Heat Intolerance: Zap It Before It Zaps You

Spring has sprung; and you have been living long enough to know that, not too far down the road, heat and its friends fatigue, blurred vision, difficulty thinking, a heavy feeling, periods of feeling drained, “shut down”, or “wiped out” will attempt to snatch the pleasures of living from you. There’s a reason. The elevation in body heat reduces voluntary muscle force, alters cerebral function, and decreases memory. Not only that, heat injures cells in a predictable and repeatable way to cause heat intolerance. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can do something about HEAT INTOLERANCE—-the intolerance that takes you down. Use HEATNSYNC daily in the morning after taking your shower. The time of day that you use HEATNSYNC makes a difference because your circadian rhythm comes into play. Does HEATNSYNC really work? Well, here are a couple of comments about real-life responses when it’s used:
“The lotion worked when I needed it most. July 3rd my Mom passed away, so with all of the stress and an outside burial with temps near 90, I had no problems what-so-ever. I was able to be outside with family during cookouts and enjoying each other’s company. Without the lotion, I would have been in terrible shape……It absolutely is the best thing ever!!!” S. L.—Arundel, Maine
“After using the heat modifying lotion, my observation of my heat tolerance improvement is that I am able to enter a humid 90 + degree facility and participate in a one hour water aerobics class with much more ease. Previous to using the lotion on a short-term continues use basis, entering the facility felt much like entering a “blast furnace”. Now entering the class is relatively easy”. S. M.—Midland, TX

To learn more about HEATNSYNC, please visit: www.heatnsync.com

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Dr. Rudy Cartwright
MS Health Coach

One thought on “Heat Intolerance: Zap It Before It Zaps You

  1. I could only stay in the sun for a very short period of time. maybe 20. 25 muinetes. The HEATNSYNC has changed all that for me, I can now stay out in the sun for hours at a time. Thank you Dr Cartwright/

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