The Truth About MS and Calcium

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  1. Thank you Dr Cartwright. it is very useful information. It leads to a lot of questions though.
    First. What to do with other calcium containing food? Green leaf vegies, small fish ect. as we need calcium, and we can not avoid eating those types of food. Unless it is something else in milk products that makes calcium to give a negative effect on neura
    l cells function or some other milk substances effecting neuro cells. Why just milk?
    Second question. Some supplements contain milk protein such as whey. Should this products be avoided as well, or is the milk calcium the only concern? I know that for examle Glutathione is very helpful in strengthening immune system. And it is recommended for MS treatment. There is a good product out there which is a glutathione precursor cysteine. Should I avoid it because it is a milk product?

    I’d like to know where these questions will be answered, at the upcoming webinar? Or should I post it somewhere else, am I addressing them at the right time,right place, where do i look for the answer?

    Thnk you very much again, you are amazing!

  2. I understand cutting milk, cheese and yogurt from the diet, but I also have osteoporosis, for which I have been prescribed the generic for fossomax which I believe is a calcium supplement. Is taking this detrimental to the MS? What should I do?

  3. Inflammation on the left eye nerve (badly) and I’m 5 weeks pregnant! Both was identified on the same day. Does anybody have advice as to what to follow: eating what’s right for pregnancy or staying on what’s right for ms??? I’m a bit confused and would appreciate any advice.

  4. I had just received a large shipment of calcium supplement, when I heard Dr.Rudy say on a webnair that Ipriflavone was a good substitute, but would like to know how it works on the nerves and etc.
    Also, is there anyone in their 80’s who has MS and left with hot flashes, doc told me it was a CNS problem but refuses to recognize all my symptoms of MS as being MS.

  5. First of all I would like Dr Cartwright to let me know about what I can take or do in regards with burning in my feet.I have had this for a long time and the doctors have virtually told me that I will just have to live with it?Also I have found a fantastic glutathione supplement which was one of the important supplements to take as prescribed by Dr Cartwright.It is not like the normal glutathione supplements that merely contain glutathione because the digestive system breaks down ingested glutathione making it difficult to be absorbed into your system.The one I am talking about provides the proper nutrients needed to promote the body’s own ability to manufacture glutathione.It gets into every single cell in your body.It is science based and patented no other supplement can do this.I have been taking this supplement for quite a few months now and I feel that I have more energy,less tiredness,better sleep,mental clarity and just an overall feeling of wellness.I will never stop taking this product.Just wanted to let everyone know about it.I”m not sure if I am allowed to mention the product name but if anyone is interested I dont’ mind if you contact me at

  6. Thank you Dr., but I have a question
    Do you know anyone in Ventua County, CA that you could refer me to.
    I am 36 and I am doin anything I can to get my life back. The Doctor I
    see is just loading me up on stong pain killers, and muscle relaxers. why we keep trying treatments.

    Thank you

  7. what next – there is not much left to eat – I am most perplexed by the calcum infomation adn my neurologist says its not true and I shouldnt take any notice of it – calcium i so important for our health surely??

    I am confused – how sure are the EXPERTS about this info about calcium????????

  8. My mother just turned 93 and has had MS since she was 20. She had hot flashes during menopause but no longer.

  9. Hello my name is Phillip Koss. This is a different way to look at your problem with MS. I have no dog in this fight. Thank GOD that I have a perfect body at 54. I have never taken drugs, smoked, drank coffee,tea,or alcohol.I have a company of one called strech for life. On here you can see some of my people. I say people,because I am not a doctor. I do not work for pharmaceutical companies, or am not trying to sell you a bill of goods , that don’t work. The reason I spell strech with no T, I wont pay 500.00 for a websight. I started my quest in MS to help people to regain hand eye control. I live in Waco Texas. My two clients that come up from Temple Texas. My first client has had MS for 16 years. She was a school teacher for 30 years. But quit a year ago, because of falling and loosing confidence. This is the biggest reason of going down hill faster,is feeling negative about herself.We can call her Martha,this is her real name. After this I do have her permission to give her name and number.She has worked with me for 5 weeks.One hour at a time.This is as long as one person can take. I work strictly one on one. What I do is teach you to re-use the foot or hands ,without moving another appendage .The week before I worked in the first hour to take her out of her left leg brace.She drags her left foot ,and would not pick it up. Within 1 hour she lifted her leg 20 straight times. After 4 visits , she now walks without the brace, and can lift this leg 100 times. She also has returned to walking in the shower and do it by herself ,without her husbands help. By the way I see her Friday, and she only uses a Cain,not a walker anymore. Also I had another client last Friday , I will call him JIM. He is 69, and he has had MS for 3 years. He has gone down to lifting his left leg to put it in the car. He told me he couldn’t lift his left leg. We worked 20 minuets on this. Then he held it up for 40 straight minuets.He is coming back Friday for a second treatment.Feel free to E mail me or call 254 717 0641 Thanks.So to let you know , their is hope for you to fight this disease. Using your on brain for control. I have gotten up 6 stroke victims up and walking in the last three months. I also do Parkinson, nurapathy , and dystonia. Thanks

  10. It is my understanding that in taking Vit D you need to also take calcium and magnesium in order for it to be effective. What is Dr. Cartwright’s stance on this?

  11. For all of the concerns about calcium, i am working on another video to be posted on the blog concerning this issue. To remain evidence-based and not opinion-based take a little more time and effort. I assure you that the video will be posted.

    To Your Good Health

    Dr. Cartwright

  12. Thank you for all your commnts. Can Dr Cartwright please confirm to me that all his comments also apply to Primary Progressive MS. This condition is very different from RR MS, in so much that it can’t be medicated in any way. I don’t necessarily see this as a bad thing, as at least I don’t have to deal with the consequences on longterm drug use; but it is a daily struggle with no hope of “a day off”. I am a positive person and although I have been coping with this condition for a few years, I do believe that healthy diet and the correct supplements, will see me living symptom free. I just want to be reassured that with my strain of this monster, I am doing the right thing following his and Sue Ellen Dickenson’s advice.

    Kindest regards

    Lorraine Osborne

  13. Hi. Im back again. If you are tired of trying anything out there and going down hill spiral. The only person who can fight this disease is you. Ill explain, I do not work for any medical, pharmaceutical company. All they do is sell you a bill of goods for money and you go backwards. I teach people to regain their quality of life. I just started doing this since July of this year, and have a 100 percent in changing people lives for the better. Im not a BS person selling a bill of goods. Eating healthy is great for anyone, but fighting a disease that robs you of motor skills is not based on food intake.I teach you to start using hand or foot with control of all arms and legs. Basically you are right handed. when you have a stroke you lose the left side. I have gotten up stroke victims and walking , when these so called doctors and therapist, have no idea how to reteach you to use your hand and foot. If you are interested in seeing some of my clients. Go to you tube cure for stroke ,Parkinson,nurapathy,or dystonia. You will see a entry by scooterkoss, or Go to Strech for Or call me 254 717 0641 thanks

  14. I viewed the video today. Thank you Dr. Cartwright for everything you do for us. I was trying to write down some of the things you said in the video and also write down the sources you cited. Can the sources, etc. be printed out any place? Thank you again for your tireless efforts on our behalf.

  15. I would like to tell people about how Phillip Koss has helped me with MS. He has shown me how to focus,do exercises to help me walk. I still use a cane when I walk. I focus on what I am doing so I walk better. He has just started to teach me to meditate and of course feel better about myself. A good attitude is very important to help me in my fight against this disease.


  17. My husband has progressive ms and like someone mentioned – there is nothing out there that can help him.he has problem with ealking – now in wheelchair ,left leg will not move at all – drooping. Cannot eat with out help and cannot write either. he is left with only watching TV as apastime and he is devestated. Age 55 now and wass a marathon runner before MS struck – 15 years ago.He was able to cope up to about 5 years ago. Can anyone help in this situation. Yes he is taking supplements and eats dairyfree but to no avail.

  18. hi? Phillip Koss. My name is Vera Please tell me .How can you help Ms. Have you got Ms before. /What did you do to get better/ .regard Vera

  19. Thanks Dr.Cartwright for the informative talk.
    My understanding…so we must NOT use Glutamate and Aspartate, that avoids calcium overload, but what do we take as an antagonist to enhance the neuroprotective effect and minimize the damage to the nerve axon?

  20. I am in New Zealand and having difficulty finding a capsicum supplement which will deliver the recommended 2mg dose. All people I have spoken with wonder if the 2mg should perhaps be 2gms.I am also having difficulty with the “Baker Unit” for catalase and also the product itself. Also cannot source th e product catalase so look forward to the release of MS Essentials. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  21. After going thru all the materials you sent, I have reached a point of conflict in my diagnosis of my problem, since I had all the symptoms of MS plus a few more that I read of other victims listed in the MS Society’s literature, I assumed that I fit the picture except for one thing, neuropathy in both legs and feet, left leg has a lameness, foot drags, toe drops and pain that feels like a drill going right out to the end of toe, neuropathy is not on the Society’s list of symptoms. so am I dealing with celiac disease instead of MS? most of my pain is fleeting, not consistent.

  22. Hello again, If your doctor tells you to focus and you cant contact me or click on my name. I teach you to focus in a short period of time, this is part of my treatment to help ms people to regain thier motor skills thanks

  23. “The Essentials” – where can I purchase Dr. Cartwight’s formula?

    In one month using Dr. Cartwright’s recommendations for diet and supplements, I am ‘staggering’ without a cane or walker and I believe in another month, that I shall walk upright with no assistance whatsoever.
    I’ve lost a healthy amount of weight and feel good. Only problem now are menopausal hot flushes.

    Merci mille fois

  24. I have had tremors in my left hand which makes it hard to write and eat!On top of that I was only born with one hand. What should I be doing to correct this?



  25. Hi. To reply to Sean O Donnell, first sorry to hear about the current situation. I am an adult female dx with relapsing/remitting MS. I understand the pain and frustration of this disease. Most doctors claim that research does not support effectiveness of the ABC injectable drugs for progressive MS. Nevertheless, some people with progressive do use the injections. Consult with your husband’s neurologist. If you are dissatisfied with his doctor, look for a new one. Also, there are some drugs which can give the immune system a “reboot.” One drug is cyclophosphamide. The other is naltrexone. I think they are chemotherapy agents which can be used at lower doses for MS. There are reports by some users of “getting their life back,” however not everyone has the same results–kinda hit or miss right now. I also want to mention a procedure which I am currently asking my neurologist to oversee called a plasmaphoresis or plasma exchange. I have known about this procedure since 1998 when I had my first episode, however not only was I told it was not a good option, I was not even diagnosed until 2005 due to old-fashioned protocol, short-sightedness on the doctors’ parts, possibly stupidity or an apathetic, passive attitude, and perhaps fear of lawsuits over misdiagnosis…but that is another all too commone story–delay of diagnosis. I have learned that plasma exchange is an expensive procedure and that may be the main reason doctors have chosen intravenous steroids as the first line treatment for an acute episode. As you may know, steroids do not stop the disease. Steroids help reduce inflammation temporarily. They have problematic side effects. Because, in my case, steroids are contraindicated due to another underlying condition, I had asked my neurologist if we could come up with a Plan B for any possible acute episode. In the past, he agreed he would authorize plasma exchange if necessary. O.K., so here I am, months after that request, and I am in the middle of what I am pretty sure is an episode of optic neuritis-constant twitching of the eyelid for over 3 weeks straight and pain and strain in both eyes. I am waiting for my neuroopthalmologist to set up a special MRI of the optic nerves as well as a decision from my neurologist. With plasma exchange, the doctor removes the plasma. I think you receive fresh plasma from a donor (not sure on this)The goal is to clear out components of the blood including the misbehaving T cells which attack myelin. This gives the body a fresh start and reboot. I have heard some people have had great relief and improvement. I need to look at the research a bit more. These are the main options that western medicine offers. New drugs are coming out. As far as natural supplements, I use Turmeric daily–there is research showing Turmeric preserves mobility in mice who consume it. I also take some things with anti-inflammatory properties including cod liver or fish oil, sometimes I take liquid MSM, also Vitamin D3 supplement–my bloodwork showed deficiency, probiotics, Thyadine (to help with goiter on thyroid, and VERY IMPORTANT and useful, I take NADH 5-10mg which helps with my energy production. I used to nap for hours and felt like a truck had hit me. NADH definitely helps. For pain, burning, numbness in feet I rub on a cream containing capsaicin-it is warming and may burn slightly at first, but it helps with pain. I hope this information is useful to you and the others on this blog. May we see a cause and cure revealed very soon.

  26. MS suffers please try flax seed oil and natural cottage cheese or read Dr Budwig’s book on flax seed oil

  27. I agree with MARGERITE. My Vitamin D was very low nd my doctor said to take VIT D supplement.Went back for 3 mo blood test and it was a point lower.Then I was told to take calcium with the vitamin D and took 3 mo. blood test again my vitamin D had risen 20 points. I too have progressive and the NMSS and many worldwide doctors are working on stem cell therapy. Lets hope.

  28. I could not access Dr Cartwright’s video on MS & calcium(The truth about multiple Sclerosis & Calcium). Would it be possible to get a printed version on my computer?
    Thank you

  29. Yes, can someone tell me if calcium overload can cause trigeminal neuralgia in someone with MS. Thank you.


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