Open letter: HBO

Dr. Maxfield,

Our research department is very pleased that you reminded us, again, about the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) for MS recoverers.

I kindly request that you share your long experience of using HBO on a webinar with me; I’m asking the MS recoverers’ community to join me in this request.

To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

Ms Health Coach

PS: Let Dr. Maxfield hear from you by posting your request below.  You’ll get great information about HBO and the benefits that it offers.


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171 thoughts on “Open letter: HBO

  1. I have never heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, please be so kind as to share your knowledge with us. Thanks

  2. “Hope” is a powerful word for those who suffer from MS. If HBO is a scientifically validated method for helping MS patients, it should be accessible to everyone. If the evidence is empirical, why not participate in a Webinar to demonstrate how it may help MS patients so they may have the benefit of trying HBO.

  3. Hi all, as ms has affected many many people worldwide i think its only fair that we share any information that can help us,so please share with us your knowlage on HBO Dr Maxfeild.God bless you xx

  4. Have had MS for 35 yrs & am in a wheelchair all the time which sucks as am sure you’ll understand.
    Would love to hear more about your treatment & cost as money is an issue for us.
    Many thanks for your help, from Janie.

  5. I have never heard of HBO. What exactly is this and how does it help? I would love to hear more about HBO if you could plese help to imform us. I was only diagnosed 1 year ago. I have never heard of HBO treatment. I would really welcome being able to listen to a webinair by someone who really understands the subject matter. We are desperately in need of any information that can be useful to our better health. Any information can give us hope. Thank you in advance.

  6. I was diagnosed in 2004 with progressive ms and I recently had about 10 sessions of HBOT and I felt more energy and endurance. Please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank You, Katherine

  7. I am always interested in learning anything that might imptove my quality of living with MS. I no longer take drugs for my MS as I felt they were more harmful than helpful.I am interested in learning about HBO. Thank you.

  8. would like to know more re HBO treatment – had MS for 40 years – still walking, with stick but worsening.

  9. I would certainly like to learn more about Dr Maxwells treatrment of M.S. using HBO.I have had M.S.for over 45 years and have read of so many cures which lead to dissapointment.

    yours sincerly

  10. I’m also interested in doctors or places that have this oxygen therapy available where I live (Katy/Houston), or anywhere else for that matter.

  11. Dear Dr. Maxfield,
    I am unable to take ANY of the current therapies for MS. I have had MS for
    about fifteen years now. I was diagnosed RRMS and am now SPMS. If there is
    anything you can share with those of us on this lonely road, PLEASE do so.
    Dr. Cartwright has been a God-send as you would be. I’ve taken Avonex for
    ten years ( liver enzyme problem); LDN; Copaxone( allergy); Tysabri(2yrs).
    I don’t have any drug options. I have read about HBOT, but have heard it must be done correctly to have any benefit. Thank you.

  12. This HBO could be the answer to so many suffering with this dreaded illness MS.
    I have been on compaxone for 6 years now and the only thing I think is positive is that the pharmaceutical companies are just getting richer. Please continue this research and give us some hope for a better life.

    Rosemarie D’Amico

  13. Hi,
    I am not a beggar but I need to know as much as you know to help MS. I have 3 young kids, a loving husband that does his best, a full-time I enjoy and this horrible disease. My dr would love if I not use myself so much as a “guinea pig” as she puts it but I’m desperate. I was diagnosed in Sept 06, about 36 (my age is just a number, right?), still think I’m a teenager thus why the young ones love me and the adults hate me (their problem). I love living life to the fullest but I keep thinking I pulled the short straw….Please help.
    Warm Regards,
    Tamela Lewis

  14. I have never heard of HBO but would like to learn more about it. Please share with all the MS sufferers and caretakers about this, how it works and how it helps with the MS. I am always willing to learn and try any “new” (to me anyway) treatments. Dr. Cartwright has been doing an excellent job of sharing information with us. Thanks in advance!!!

  15. I suggest that Dr. William Davis’ book, Wheat Belly, presently on the New York Times bestseller list, should be required reading for all MS sufferers. It deals with the neurological and physical consequences of wheat and gluten in general., Given the high incidence of gluten intolerance in MS sufferers, this combination of case histories and scientific research is life changing and explains the cause of inflammations and auto immune issues in an understandable way.

  16. I suggest that jDr. William Davis’s recent book Wheat Belly be rerquired reading for all MS sufferers. It explains the cause of inflammation and related auto immune issues of wheat and gluten consumption. GLiven the strong correlation between MS and gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you need to know these life changing facts. Read it carefully, it is a treasure chest of information and hope.

  17. i’d like to l know more about it. i had a treatment in 1995. it was stopped because of head pressure. is it improved since then? doris strayer

  18. it is the first time i hear about it, hope that it works
    i’ve heard that it is good for fatigue and bladder problems…

  19. We (I hope I speak for most of us)of the MS Recovering Comunity would appreciate if Dr. Maxwell share his knowledge on HBO therapy. I see it advertised regularly on tv for other uses.
    Thanks and GOD bless you. Let 2012 be our year of GREAT opportunity in every area of our lives!!!

    Rhenia Carter

  20. I have had MS since 1997 and now it is getting harder to get around.
    I use a walker to get to the swimming pool and the grocery store.
    I have tried drugs which didn’t slow down the progress.
    I have tried changing my diet to vegan.
    I would love any new information to help fight off this disease.

    Thank you & God bless,

  21. I want to learn about HBO, PPPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!!!!!! I’m looking forward to hear what you have to say.

    Thank you,

  22. As a secondary progressive MS patient anything would be worth trying…of course money is always an issue as one with MS is most likely unemployed…and like me no pension………please provide as much as possibl……………..

  23. This is great! I do something similar – I use a couple drops of Food Quality Hydrogen Peroxide in six ounces of water to oxygenate my body once a day. It is the same premise. Food quality is key NOT regular hydrogen peroxide. You can get a bottle of food quality H2O2 for about 7 dollars in any health food store and will last for several months. There is a book ‘The One Minute Miracle’ by Cavanaugh (sorry don’t have the book with me and am in a hurry)that tells you what to do and how to take it.

  24. How exciting it is to have hope!!! Thank you. WE all are waiting with much anticipation. Any glimmer of hope is always welcome. Thank you!!

  25. AS a user of HBO for MS, PPMS, everybody needs to be educated as to its benefits. I got great benefits from it
    reduced spasm in my arms and legs; less fatigue, improved walking and balance. It gave me back my zest for life. So please Dr Maxwell share your knowledge.

  26. I have had MS for 6 years and its getter harder and harder, please input what you know. Thanx. x

  27. please sir, won’t you share what you know about HBO for the treatment of MS? I would like to know more about this treatment as part of the puzzle! I have been living with ms since before 1985, and anything i can learn to stay healthy would be greatly appreciated…. Thank you Sir
    Living in hope,
    Brenda Luka

  28. I am interested to learn more about HBO…..have only heard about it today but always keen to explore any new treatments for MS which I have since 2001.

  29. This is my first time ever hearing about this treatment. Could you please tell us more? I don’t have a lot of money so I would hope that this proceed. is affordable. Please share Doctor 🙂

  30. Please share any information with me, I am very much intereste I leave in Miami FLorida. Thanks

  31. I am very interested in hearing information about HBO and how it relates to M.S.

    Thank you

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