Your Circadian Rhythm: The role it plays in getting your life back

This earth (the hallmark of nature) has two important cycles—-the cycle of the four seasons (winter/spring/summer/fall) and the cycle of 24-hours (day/ night); and good health depends on being in tune with nature. When MS is present, you are not in tune.

Earth established its four-season cycle relative to its orbit around the sun and its 24-hour cycle relative to the rotation on its axis. The rotation of the earth on its axis causes a daily rhythm in environmental factors, such as light intensity, food availability, and temperature. Because humans are smart, we learned to take advantage of earth’s two cycles, planting and harvesting the crops that we eat and being active during the day and sleeping during the night.

From a health standpoint, in order to anticipate changes in the environment that occur during a 24-hour period, humans evolved a health rhythm based on 24 hours. We call this “circadian rhythm” –meaning “about 24 hours”. An internal control mechanism that resides in the hypothalamus of the brain ensures the proper functioning of our circadian rhythm to keep us in good health.

In MS, the control of circadian rhythm is lost. As a result, you develop heat intolerance, sensitivity to light, memory changes, poor food habits, loss of balance, dizziness, an inability to sweat and tear when needed, numbness and tingling, inability to write with a pen or pencil, bowel & bladder issues, and problems with vision.

Helping the body regain control of its circadian rhythm puts you on the right track to slowing the MS process down, stopping it, and getting your life back. Central to this effort is addressing both sleep and heat. For sleep, try the dietary supplement MELATONIN. To control heat, try the lotion HEAT-N-SYNC. Both work.

Dr. Rudy Cartwright
MS Health Coach

8 thoughts on “Your Circadian Rhythm: The role it plays in getting your life back

  1. I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. I slowly got worse and had to go on disability in 2009. I am totally wheelchair bound. I now can barely stand. I took the supplements you recommended along with The Essentials but had to quit because I could no longer afford them. I have bad constipation and my PCP told me to take Miralax everyday. I have been and have gotten ALOT worse. I was wondering if Miralax would cause me to get worse.

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