Simple Survey–One question for you to answer

Can the whole (all of it) of an object be wet and dry at the same time?  This is a “Yes” or “No” question.

In a follow-up blog post, I’ll let you know why I’m asking this question.  So, let me know what your choice is – is it “yes” or is it “No”?


Dr. Rudy Cartwright

PS: Let me hear from you.  Post your answer.  It’s important that I know what your thinking is.

195 thoughts on “Simple Survey–One question for you to answer

  1. Yes. For example – a house, a body, a ball – but you are speaking about the whole object as both wholey wet/dry. Excited to hear your explanation, how this perhaps relates to MS. a thought provoking question . . . Sharon

  2. Yes. A good example is the colorful, art or play sand that can be poured into water to make interesting designs. When you’re done “playing” and the water is drained or the sand is scooped out, it is perfectly dry and can be put away.

  3. Yes….
    I would say, you might be referring to the human body. The outside is dry yet the inside is wet.

  4. Yes. When I wash my hair it is wet all over. However, it is still very dry and fine in texture.

  5. yes, without wetness there is no dryness. It is all relative.

    I always thought that being diagnosed of a serious dis-ease would threaten my health.

    Yet, 6 years after the MS diagnosis I have never eaten better, gotten my entire body engaged in mindful exercises, am more aware of my emotions, all thanks to this dis-ease.

  6. The human body. Yes dry outside, and wet inside. I will be interested to find
    out the reason behind this question.

  7. I was reading the commets, I would have to say it is the body dry on the outside and wet on the inside.

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