In many of my communications with MS recovers, I have learned that more than a few had some type of cancer along with their MS.  To explore whether there is a connection between MS and cancer, I ask the following question:

Do you or a family member (mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or cousin, etc,) have or have had one of the following cancers listed?:

Breast cancer, Colon cancer, Lung cancer, Lymphoma, Pancreatic cancer, Prostate cancer, and Other.

If there is a “MS-Cancer connection”, I am of the opinion that certain additional steps may be taken that will be of extreme benefit to MS recoverers.

So, let me hear from you by way of this blog.

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

MS Health Coach

200 thoughts on “SURVEY: CANCER WITH MS

  1. No history of cancer. My own thought is if you eat a diet that helps with MS symptoms, it is basic, not acidic which cancer needs to progress, you are eating to help combat cancer. Also, having an overactive immune system would seemingly fight cancer as well.

  2. Hi, yes my uncle has colon cancer; my other uncle died from cancer in the stomach and my grandfather died from some form of cancer but not too sure which one. You are really appreciated and are doing great work Dr Rudy with the help of your son and associates so, thank you.

  3. my mother had myeloma for 6+ years died aged 80
    i have thyroid problems due to having Campath treatment 4 years ago also lymphatic colitis

  4. 1st cousin died of basal cell of witch his father had it real bad but he was always able to get rid of it. He ( his father) was an uncle only by marriage. Only one family member in my family had cancer and that was a 1st cousin and he was able to get rid of it and continued working and that was colon cancer.

  5. My aunt had breast cancer and my paternal grandmother had some sort of cancer and died. I don’t think today whether you have MS or not that everyone’s family is hit with someone having cancer in the family

  6. I have a very large family – 17 aunts and uncles. Of these, one uncle died of colon cancer.
    Thanks very much for giving all the research.

  7. My Aunt had breast cancer, My Grandmother lost her eye to cancer and has a lot of skin cancers removed and mother had squamous cell cancer removed on the face. My Great-Grandmother died with leukemia.

  8. One of my brothers had a piece of his ear removed due to a certain cancer. According to the doctors, it is not caused by excessive exposure to sun. What type of cancer it is – I don’t know. My great grandfather on my grandmother’s side also had some form of cancer on his face and my great great grandfather on my grandfather’s side had some cancer of the stomach. Thank you for the ongoing research.

  9. None of my family have suffered with Cancer.
    My mother died at 61 with Alzheimer’s disease.
    I believe dad has Parkinson’s.

  10. i am afraid many cancers run in my family. Breast on both sides. Colon Cancer, prostate, and ovaries, my aunt had part of her intestines removed due to cancer. I lost both of my grandma’s to cancer. My aunt Terry to breast cancer. My mother had a mass showed up before she died. And not sure when my other aunt will be dying with it. I had to go to the cancer clinic and go through history and get some things checked out. Since I try to keep healthy and stay away from the bad way of eating, so far, I at least have a clean bill of health in this area. The rest of the family died from a heart attack or strokes. My mom died of a stroke.

  11. My Uncle had Parkinson’s. My mother died at 75 from Alzheimer’s. I was diagnosed with MS 23 years ago aged 42 and am now being treated for Endometrial Cancer with chemotherapy following a full hysterectomy. Any ideas for diet to combat all this!!!

  12. I have MS.

    My paternal grandfather apparently died of Ca of stomach.

    My father died of Ca of Prostate. His sister died within three weeks of his death with Ca of Breast.

    One brother has had Prostate removed because of cancer along with another brother has had surgery of breast because of Ca.

  13. My father died with lung cancer. He was a smoker. My niece died of breast cancer leading to lung & brain cancer. An aunt died with breast cancer and a cousin had breast cancer but was in remission.

  14. What a great topic for discussion!

    Thought I’d contribute the ‘rest of my story’ with you…..way back in the 70’s when I was three months pregnant with my son, through a routine exam, my doctors discovered I had carcenoma insitu (early stages of cancer) of the cervix.

    They wanted me to terminate the pregnancy, but I refused. Once my son was born, and after healing up, I underwent a hysterectomy. And, sure enough, they discovered cancer cells were present in the cervical and uterine tissue.

    It wasn’t too long after that when the symptoms of MS really came into play and started to take over my life.

    No signs of cancer since then, and my son has grown up to be a fine and healthy man.

  15. I don’t have cancer but my father was treated last year for a tumor on his lungs. Then this year underwent chemo & radiation for abnormal cells found in the lymphoma
    This year. He is 71 years old.

  16. My brother and a maternal aunt died from lymphoma; otherwise, I am not aware of any other cancers.

  17. My mother grandmother, 2 Aunts and sister all smoked for many years. One of my Aunts has MS but no one in my family had cancer; the only one close is my Grandfather who died of black lung (not sure if that is cancer) but he was a coal miner.

  18. no cancer in the family. My dad died of congestive heart failure and mum of brain aneurysm
    my younger brother also has ms I have had ms for 27 yrs and now also osteoporiosis but otherwise am good

  19. My maternal grandmother died from an unknown cancer before I was born. To my mother’s best guess is “some sort of bone cancer” also my aunt on my mother’s side had breast cancer but is now happily cancer free as far as we know! My paternal grandmother had oral cancer removed and died of “old age” many years after her oral cancer dx.

  20. I don’t have any cancers that I know about yet . My father has had prostate cancer, and I’m having some sort of prostate problems,

  21. My 31 year old daughter was diagnosed with MS in 2007. She had symptoms since year 1998. Her aunt (husband’s side) had MS and died in June 2013. A second aunt had colon cancer 4 years ago, followed by Rhematoid Arthritis. A cousin on her father’s side died at age 17 from Hodgkins lymphoma. My husband is in remission from B cell lymphoma (dx 2000)…that’s 3 out of 3 offspring from the same father with chronic autoimmune type diseases. My husband’s father died from prostate cancer.

  22. Dr. Rudy,

    MS Overcomer here:

    My mother died of lung cancer in 1980. My MS diagnosis was in 1958 Dad died of CHF in 2000. I am an only child with no children. Thanks for all you do Dr. Cartwright


    Gail Norris

  23. I dont have any cancer yet, I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. My father has prostate cancer diagnosed in 2011.

  24. I know this is over, but I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. My mother also has MS. My maternal grandfather had pancreatic cancer, but actually died of a heart attack. Earlier this year I had a breast cancer scare and was diagnosed with Atypia ductal hyperplasia. I have been on avonex since my MS diagnosis. No other cancer exists that I know of. I agree that a low acidic diet fights cancer. If I had been diagnosed with cancer, I was going to use the diet approach to fight it, and not chemo/radiation. Thanks for all your research and willingness to share!

  25. My wife was diagnosed with MS in January 1999. In July of 2013 she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In late August a 4cm x 4cm x 2cm tumor was removed along with 40% of her pancreas through Whipple Procedure. She has had chemo treatment with GEMZAR, then 5FU and radiation and is back on GEMZAR. Tremendous problem with extremely low WBC count. Recently has been down to 0.78. Has been given injections of Neupogen to build up WBC count. Two weeks ago with 5 injections WBC count up to 28.0. This week after 3 injections it is 81.8. Oncologist lost as to why, so no chemo. Starting to be a common thing to skip chemo due to low WBC but now skipped due to high WBC.

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