What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You: Or, will it?

In times past, we used to say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Now-a-days, this saying is not so true—-at least, not in the USA.

Many of the apples purchased at super markets have been sprayed with the chemical diphenylamine (DPA) that keeps the fruit looking shiny, fresh and wholesome – but looks can be deceiving.

While the “powers that be” claim that DPA is safe, there is no mention of the research that backs up the claim.  After all, there is a long history of chemicals that we thought were safe but that actually did harm to your DNA over time.  A healthy DNA is required for recovery from MS.

So, it is a good idea to ask whether the fruits that you eat – that look so appealing – have been sprayed with DPA.  Ask your grocer next time you are in the supermarket.

Dr. Rudy Cartwright
MS Health Coach

12 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You: Or, will it?

  1. Apples are healthy. If you keep telling us that all these healthy foods are now poisonous, then what can we eat? Just give your fruit a good wash before eating. Try to obtain as much organic fruit and veg as possible.

  2. So, no matter how healthy you try to eat, there is always a negative about it. Everything we eat, has been tampered with. Does washing the fruit eliminate the problem, or does it just dilute the problem? I give up. Unless you are growing it yourself, you can assume that it has been tampered. Pesticides, DPA’s, BPA’s, growth hormones etc. just to name a few. There is NO WAY around it. It is what it is. So sad, but true. We are doomed

  3. Good one Dr. Cartwright. We are so trusting of the food we eat. I always rinse fruit with alkaline water, then dry it with a paper towel before I eat it . Is this sufficient to get rid of any contaminants?

  4. Dear Dr. Cartwright and everyone,
    Thank you for the informative and necessary article.
    I live in the UK and have been eating organically for over 30 years (including a seasonal org. apple a day). I get an organic veg. box (OVB) delivered to my house weekly. It’s inexpensive, local and through Abel & Cole tel. 08452 626262 who is cheaper than supermarket organics. In the US there are many OVB schemes. We can avoid those toxic pesticide apples! Just don’t settle for trash. We hold power with our purses.

  5. Hi Dr Cartwright Me and my wife Allways go to the local farmmars market in our town to buy fruit and veg but some times we go the grocery store , so next time we go to grocery store we will ask about spraying. a big member of your fan club. George Cope

    • I always rinse fruit before I eat them and choose my veggies cautiously before eating.
      I have a question that have nothing to do about what we eat, but lately I am having trouble focusing on bright lights, TV’s, computers, anything and I can’t watch anything at night with the
      lights on. My focus is triangle shape, I see the full screen but it is split from bottom left to top of opposite corner on right side. I have an appt. to see my eye specialist re: why

      • Jocelyn,

        When it comes to a visual field cut, an ophthalmologist, eye specialist, is the kind of doctor to evaluate and provide guidance on treatment.

        Dr. Rudy Cartwright
        MS Health Coach

  6. Dr.Cartwright,
    I am 59, have had MS for 20 years. I started out RR and am now secondary progressive. For the first 9 years I walked 2 miles/day. I have been following you for a year. I don’t eat gluten, grains, dairy or sugar. Can’t afford grass fed meat but do what I can. I am worried because I am substantially worse and can barely walk now and the fatigue is overwhelming. What am I doing wrong? Can you help me?

  7. Eat only organic fruits and vegtables. As for the meat you eat you should only eat grass fed meat . Washing does very little except wash off a little surface contamination, ROUNDUP and other chemicals that are EXTREMELY harmful to the body cannot just be washed off period

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