Bowel & Bladder Webinar Replay

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To Your Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright, MS Health Coach
Scott Cartwright, MPH

23 thoughts on “Bowel & Bladder Webinar Replay

  1. Bless you both… This webinar was great.. as always…informative, encouraging… positive …your suggestions your research your constant commitment to helping us MS RECOVERERS.. is a blessing..

  2. Informative and helpful are these Webnares. They make one feel as though we are parts of your family, when sharing small tidbits about your own true families. Had also appreciated Sue Ellen’s email about..”they don’t understand”, for I know that you have understood in an extremely direct/indirect manner. Kind, generous, and presented in a selfless manner…we are blessed, thank you!

  3. Does the supplement you’re going to talk about have an adverse effect on any other drugs I take? Can it be taken with my other drugs?

    • Susan,

      The answer to the first question is “No”.

      The answer to the second question is “Yes”.

      Dr. Cartwright

  4. Good Morning , afternoon, evening,

    I just recently ordered the Esscentials, and was wondering whats the difference between MoreLogic and Esscential?

  5. Having Gallbladder disease….getting it removed in 2 weeks. Will this help with my bladder and the problems that you speak of? Everything on my right side…walking, foot dragging and really tired. Just wondering because the g-bladder is on the right, things seem to have gotten worse for me on that side!!
    thank you,

    • Suzanne,

      Surgery for any reason may cause internal responses that are hostile to the underlying normal functioning of the body. The responses may affect several systems at the same time. Taking appropriate action before the surgical procedure may be beneficial.

      Dr. Cartwright

  6. The Bowel and Bladder Webinar came through very nice and clear. Thanks heaps for repeating it online so we can watch again. I have been taking The Essentials for almost six months now which has caused the body to further detox. It was explained to me by Dr Cartwright what was happening. I will be trying The MorLogic as well in the very near future, hoping I will no longer need the half teaspoon of morning Epsom Salts which I have slowly decreased from one teaspoon since taking The Essentials. My detoxes are still happening but seemed to be getting further apart.

  7. Dr. Cartwright & Scott,
    Thank you so much for giving me on the information. I just started having bowel & bladder problems in the last 5-6 months it has become a real problem. I found the answer to help a bit with the leaky bladder – I wear pads, so I don’t get embarassed! Thank you so much for telling all of us with MS what we can do to help with these problems, if they are like me none of my doctors have told me any of this when I have complained about my problems.

  8. Hi
    I have the opposite problem to incontinence and get quite constipated sometimes and feel like i need a wee a lott even when I dont.Would this supliment help me

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