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Here are just a few of the emails and letters we receive on a weekly basis.

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I NOW can walk up stairs…!

To: Dr. Rudy Cartwright

My name is Art. [Age 56] I was Dx. With MS May 2001. I started on Avonex. Used this medication for one full year. During this year I went from mild numbness in my finger tips of my left hand, to my whole hand being numb and tingling. My gait went from normal to very unsteady. A few falls R/T left leg with decreased ROM. Not able to lift left foot up more than ~ 8 inches. Per my Dr. I switched to Betaseron. I was on this med for 7 years. I went from a very unsteady gait, to not being able to raise my feet more then two inches off the floor. Multiple falls one with Fx’s. Massive contusions over my body. I ended up with AFO’s on both my feet. {Foot drop on my right] and had to use a rolling walker. [Even fell using the walker D/T still not able to lift left foot a inch or two off of ground] of course I used IV Steroids a couple of times during the years. I talked with my DR., about 10 occasions, on alternative treatments from Bee stings to rubbing body with Zebra urine. [OK not Zebra urine – but, couldn’t come up with a treatment that started with a Z.) I tried anything out there from A – Z. [All the above is documented in my medical records. No exaggeration in my wellbeing]

In my eighth year of my MS, {getting pretty bad off} I knew I’d be in a wheelchair soon. I came across a Dr. Rudy Cartwright on the internet. I have been following him now for two years. Taking the below medications he suggested. I now can walk up stairs without holding on to hand rails. (Gait still a little unsteady, but I do this once in awhile because I still can’t believe it. I had to stop taking stairs a long time ago. When I do this I know I am witnessing a miracle) [finally found someone who knows what he is talking about] I now have full ROM to both lower extremities. Still with the neuropathy in both legs, but that has decreased some. Still have the numbness to my left hand. [Feels like a rawhide glove was placed on my left hand, glove got wet and dried in the hot sun.] Over all I’m now able to function again. And what can anybody say to a person that has given him his life back. Just thank God for your caring. Art

…the knowledge I have gained along the way is priceless

Hi Dr Cartwright & Scott.

Just to say a very big thank you for all the hard work and genuine interest you have shown to date. I am so enjoying each and every session and the knowledge I have gained along the way is priceless.

I really appreciate the fact you send the monthly supply of nutrients I could not access in Ireland. I explained the difficulty I was having with session 1 and the eye exerciser within 24 hours it arrived in the members area with a back ground of various colours!!! Which thankfully I can see!

As I explained this evening during the webinar I really feel fantastic and definitely feel improvement which is what this was all about. I feel my old self coming back slowly and no medication.

I am now very positive and very hopeful for the future and very grateful that I found you.

While writing this email I am listening to Mozart Requiem and I just needed to let you both know the hard work and effort is truly appreciated.

Sharon [Private Client]

The fact is I am improving…

Dear Dr Cartwright

I am so sorry I missed the webinar live – it was broadcast at 1am over in the UK and I’m afraid I fell asleep – thank goodness for technology. I have now listened to it and felt it was possibilty the best one yet! I consider myself to be an MS recoverer and I have been following your suggestions for sometime now – I take the Essentials (for about 6/7 months now), a multi vit with no calcium, Omega fish oils and Vit D 10,0000 units. I also inject once a week 1mg of B12. I truely believe it was a viral infection of the bowel that started my B12 deficiency/MS journey. I take guidance re the B12 from a Dr Joseph Chandy – I strongly suggested you should “google” him – like you, he thinks with a scientific mind – but outside of the normal “restricted” mind of a GP. When I started taking the Essentials I thought I’d try them for 6 months and see what happens – the fact is I am improving – very slowly and not without setbacks, but I believe the you are right – this horrid condition is a jigsaw puzzle – the picture on the front is each individual MS recoverer seeing themself as fit and healthy; it’s just each of our jigsaws is made up of a different amount of pieces and so we each have to piece together our own jigsaw. I now believe that the Essentials, together with my other suplements, healthy gluten-free diet, yoga, etc are all parts of my jigsaw.

Please never underestimate the value of the work you and Scott do. I thank God I bought Sue Ellen’s book and found a link to you.

Thank you and God Bless


THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom…

Dear Dr. Cartwright.
For the first time in 12 yrs., I feel hope and enthusiasm returning. These last few years have been the hardest I ever remember. I believe that you and these webinars encourage, strengthen and support all of those who are listening. Thanks for your answer to my questions. I love the format, as, I too, like to know THE REASONS for why this happened. It has cost me I job I adored (teaching), my ability to walk w/o limping and too many things to enumerate here. Life has been rough. Every ABC + drug I have taken has left me sick, depressed, nauseous, and DISAPPOINTED. I can hear in your voice the heart of one who is truly dedicated to helping those of us with MS. While praying (I do that often), I came to realize that this disease could be conquered. THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom, side and top of my heart for your great work. I never had a father-in-law (he was deceased) but if I did, I’d wish he was like you. God bless your family at this Thanksgiving. I am giving thanks for many things, and YOU, sir, are top of my list.
Sincerely, Susan

…my remarkable improvement in only 6 months!

Hi Dr. Cartwright,

I have attached a letter to you with a detailed chain of events that lead up to my remarkable improvement in only six months. You told me my body has had this predisposition to MS, since gestation in my mothers womb, and should take up to possibly seven years to turn my health around.

I can now see the importance of following a healthy diet, your invaluable health coaching, along with taking DAILY, your Essentials and other nutrients.

I will post a blog about this too. I was really excited and thought you would want to see this. You can use this, copy it, post in in your classes, whatever you think will help others see the TREMENDOUS benefit of your MS Health coaching.

I give you and your son, Scott, a HUGE thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You both are worth your weight in GOLD and then some. I can’t wait for the day I can run on a tennis court, in a singles match, again and I know I will.

May God keep Blessing both of you and your whole family….abundantly, Melinda

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