Spices provide extra benefit to MS recoverers

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating.  “Variety is the spice of life.”  However, it should also be said that spices provide a variety of potential benefits for the recoverers of MS.  Among the spices having beneficial qualities are shallot, tumeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, cardamom, and berbere.  If you don’t use these spices, start doing so.  The use of these will pay huge dividends.   See references below.

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To Your Better Health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

MS Health Coach

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23 thoughts on “Spices provide extra benefit to MS recoverers

  1. Dear Sir,
    Have got any recipes that use them spices for me to try out and give me some ideas.
    Yours Faithfully

  2. This is one more piece of the puzzle that is easy and tasteful! The food piece is very important, IMO

  3. hey guys i was in india,
    have u heard about ayurvedic medicine..
    i went through their treatment for ms..they r totally herbal and detox the body before treatment.
    have got immense relief, i would recommend to all my ms friends.

  4. there is no cure yet for ms i think this wont work because ti,v tryed something
    like it in the past when i first got ms it made me fall more and go to the toilet mor i get tyed thinking about ms now all i can do is live in hope

  5. berbere) is a spice mixture whose ingredients usually include chile peppers, garlic, ginger, dried basil, …

  6. Hi Farzana,

    How good was the ayurvedic treatment. Has it completely got rid of all your symptoms? Were you at kerala? I am thinking of going to this place.

    Please respond.

    I need to detox first.

  8. Hallo Mr “C”
    I have PPMs;8 years with Type 1 diabetes.
    I take all the essentials:
    physio 3 times a week,
    great difficulty walking.
    can walk max 2-3 mtrs(7 to 9 ft).
    Is there anything extra,I can do.
    As my aim is to walk again.

  9. Is this the same ingredients as in Padma Basic? I have been reading very good things about that…Thanks Dr. Rudy

  10. i feel lucky – just turned and got diagnosed with MS about 7 yrs ago.. yes – for me it’s mostly vision, balance and related items as a result. So I’m late compared to most on here about the latest and greatest etc. very frustrating to me, which I’m sure for most is an understatement. I digress- to me the frustration is nothing is specific.. hbo works for some = others not even a dent – had one friend doing great with marijuana.. another, well to put it in his words.. I would’ve been better at a Grateful Dead concert..lol – well here’s my other 2 cents.. take the D3 and laugh about everything possible. Good Luck!

  11. I use some of these spices regularly. My kids love rice pudding and we always put lots of cinnamon in it. Cardamon, garlic, etc. you can use in many recipes. Many of these spices help with dizziness/vertigo and inflammation so can’t hurt and hopefully will help. Very easy to find recipes using these spices by doing a search on the net.

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