I’ve gotten numerous requests to list the ingredients in THE ESSENTIALS.  As written on the label, the ingredients are as follows:

1. Niacin (as niacinamide)

2. Catalase

3. Glutathione (reduced)

4. Quercetin

5. Hesperidin

6. Catechin

7. Acetyl Cysteine

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To Your better health,

Dr. Rudy Cartwright

MS Health Coach


  1. i have heard about LDN, stands for low dose naltrexone. could you please tell me what you think about this, i was diagnosed about 6 yrs ago and i am starting to have some serious problems with my balance and with feeling, walking is starting to be a problem. i dont take your essentials but i am looking at starting them., i am going to go to a MS Center on 12/16 for the first time i have been only seeing my Neurologist since diag. want to know what to ask about.

    • Kathriona,

      Naltrexone is a drug. There are two strength, 50 mg (high dose) and 4.5 mg (low dose). The high dose is used to treat alcoholism. The low dose is used for multiple sclerosis. It has not been approved by the regulatorr authorities for this use. Those who take the low dose strength for MS say that it is very helpful.

      THE ESSENTIALS is a nutritional supplement having seven ingredients. The ingredients are known to be beneficial to the health of the human nervous system.

      Dr. Cartwright

  2. I am thinking about ordering The Essential supplement, quick question I am currently taking Gilenya once a day, Magnesium once a day, and vitamin D3 every second day is it okay to try The Essential with the vitamins and medication I already take.

  3. If taking the essential vitamins will that be suffient or will i need others? never had a major attack in yrs now get like a dizzy spell knees get shaky eyes get blurry doesnt last long going for MRI cple weeks
    also have arthitis in the neck which may be the prob will know soon then would like to start on the essential taking an organic vitamin now has D3
    Also taking Vitamin B12 <just started
    Wonder if u could comment
    Thank You

  4. I just started on The Essentials and MorLogic. I have not seen any results yet but as I said I just started (about two weeks). My question is in regards to dosage- is the dosage the same for someone that is 150 pounds and someone that is 300 pounds? Thanks in advance for your response.

  5. Hello Dr Cartwright,
    I was taking your Essentials a year ago but my doctor told me to stop taking them. I felt great if you ask me I also told him to look you up.

  6. Dr. Cartwright,
    The Essentials ordering site is down. I sent someone here instead. When will it be up again? Also, what do you recommend to better your balance?
    Thanks! I’ve been taking The Essentials for 3 weeks and I know it’s helping! I’ll be back!

    • The site should be up again. You can call 866-223-5235 to place an order with Tabitha as well. Thank you!

  7. I have been taking THE Essentials for some time, and I do see some improvement overall but have run out. Do I keep taking them the rest of my life or just until I run out? I was thinking I would be

  8. I have received my bottle of The Essentials and I am wondering if there are any contraindications (with food, rx’s or alcohol) reported and if I should continue to take my regular multivitamin?

    • Hi. There are no contraindications with food, prescriptions or alcohol. If you have had good success with your regular multivitamin, we recommend you continue to take it. It will cause no conflict with The Essentials. We hope this helps. MS Health University Client Care.

  9. Hi. I have secondary progressive ms and have been taking Essentials for about 4 months but have seen no improvement at all in fact I would say I have deteriorated significantly. How long should any improvements take to show themselves? Thank you.

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