WELCOME to your new MS Health University!!

We want to thank you for coming by the new site. Take a look around and be sure to look at the “Watch this first” video over on the right. It will give you a nice tour of MS Health University.

We’re still working the kinks and the bugs out of the new site so please be patient with us!

We’ll be having regular blog posts like before, webinars, training sessions, and any and everything we can think of to bring you the best MS information out there.

Welcome again and please leave your comments below.

To Your Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright, MS Health Coach
Scott Cartwright, MPH

10 thoughts on “WELCOME to your new MS Health University!!

  1. There is no  valid scientific basis for any of these claims. None of these treatments are endorsed by the NMSS or the FDA.

    • Dr. Cohen,
      Please watch the webinar replay. The experts present the results of a scientific study FROM the NMSS. We’re sure you will find it enlightening.

  2. i think the site is great and thank Dr. Cartright for his time for helping people with ms

    Thank you again

  3. My question is directed to the person (s) in charge of this site. I could not get onto the bladder and bowel webinar this morning. Will you have a copy of it on this site for us to listen to? I preferred the other company you hosted your webinar’s through. I got onto the site quickly and easily.

  4. Looks like a very valuable site – I am not an MS recoverer but have other immune & various issues. I took an interest in this site because of my son-in-law who has MS (remitting & relapsing). I forward information onto my daughter for them both to read. I think he mainly is connected in to a hospital program, and he has bravely hung in, running his business (as if nothing is wrong). He is a wonderful husband & father. No-one would realise he has MS unless he told them, because he doesn’t talk much about it. He is having physical flare ups and now mental as well, so will keep ‘watching this space’ for info which may relate to them. Thanks so much for your help

  5. Also, a Naturopath said to me yesterday, that MS was caused by mercury poisoning? Is that correct?

    • Susanne,

      Mercury Can play a part in MS. There are other things that play a part also, such as diesel fumes, genetic predisposition, Gluten, Gliadin, lead, cadmium, to name a few.

      Dr. Rudy

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