The Importance of Supplements

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19 thoughts on “The Importance of Supplements

  1. I am drinking my fresh fruit smoothie, made with almond mild – not diary – and fresh strawberries and fresh blueberries. I am gluten free and dairy free and red meat free. I have been aware of the importance of supplements and vitamins and enzymes for years.

  2. I am learning so much taking your course MS Fundamentals 201. We have purchased all of the supplements you have recommended. My challenge is taking them. I have taken them with and after food, but the B vitamins usually give me indigestion.

    There were many past years when I took Juice Plus. I felt fabulous while taking this, no stomach upsets ever. Juice Plus has all of the vitamins, etc.and is taken from all foods and vegetables.

  3. I origionally had nine lesions. I have rrms and take copaxone. This was about three years ago. Soon I had stomach surgury for diverticulitus and had no relpase. I follow the Swank Diet and lost 90 pounds. I can rus up to 7 miles a day and work out with weights for 1 1/2 hours. I am strong and fit, like a peica of steel!!!!!

  4. Thank you, this dietry supplement page is really useful and interesting. I dont have MS, but a very good friend of mine does, and I cook for him, and have been helping him lead a better life style.

  5. HELLO
    What is the best way to quick smoking?
    When I try to cold turkey my symptoms are worse such as leg and shoulder spasms, spacisitiy, UTI?

    Please HELP. I have tried to contact you and Sue Ellen several tmes.
    I plan to try again July 1. I would like to ease vthe body when doing it.

    How can I be a part of the next Homestudy course?

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for giving all of us HOPE

    Denise Harris

  6. Good info, explained why the body needs certain supplements to help proper function with MS.
    I now have a question for my Naturopath about increasing D3, unless it is in something else of the supplements that I am taking with his guidance. I was reaching the point of constant back spasms,heaadache, and leg numbness.
    The only symptoms that I currently have is cloudiness in one eye, which has improved from where I started out, and occasional stiffness/spasticity in my neck, sometimes with a headache, but not always. Seems to happen when I stray from diet guidlines and more stressful situations. But overall, I am so much better than I was prior to my early retirement, and I can tolerate this level of occasional misstep and get back on track. I do not use any type of pain relievers, only the supplements and dietary guidlines with other changes as set forth by the Naturopath.

  7. I think this is a fabulous resource!
    I am a business psychologist in the UK and I am looking to retrain as a health psychologist which works better for my lifestyle and my passion for working with my MS condition in a constructive way I guess the academics would call me a wounded healer i think that is cool!
    Seriously I have been taking a drug which is off license low dose naltraxone which has had a huge benefit it is unknown in the uk there is a trust
    kindest regards
    Elizabeth Wray

  8. I think that this country should be allowed all of these m.s medical supplements, and procedurse to be done here we do have a large amount of people with m.s.

  9. This information is great. I started on most of them from the MS 201 Fundamentals course and I feel great. I am EAGERLY awaiting for the Essentials to be released.

  10. please let me know if you get this i know last time i tried to get info from you i never heard from you one thing was col something thanks

  11. Thank you for the D3 information. I have to watch being in the sun because of several skin cancers I had to have removed so I`m glad to get this information. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  12. After listening to your webnar on calcium, I am wondering what to do about the abundance of calcium my doctor and wholeistic doctor ut me on in order to combat my osteopirosis.I am also concerned about the Fossomax monthly pill I take which I understand is also calcium based. What should I do? My MS has been pretty well under control until the last 2 months, and now I am struggling with increasing foot drop type symptoms, hand numbness and some balance issues. Please help me. thank you, Karen

  13. I’ve had MS since 1994. I have dealt with it with nutritional supplements and diet. I have been a vegetarian since I was diagnosed to rid my body of chemicals in the meat. I do eat salmon and since getting your information have been trying to eat small amounts of meat again. although difficult.
    I have been taking Reliv for many years and love the product. It is a powder multi vitamin shake. I also take the supplements you have talked about. Most recently I started Protandim, which was suggested by my chiropractor as an anti-oxidant especially for MS. My MS has started me on the compound called 4-aminopyridine . I take two 5mg capsules a day.
    In truth I am very confused at this point. I have arthritis in my knee and am trying to do supplements for that too.
    If you have any suggestions please let me know. I feel I am taking everything and have no guidance on what I am doing with all this.
    thank you for all your help. Evelyn Blasi

  14. This webinar was very helpful. I was diagnosed with MS five years ago. I take supplaments along with my medicine but I dont diet as well as I should and as far as the supplaments I am not consistant on an everyday basis.I look forward to listining to your next webinar.Thank you very much.

  15. Hi

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with all of us. I currently take almost all of the supplements that you were discussing and I was wondering if you thought there was a difference between the quality in brand names. I was diagnosed five years ago and curently take avonex. I have had one bad flare up in that time and feel I am in pretty good health otherwise.I am always looking for ways to be just a little more aware of how to make my health even better, so thank you again.

    Callie Hemmings

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