after following a specific diet he developed based on how it made him feel. Now that I am 51 and have a little granddaughter and am called SPMS, I want to try techniques…Older and wiser.

  8. Hello Dr Rudy,
    I got 1st attack in 2009 when it was just a start of ms. I got 2nd attack recently in Feb 2012…I am facing symptoms like…numbness,imbalance,tinglling, fatigue and depression. My doctor has suggested me interferon weekly injections of Avonex..
    Please advise how effective this injection is/ and can I stop taking these injections after some time?

    Pls advise

  9. I had MS since September 2011,and the terapic That i use is copaxone. is the first time i heard about HBO. please send my information. for my was to hard accept that I had MS. please held me.
    Thank you.

  10. RE: HBO

    I haven’t done any dives since Sept 2004, however have done three series of HBO all in Canada two in Ontario and a longer series in B.C. for a total of over 120 dives. Am considering more treatments, since I remember it helped me with walking and the medical intuitive I’ve been working with for two years although she’s helped me so much; cannot seem to help me with the walking aspect. I just have to try to find the best price I can in MI. Any suggestions would be welcome. 🙂 Thanks, Linda

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