Toxins in clothes: Possible cause of inflammation outside and inside the body

Specific dyes in clothing can be converted to a more mature form by the bacteria on the skin or after being absorbed and metabolized in the body. The converted dyes may go on to cause problems with health. One such problem is inflammation—-the heart and soul of MS. Not all dyes cause the same problem. That being the case, it is possible to develop symptoms depending on the clothes being worn.

Many of you have already figured this out and have taken appropriate steps to minimize being the victim of the unsuspected beautiful looking toxins—-dyes. I encourage everybody to take a good look at all of the previous posts on the blog and apply the experiences of others where appropriate.


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Dr. Rudy Cartwright
MS Health Coach

One thought on “Toxins in clothes: Possible cause of inflammation outside and inside the body

  1. Dr. Cartwright,
    This was a great teaching for those of us with MS. Thank you.
    I did have trouble with new fabrics burning my skin and as you said it must have been bad for us to wear.
    I found that wearing pure fabrics like 100% cotton or silk were very calming to me. It is almost as if I got energy from pure fabrics and lost energy with synthetics and harsh dyes.
    Thank you again for helping us.
    Take care,

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