Supplement manufacturing facility

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  1. This is a great peek inside video clip – people don’t realize the work it takes to manufacture or create supplements, vitamins, drugs or anything. We take for granted the ease of purchases and the expectation of things always just being available. This puts a real life face in a very simple way to what you are doing to creat this wonderful product – thank you. The fact that when you realized, there wasn’t a product out there that was needed, you did something about it in creating the Essentials. This makes it so much easier than all of us trying to put multiple items together, guessing how much of each and giving up out of shear frustration so – I thank you again or Mahalo two times. Next time you should put Sue Ellens pretty face out there on the video, her story is what this is all abouttoo.

  2. Hi Dr. Cartwright & Scott. Bless you for all that you have done. I am waiting to find out if my daughter Lisa paid for my Essential vitamins and if there is any left. Unfortunately Lisa has just moved into her new house and she is very busy with the kids & unpacking. I really look forward to listening to your webinar. Take care of yourselves for me.

    take care, Mary Kelly (nee Rosa) from Barrie, Ont. Canada

  3. I am just starting THe Essentials. I am confused . Do I just take that or do I need to take omga, Vit D3 . Is there anything else I should be taking?


  4. Dr. Cartwright, I want to thank you so much for the information you are proving to people that have MS. It is a horrible disease. I am 38 years old and the Mother of two little boys. It has been so hard on my family to see me suffer and they feel helpless. My husband and family are very excited about The Essentials. My family wants me to start them right away. I have so many vitamins and supplements and its so hard to remember to take all of them. It can be very confusing. I would like to know the ingredients in the essentials. By having this information, I will know what else I need to take. I know Vit.D3 is crucial. Is their a particular Vit.D3 you recommend. This info would be so helpful. Thank you again, for all that you do to give people like me hope.

  5. Can you put on the site a list of ingredients and do I need to take calcium, d3, b12, fish oil, etc.. as well. I know these questions are being asked.. I just don’t see the answers.

    Thank you!

  6. Dr. Cartright,
    The peptides Serrapeptase and Nattokinase (you can google their properties) are supposed to gently clean out arteries that have plaque. My husband used them and started to grow hair on his bald head, not a ton, but still a sign that circulation improved.
    I used it to get rid of an ovarian cyst. Serrapeptase is an enzyme that was originally produced by the Japanese Silkworm (still is I guess) to break out of the coccoon. The enzyme ate away the crust and genetically it is supposed to be designed to rid the body of dead material but not live stuff. To all MS sufferers who do not have access to the Zamboni method, they can get this probably at Vitamin Shops or on line. It is not an overnight process, cleaning out the arteries takes about 1 year to a year and a half. It took 3 1/2 months to get rid of my ovarian cyst.
    I first heard about it from a friend in the UK who was sent home by the surgeon to whom she had been referred for removal of a cyst. He said, this is no big deal, go home and take Serrapeptase. It requires a very high dose for the cyst removal. My husband took two a day (must be taken on an empty stomach to work and no food for 30 minutes afterwards, so first thing in the morning)It is risk free, unlike the stent procedure, requires no testing as such if you don’t want to, and infinitely cheaper than an operation. It just requires a little more patience but then you get clean arteries throughout your body and not just where the stent was insesrted.
    Good luck.

  7. I would really like to know what is in the essentials and is the a better alternative than taking the D3 magnesium B6 zinc fish oils B6 garlic that is currently being taken daily?
    Kin regards

  8. I ordered and started taking the Essentials months before I was diagnosed. I didn’t know my son looked up my symptoms. Said MS. Now yes I have it. Thankful that its treatable. I’m learning this disease. I’m Army Vet so I Will be alright! I have 2!!

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