The next time that you go grocery shopping at your favorite super market and make the decision that you want an item packaged in either a metal, or glass, or plastic, or paper, or other type of container, read the label—-especially the section that lists the ingredients. 

For illustration purposes, let’s assume that you pick up a container of spinach whose label is quite appealing.  Now, on a small piece of paper, write the ingredients on it.  After doing so, walk around to the fresh vegetable section and pick up a hand full of spinach.  Compare what’s written on the piece of paper to what’s in your hand. 

Keep in mind that on certain days you feel good and certain days you feel horrible. Could it be that certain ingredients that you eat do not agree with your personal metabolism?

This kind of exercise can go a long way in helping you figure out what’s in your best interest.    Once you determine which ingredients are the culprits in causing you to feel bad, you’ll want to stay clear of them.  When you know better, you do better. 

Let me know what your favorite ingredients are—-those you’re eating with your favorite food/dish. 

To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

PS: As usual, post your comments (favorite ingredients) below.

34 thoughts on “READ THE LABEL

  1. Foods:
    When I had to stop working due to the MS, I began seeing a Naturopth/LAc. With her suggestions and help, I started receiving acupuncture, changed my diet and began following an anti-inflammatory diet e.g No Wheat, No Corn, No Dairy+eggs, No red meat, No coffee and eat lots of veggies esp greens. I try to go Organic as often as possible.
    So while I was mostly on the couch being fairly unable to walk, I followed the diet and lost 60#!!
    The diet has become my way of eating. Though the MS seems to be advancing on some days, I am happy and healthy.
    My breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with ground flaxseeds and blueberries; lunch is rice cakes with almond butter; dinner is often skinned chicken breast baked with various veggies.
    I also drink LOTS of water!!!

    Be well ~~~ 🙂 Kathy

  2. I’ve only been gluten free for about five weeks, so I think I’ve toed the
    line quite well so far.
    I really like gluten free coconut macroons from Saffron’s Gluten free market here in Grand Rapids alone with their Barbeque Nut & Rice Cracker Snacks~

  3. I am convinced that each one of us as a particular metabolic type that matches our ‘blood type’. If people know their blood type then they can better choose foods that are suitable for their metabolic type. T think the knowledge of this information would make a BIG difference to how a lot of MS’s cope with each day, as well as to stay clear of those foods that are antagonists to their health and well being.

    I am just learning about ‘Metabolic typing’. Will keep you informed of my progress, when I next get the chance. Until then.

    Yeshimabett King.

  4. Fresh Fruit and fresh veggies, juiced or raw, try to eat as healthy as possible, biggest down fall is to eat a chocolate every now and again.

  5. Boy do I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw a can of soup that looked healthy and it caught my eye because it was a pretty green color. On the front it said: Lite, NO MSG, NO preservatives, and TWO servings of vegetables but when I turned the can over it said 450 mg of sodium per 1/2 a can. That would swell me up in five minutes and last for days.

    When I eat too much sodium, and especially Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) I have horrible symptoms. I get a weird taste in my mouth (sometimes salty and burns but sometimes just a non-salty chemical taste), a migraine, my legs and feet swell to twice their size (can’t walk, feet and legs hurt, and look like my skin is going to explode), no strenght, want to go to sleep, and feel groggy.

    The last time I ate MSG, without knowing, I wasn’t making sense when my girlfriend called me. So, it must have not let my brain work properly. When I swell it lasts for days and I have to sleep it off with my feet propped up a bit.

    I have learned from Dr. Cartwright that preservative(s) is just another word for MSG. MSG has 30+ different names and is in tons of things you eat every day.

    I spent over an hour reading soup labels one day in a market and I left without a single can of soup. They all had too much sodium for me. Another day I went thought the frozen dinner packages and that day I spent two hours. Again, I left without a single package because of the sodium and MSG content.

    Now, I just skip to the contents/ingredients label, on the back of the package, and look at the sodium content and if over 50 mg per serving I skip it and buy fresh items instead. Dr. Cartwright says fresh is better anyway.

    I buy fresh and freeze it myself when I can afford it or I go to Costco and buy packages of fresh quick frozen Cod, Halibut, Salmon, and Chicken strips. I also buy Costco’s fresh chicken breasts (I thinks it has 10 packages of 2 breasts), no fat or skin, and freeze the packages. These items have very little sodium content and I do not swell with them. I also go to the Dollar Only Store and buy bundles and bags of fresh vegetables and fruit for $1 each. They usually have most of the fresh vegetables and fruit Dr. Cartwright suggests. I add my own spices and herbs, without salt, so I know what I am eating. My toaster oven and I have become best buddies…Seriously, I use it every other day making a batch of broiled fish or chicken to last a couple of days.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I think because I have MS I am really sensitive to MSG and salt…so I avoid sodium.

    Thanks Dr. Cartwright for all you are teaching me about my health.

  6. Hi there, please give me your oppinion on lead and aliminium poisining!

    Can this make symtoms of MS worse?


    Marti Barwick

  7. I don’t know about anyone else – but I always do this anyway and have done for many years. The healthiest food is always the food that has been the least processed!

  8. Unprocessed, fresh food is THE best kind of food to eat when you have MS. Follow Dr. Cartwright’s guidelines at all times and exercise! Use discretion with the DMD’s. I am at 70 with a 54 year MS story and its all good with me because I follow his advice.

  9. April 5,2011
    In the frozen food section of the grocery store, I found strawberries listed by themselves (no additives. Used them with bananas and pomegranate juice to make a smoothie. Worked great. Had no reaction. Plus it was cold without adding ice. I don’t use sugar, either.

  10. Hi everyone, I really try to eat as health as I can on a daily basis. I try to eat small nutritious meals throughout the day. I only eat one big meal in the evening , especially now that i’m not as active as I used to be. I try to eat organic as much as possible and no processed foods. My biggest problem is that I never got out of not liking vegetables, but iam trying.

  11. >Yeshi. Funny you should mention eating for your blood type. I ran across this a couple days ago on the internet too. I am type 0 negative and from what I see I should be eating a lot more red meat than what most doctors recommend, which, to me. makes perfect sense. When I do not eat red meat, I crave it. AS far as everything else, it’s pretty much what I’m already doing. Hope it works for you.

    Dr. Cartwright, has eating according to your blood type ever been investigated to see if it has any effect on MS. Is the occurrence of MS any more frequent in any particular blood type?

  12. I have looked at many labels on food you can get at the market.MOST of the time the food has too much salt or sugar or high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients. I went to the bible and discovered that fruits and vegtables are the way to go.ALSO AFTER 1 YEAR OF TRYING VARIOUS STRATEGIES FOR BUYING FOOD I CAME TO THIS CONCLUSION–ITS A SIMPLE RULE THAT TAKES THE GUESSWORK OUT OF BUYING FOOD.IT’S VERY SIMPLE:
    BUY BASIC FOODS THAT ARE NOT PROCESSED WITH CHEMICALS AND LOOK AT THE NUTRITION LABELS TO SEE OTHER INFO. By buying basic food (that is freshly made OR from nature), you eliminate 80% of the problem. FOODS I eat: oats,cheese,pickles,frozen corn,salads,whole chicken,nuts,green beans,carrots,eggs,water only and only spring water NO TAP WATER!! So in conclusion may I say that if you stick to the basic forms of foods you will feel the difference in your system!!

  13. I have had MS for about 25 years. I learnt very early on (through experience)that Dairy products of any sort can put me in bed with a flare-up, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. It’s been interesting to learn from Dr Cartwright about gluten affecting people with MS. I have never eaten much bread, but have not paid much attention to other food and products containing gluten, so am keeping a closer watch on this now. I eat plenty of fresh vegies and fruit, but also eat meat & fish in moderation and one egg per day. Kathy’s (see above) Naturopath seems to advocate a diet free of meat and eggs. I wonder what Dr C thinks about this ? Apart from a “draggy” right leg (which affects my balance a little), I am in good health, although over the years I have suffered various MS symptoms, which have all disappeared since watching my diet more carefully and taking various supplements, as well as having foot reflexology (VERY beneficial) and remedial massage. I have had severe reactions to various drugs recommended for MS, so my doctors are reluctant to prescribe for me now, and recommend that I use “alternative” type treatments instead. If you have access to SUNRIDER Chinese food herbs, I have found them to be very helpful for healing any damage done to the myelin sheath. (Look up the SUNRIDER website on the internet for more information)

  14. Hi,

    I am following a very restricted diet based on Dr Swank’s very low saturated fats of no meat or dairy; only fish and mostly vegetables. Also no or very little sugar based items due to UTI. As I am blood type A I have a tendency to prefer protein based food. I have found cutting out gluten in particular oat based products rather hard. I have substituted oats for rice or corn (polenta) porridges and have recently read that corn may be a problem too. I have not been feeling too great this week and have tingling in both feet and vertigo. Could this be the reason. I also use canned kidney beans, chick peas and lentils when putting together a quick meal for myself as the rest of my family will not go the vegetarian/fish route all week. We do always use fresh fruit and veg.
    Thanks for your information
    Take care. Perth Australia

  15. Must check everything that goes in the mouth!! I use a pendulum to test foods and supplements. Well, I cannot do it all the time, but I avoid processed foods, and grow my own vegetables as much as possible. I absolutely avoid food containing ASPARTAME. This causes loss of consciousness in me. Another piece of information I have discovered is that farmed salmon causes adverse reaction, yet farmed trout and canned salmon do not.

  16. Greetings Cindy,

    If you are an MS’s and try the Metabolic Typing concept, keep in touch. We can share our experiences. My long-standing sister-friend put me on to the concept recently.

  17. A very big thankyou to Dr Cartwright and Sue Ellen for all your support.98% percent of the time I follow a great diet,however I remain puzzled as to why some days I feel better than other days,ome days are a real struggle.Stress is definately a contributing factor.I also would like the eat for your blood type looked into further because while I was on it,I did feel extra well.I do belei ve people with MS are super sensitive to many things,ie – the environment and foods.Lets hope and prayer for a miracle break through as to the cause of MS and leading to treatment.

  18. Hallo to all the people that have m.s.I know one day they will be a cure for all of you,….I pray with god help that this well happen,.pray to god ,tell him in how you feel,prayer is powerfull,.god bless all of you,.kind regards mary….

  19. I was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago.

    My neurologist could not remember whether he had prescribed anything to me or not. Needless to say, I fired him.

    I saw a naturopath (now I see two) and did a Food Allergy Test with Immuno Labs in Florida to determine what foods were good for my body. I got about 35 foods that were not good for me, stopped them and my symptoms reduced by 75%. If I cheated, most of my symptoms would come back.
    I take this test every two years and sometimes I lose some foods and sometimes I gain some foods I could not previously eat. Since our bodies change and our environment changes, our needs change.

    I have been egg free, gluten free, sugar free, yeast free and dairy free for the past four years. Also, no processed or canned foods for me and I only eat organic, home cooked meals. I rarely eat in restaurants and if I do, the chefs make me a special meal. I have not had an attack or a relapse in over three years. My last MRI showed no new lesions and only one active lesion.
    The medical profession and the neurologists will never ever acknowledge this. They are all in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry which makes trillions of us!

    I even changed my water. I put in a Reverse Osmosis Filter and then added another to make it Alkaline and have not felt better. I drink about 4-5 large bottles a day and even though I spend a lot of time in the bathroom, I feel great!
    I do yoga and breathing exercises everyday and weight training every alternate day, religiously. I try to remain stress free.

    Read more about my journey at

  20. I have celiac sprue which means that I can’t have any gluten in my diet. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with that then years ago with M.S.
    my point is, being gluten free doesn’t help me with my M.S.

  21. Hi,

    I have changed my diet since I took Dr. Cartwright’s MS Health Coach course. I will say this, that before being diagnosed and even after, I ate a lot of junk food. When I took this course, I tossed out most of the junk food; there were some items my husband ate. I started reading labels and found foods that I could eat without bringing on my MS symptoms. When I was making my own juice and eating more vegies and fruit, I started to feel so much better. If I ate anything with MSG, I became very weak, I couldn’t function at all. I would just sit on the couch and rest. My right leg wouldn’t work very well and my fingers would get more numb. I would fall asleep off and on throughout the day.

    Now if I want something to snack on, I mostly get fruit. I’ve been on this kick lately of fresh sliced strawberries, sliced bananas and blueberries (mixed with some whipped cream). I try not to overdo the whip cream. But boy is this GOOD! I also cook a lot now, we only go out to eat on special occasions and when we do, I find out if they have gluten free and MSG free items.

    There is one restaurant here in Northern Colorado where they are very conscious about food sensitivities. The place is Rustic Oven and I can even have their gluten free pizza with no after affects. So far this is the best gluten free pizza I have ever had!

    So far, I’m getting better. If I start to feel a little off, I make note of what I ingested, and stay clear of it for a while. My right leg no longer drags and I can exercise a little longer. My fingers are still a bit numb, but I notice some days they are much better. Sometimes when I wake up during the night, I even have complete feeling in my fingers, but by the time I get back to bed from the bathroom, they are start to get numb again. Not sure why this happens.

    Thanks much to Dr. Cartwright and to Sue Ellen!!!

  22. Hello my MS sufferers

    Thank you for all you advice and sharing all your experiences. As I read all of your comments, I become for confused. I have tried different things but not long enough to see if it works. When I read someones comments, I’ll try it for a little while, then I read that it doesn’t work or should not be eating because it makes MS symptoms worse. For example, oats, chesse, wheat, red meats. According to the above comments, their doctors are saying that they need to eat more of. Everything in the markets have something that us MS sufferer cant eat in their ingredients. I am willing to try just about anything, but I need to know more of concrete information. I keep changing my diet and have not found any relieve of my symptoms. I take an injection (COPAXONE)every day and my MRI says that my MS has not progress. I am greatfull for that. Thanks Again to all of you and your help.

  23. Just saw a video on a cure for cancer… Being a fungas. Dr Simoncini is an Oncologist From Itali. He also said similar to cancer, M.S is also a fungas. He said that the best way to beat a fungas is with Sodium Bycarbonate. Does this sound true?
    Desparate to beat M.S – Have had it for 12 years.

  24. Can attest to the enormous impact of diet and lifestyle. Blessed for years as fulltime traditional & holistic healthcare practitioner alongside many doctors. My own journey took two solid years of getting rerouted off AMA Rx & Tx toward becoming equipped with the proactive, assertive tools necessary for being as empowered and responsible as possible for a more enjoyable life. Am providing following info as my most directly effective:

    Dr. Maxwell Gerson MD (“hopeless Dxs” and cancer institute)- /
    The Annapurna Center for Self Healing –
    Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Centers incl.Oasis Clinic in Mexico –

  25. I read that heavy metals can cause problems with MS. I have many gold crowns in my mouth. Could this be causing me more issues too?

  26. The heavy metals aluminum, gold, lead, and mercury are “bad actors” when it comes to the nervous system. Having MS is horrible enough.
    Why add insult to injury with these metals?

    There you have it.

    Dr. Cartwright

  27. Concerning Tysabri, check with your doctor. But i believe the risk of PML really goes up after eighteen (18) months. However, i believe there is a new test for the JC virus (activated by Tysabri) that causes PML. If the test indicates that the JC virus is not a concern, then how long you can stay on Tysabri may change. Again, discuss with your doctor.

    Dr. Cartwright

  28. To say that a fungus causes MS is not consistent with the scientific evidence.

    Dr. Cartwright

  29. Rose, it’s good that you want concrete information. Be prepared because it’s extensive–but i’m going to post where to get the information.

    Dr. Cartwright

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