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Turn your speakers up and get ready for a great webinar! Click the PLAY button to start the webinar. We start after about 10 seconds of silence…and of course it wouldn’t be one of our webinars without a small hiccup. Please don’t mind what happens at about 6min and 50secs.

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  1. I was diagonised with MS 2008 i was on avonex injection i spend over $10,000 every year for my treatment i would like to have that ccsvi procedure.i even purchase that book of Sue Ellen book through my friend living in US. my major problem is that i live in nigeria i dont know how to reach u so that i will know much about the procedure i,m even ready to come to US for it .pls send me your email address and mobile phone number. thanx

  2. i want know whether is only in US that CCSVI produre could be done? is their any african country where it could be done?

  3. Hi!I was the person that emailed you about having the ccsvi in Balgaria[Sophie] on July of 2010, I just wanted to say that I had positive results even though I still have a ways to go. Like so many have said they have noticed the brain fog has lifted, mine was lifted as soon as I had the procedure.My outlook on this is ,that even if we only get a small result, it does change our lifes to the positive. May we all have the results that will make a difference! Take care!

  4. Scott and Dr. Cartwright,

    The webinar yesterday was extremely superior! The presenters were all good, but Melinda was exceptional! WOW! Thank you for sending the webinar playback so quickly.

    I have already forwarded it to an MS friend of mine. She and I were in a yoga class with Melinda. I apologize for my accidental faux paus a while back and thank you for your forgiveness.

    Gail Norris

  5. Hi,

    I learned a lot from this webinar, even though I was one of the participants in this webinar who had the CCSVI procedure. I thought it was really interesting, I loved listening to the real live stories from the other two participants, and I am always interested in what Dr. Cartwright has to say.

    I did not get around to answering one of the questions asked, how long was my procedure? My CCSVI procedure was about an hour long but I was told it could take up to two hours. After my procedure, they would not allow me to stand up. I was told I could only move my arms and right leg but I was not allowed to bend my left leg for two hours. My left side, as I explained in the webinar, was the one with the severe Stenosis (blockage). But then I was allowed to get up and walk around after two hours…and I did. I actually saw results immediately. My cardiovascular surgeon did a great job with my CCSVI procedure and I am eternally grateful. I believe in God and the power of prayer, so I thank all of you out there who were praying for me during my CCSVI procedure.

    I really attribute the successful outcome of my CCSVI procedure to Dr. Cartwright. I have spent months, almost a year and a half, preparing my body to not only get healthy but also get rid of my MS symptoms through taking Dr. Cartwright’s webinar classes. Dr. Cartwright started coaching me one on one last August of 2010 and by May of 2011 he thought I was prepared enough for the CCSVI procedure, if I wanted to have testing for it.

    If I had one thing to say to the other two panelist, and to all of you who read his blog, if you haven’t done so already…start taking his classes and following his advice, along with taking The Essentials and vitamin D3. I got so much stronger from doing this and I think you would benefit too. Dr. Cartwright said The Essentials are healing not only your veins but also your arteries and a host of other things.

    Thank you again for all who kept me in their prayers while I was having my procedure. I belive in God and the power of prayer and without GOD nothing would happen.

    Thank you again, Dr. Cartwright, Scott, and Sue Ellen for a great webinar.

  6. I was dx 2001 with MS. 2006 husband committed suicide. 2007 MVA..rotator cuff tear (R), medial meniscus posterior horn (R), 5th metatorsal stress fracture, ATFL LIgament tear (R). Docs in atlanta DO NOT want to operate(clean out)…..I am 4’11. 58 yrs old. unable to weight bear.rt foot. been in wheelchair .prior to car wreck was walking. docs say its your MS….my neuro says its orthopedic……

    Please be my health coach. I want to walk again even if its w/ a cane or a walker.

    I take copaxone daily sub cu daily. have osteoporosis…-3.7, -3.2.. stopped taking RECLAST..was on it 2 yrs.
    I dont drink,smoke. started to eat gluten free,nodiary, no sodas.

    eat veggies, fruit ,fish.

    take D3.magnesium

    cant sleep well. havent had attack since spouse died!! (stressful 26 yrs married)

    a;so. ulnur nerve and corporeal tunnel (R) hand..plantar facitis (r)…no change mri last 5 yrs…..




  7. I saw the webinar and entered a question, but it was not answered and I
    am still curious..

    Most neurologists, especially those who specialize in MS, believe any
    perceived “benefit” from the CCSVI treatment procedure is a placebo
    effect. Patients don’t really get better, they just think they do.

    Why does Dr. Rudy Cartwright think otherwise?

  8. I am new. Can you briefly tell me about the procedure called CCSVI?

    Another question I have is: What is the source of MS?

    Another question is: If MS impaired the emotion, memore, and thinking pattern of a person, will they recover their normal patterns once through the procedure?

  9. Alain:

    CCSVI is a theoretical condition. It stands for Chronic Cerebral Spinal Venous Insufficiency. Dr. Zamboni, an Italian Vascular specialist, discovered this condition when he was researching MS (because his wife has it). Basically, stenosis (narrowing) of the blood vessels of the jugular veins impairs blood flow from the brain, causing the blood to stagnate and iron deposits to build up around it. Iron in too high a quantity is toxic to the brain and causes the disorder we know as MS. (Why the veins are too narrow is not completely explained, but current thinking it is congenital.)

    The treatment for this is angioplasty…a balloon is inserted at the narrowed points and inflated, thus “liberating” the blood to flow normally. Thus the unfortunate moniker the press jumped on, the Liberation treatment. Unfortunate, because it implies this is a cure that will liberate the patient from MS. It is not. It MIGHT make the patient feel better. Typically, one third get great results, one third get some minor good results, one one third get no results. And some actually get worse than before the procedure. Most neurologists will tell you the great or good results are most likely a placebo effect.

    I cannot emphasize too strongly this a new THEORY and has NOT been proven. But many respected doctors around the world are hard at work to do just that. Results so far have been mixed.

    No one knows the source of MS. Neurologists will tell you the autoimmune system goes nuts for no known reason and suddenly thinks the sheath around the nerves is a foreign invader and attacks it until it is gradually destroyed. This leaves the nerves scarred (sclerosis) and leads to disability in the patient. Why it goes nuts is another mystery, one that the CCSVI theory attempts to explain.

    To your last question, at this time, there is only one answer: MAYBE.

    Most patients who have reported great results have included improved thinking.

  10. Listening to the first speaker who had the CCSVI procedure. Listening to Dr.Rudy talking about getting tested before the procedure. The Haacke protocol adding to a fMRI Bold examination ( at the Hubbard Foundation) would be recommended. I would welcome a perfusion study as well. I know that Dr.Micheal Dake might be doing a different protocol. I would trust Dr.Dake too. Dr. Haacke is the MR expert regarding CCSVI. Please, contact him to get the correct info right from the horse’s mouth !!!! Visit Dr.Cartwright would be a great asset to the ISNVD next meeting. !!! Please, become a member and share your expertise. MS people need you !!! I totally agree with you that CCSVI is a piece of the puzzle. Logically, it makes good sense !!!

  11. Dr.Cartwright !!! We would get along so well !!! Yes, you are so right. I have tried to tell that to MS people for some time now. So good to hear this from a neurosurgeon. : ” Why do you have blocked veins ? All these abnormalities, we have to address. It is not just one single thing. It involves several other systems and organs…”

    Please, share your class and preparation strategies at the next ISNVD meeting in Orlando next year. You could certainly give a talk there. Please contact Dr. Mark Haacke ASAP.

  12. DOES “GLUTEN” actually have proven effects on persons diagnosed with M.S. \ and what are they ? The reason that I ask is because I am a Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Survivor that worked for a large company and my blender position included mixing Gluten, Potassium Sorbate, Calcium Propionate and many other ingredients as well as use of chemicals to clean prepare and run the blender. I stopped my job in Arkansas with a medical LOA and volunteered a trip to Baylor College of Medicine at Houston Texas to take part in a Double Blind Placebo Trial of a new and promising drug to treat M.S. To this day I have experienced promiseing effects and religously continue my medicine schedules. Twelve years treatment to this day and still mobile, exacerbations are frequent yet obviously controlled by medicine.

    John W. Barton

  13. I was told that I had MS or let me refrase that that I possibly had it, ever since I was in a long 4 month coma!! I am under the opinion that if I go for my next MRI and it comes back “possitive” that i will go down hill more so than I am. My daughter is saying go and get it!! so she can find out if I have it or not!! I keep ignoring all the symtoms; I know in my heart of heart that I do have it.Yet I feel that if you think about it you actually get worse. EG Farrah fawcite tape everything that happened to her and look what happened to her!!!I honestly feel that she talked herself in2 death. My father has had cancer 4 the past5 and a half yrs they only gavehim the max 5 yrs!! Now he i in the same oppinion as me1! if you think about it well you dwell upon it.
    What would anyone recomend???The only problems that I have really noticed,is my bladder and bowel, Now that is very imbaressing plus i walk with a limp,and at times I have 2 use a walker!! plus my thinking is very foggy plus i fall over alot!! anyway If anyone could give me an unbiestOppinion

  14. I have been told that autoimmune deseases are a result of some lack of nutrition. Has anyone tried the science backed glyconutrients that help your cells communicate better? Just wondering.

  15. I went for the CCSVI treatment at ‘Clinic of the Heart’ in Los Cabos Mexico Nov. 11th 2010, they took Dopler imaging there to see if I qualified – which I did, and I got a copy of. They did a battery of tests B4 and after the procedure to see if there were improvements – and there were. No, I didn’t walk out. I came in in a wheelchair and that IS how I left. I can still get around with a walker some, but the BIGGEST improvement FOR ME has been NO PAIN that I had on a daily basis before. 4 extra strength Ibuprophins a day perscribed by my doctor to basically NONE! I also don’t choke on anything anymore – and I was choking on pretty well anything before – so was it worth it for me. YES. I would go again if I could afford it! Total cost for me (staying for 1 week with my son and daughter at a timeshare my daughter has), was appox. $13,000. $10,000 for the treatment and the rest for airfairs and food costs while there. The clinic was fantastic, and they would have liked to have me stay at a resort, which was close. But they were fine with where I stayed.
    Overall It was a good experience!

  16. Thank you so much for the webnar on CCSVI. It was very interesting hearing real stories from people who have had the procedure. I likes hearing Dr Cartwright say you have to get your body ready for it. I have been taking the essentials and following his dietary advice, my body is not yet ready but it is something I will look at in the future when I am.

    In regards to Sharon, I was like you and avoided the MRI for over 10 years as I didn’t want a label and wasn’t prepared to hear the outcome I knew would come. All I say is you have to be ready to hear it, but I wish maybe if I had got dignoised earlier I would have researched how to deal with it regarding diet, and medication and started that years ago.

  17. When W5 unleashed the news of Dr. Zamboni and the Liberation treatment (or CCSVI) in the Fall of 2009, like most people with MS, I read/followed everything I could get my hands on. Thankfully relatives, friends and coworkers saw to it that I didn’t miss anything.
    Originally I considered travelling to Poland largely because the only two places I was aware of where India and Poland and at least Poland was in the Northern Hemisphere (I have since heard of many others). In the summer of 2010, I fell and broke my left knee cap and so when I was scheduled for Poland, I was unable to travel. For a time everything got put on a back burner. Then at the end of October, in Calgary where I live, the MS Society held a conference. One entry was a panel of three women who were sharing their stories of CCSVI. One had travelled to Poland; one Germany; and the third to Costa Rica. I was especially impressed with Costa Rica because the program was for two weeks and included physiotherapy. I also decided it was very important to do this because regardless of the outcome, at least you knew you had tried. And so I began to make preparation. Passport Medical who arranges everything in Costa Rica established my treatment date for January 26, 2011. (The cost is roughly $14,000 and includes treatment, transportation to your medical appointments and stay in a 5 star hotel for your stay. I had to pay this plus my flight myself.) All testing is done in Costa Rica, although I was tested in Calgary prior to going. As I was preparing my motto became, “Reach for the stars, at least you won’t come up with a handful of mud.”
    In Costa Rica they found my left jugular was 80% blocked; right was 70% blocked and the azygos was 60% blocked. This was all cleared.
    What did I come up with? One thing a Dr. in Costa Rica told me, there isn’t a lot wrong with you, but what is wrong, is very bad (my balance and therefore my walking is very bad but I do not suffer with many symptoms of MS that others have.). He told me that the treatment will take one to three months to show result and that I will be three months. So April was a big month for me. Only trouble is, on April 1, I had an UTI which went into a kidney infection. The infections really messed up my MS so when I try to stand I start buckling at the knees (and is perhaps masking any results I may have received from my treatment.) But my story is digressing…
    When I came home, many people noticed right away that I could use my hands better, including my Occupational Therapist. A friend noted my speech was more articulate. I find it very exciting to get feedback from others. And then there are things only you are aware of like spasms at night.
    The trip was wonderful, okay January in Costa Rica, away from the Canadian cold isn’t bad, but sharing this experience with others who are there for the same reason is super. Maybe my results don’t sound as dramatically as others (certainly not like the person I listened to that could hardly walk and after her treatment was able to do a 10K run.) Regardless of anything, and nothing, my feelings are still the same – you have to try.

    I will say that I have had to spend three months in a rehabilitation hospital as I have gone from using a walker to a wheelchair in the last few months. I continue to practice (as much as I am able) all that Dr. Cartwright suggests as well as the Healing Codes and The One Minute Cure. The stars may be still alluding me but I keep trying to reach them!

  18. I am registered with you. I have MS for 3 years and I am unable to walk very well. I am taking copaxone everyday since feb 2011. It is not helping.
    I also exercise and try to keep active. I use a cane as my balance is not very good. Please help me.

  19. I’ve listened to the stories about CCSVI and I wanted to know where I could get tested for the procedure and doctors who give the procedure?

  20. Cherie
    yes there is a reason to have this treatment, as a person with progressive M.S.
    I asked this too but after my first treatment a year ago,I encountered many great results but still no walking or independant left hand movements. but easily a fourfold improvment in health i.e. bloodpressure readings immediatly went down,hearing became better,brainfog gone,writing improved,transfer ability improved.left eyelid opened,many other improvments too numerous to mention.
    It is safe,I have had it done twice with no bad side effects. Call me anytime.

  21. I would like to hear about the people who had negative affects from the CCSVI treatment. My neurologist haas shared one patient of hers had very negative response to the CCSVI procedure and that there are many other MS patients that have had negative response. I did go to a private hospital to be tested through the doppler and ultrasound that showed my jugular veins are “normal’ and would not benefit from the treatment. I was diagnosed 26 years ago with MS -still walk and continued teaching until 6 years ago. I am extremely depressed and have taken many different medications for it. I now am taking 15 different medications.

  22. I just found this website. I would love to listen to previous webinars or begin with some of Dr. Catrtwrights basic tenants or lifestyle suggestions etc, but I do not find this site intuitive at all. The webinar on calcium is no longer active/working. I am wondering if there are suggestions of where to begin on the site?

  23. My Neurologist said wait until the Boston Group finishes their Comprehensive Study of CCSVI. I look forward to at least trying it to see if there is any positive improvement in regard to my specific symptoms. I have Relapsing Remitting MS. with a Weakness on my left side, Foot Drop and Urological problems.

  24. Thank you for fixing the problem, I’ve been able to download the Webinar now, and forwarded this link also to my friends, who have a daughter In Law with M.S.
    Tineke Wallace

  25. This treatment, angioplasty has been done in Barrie, Ontario, right now many have been tested & are waiting for Health Canada to begin funding.
    In my case, four of five veins blocked, hoping I will be included in a future trial. Do not want to travel to the US for treatment & don’t feel that we should have to.

    One reason is that veins may restenose, which would require this treatment to be repeated, how many would be able to travel to a foreign country to get this done?

    We want this treatment to be made available here in out country, it will be.

  26. I’m highly skeptical about this and Tony Rooney in an earlier post here will probably have found when they see Dr Helmut Butzkueven (my old Neuro) that Helmut is too.

    $10,000 plus travel/accommodation etc for two people (you and your partner/carer), I’m sure it won’t be funded in Australia and is unlikely to be covered by insurance.

    I need to see objective evidence from a large number of patients i.e. the ultrasound pics of the veins before and after, measured evidence of before/after improvements in gait, balance, vision, fatigue etc.

    I’d also need to see evidence that it’s limited to M.S. patients which it isn’t.

    IMHO the stampede in this direction is just the next round of desperate people being exploited by opportunistic practitioners. I’ve spent to much I couldn’t afford on one snake oil or another over the last 25 years to fall for another this expensive. Grr Grr!!

  27. I did have the CCSVI procedure. After reading of so many success reports, I was anticipating something, not something big, just something. Without any changes, When I talked to the doctor who performed the procedure, he said maybe it was because I had already too much damage in the brain and spinal colume. I wondered if that is something they could tell from testing. I guess I’ll never know.

    I’ve spent a lot of money on “so called help”. But my trip to NY was not a small sum, I was just very thankful my insurance paid for it and was not listed as a CCSVI procedure.]

    I now use a rollater walker and that hasn’t changed, I’m just thankful I’m still mobile. MS has caused some hearing impairment, I have trouble listening to anything on a webinar or telephone so, I can’t give credit to a known way source of information (Dr. Cartwright).

    I understand changes can still come so,,I haven’t given up hope.

  28. i’m ready for the CCSVI Procedure no matter how much it will cost because i spent over $10,000 every year for my treatment even though i’m getting better but i think with the CCSVI treatment i’ll feel more better.but my problem is that i want know much about it and how it’s done who are doing it and were,how much it will cost.i’m ready please.

  29. I have had MS for 29 years even before the MRI was available. I went on bataseron 6 months after its release. I believe it slowed my progression but over the pass 5 years I was diagnosed with secondary progressive. I have spent allot of time through the years reading and tried conventional and alternative treatments for my MS. Dr. Cartwright you win the award for the best information and treatment for MS and I’ve tried and listened to quite a bit.
    I had the CCSVI procedure done in April, 2011 and had right and left side blockage shown from the ultrasound. For 3 days after the treatment I had 3 noticeable benefits and then back to where I was. It was quite disappointing so I returned for a follow up appointment and the left vein (most of my symptoms affect my left side) once again was blocked the right was good. So with some discussion with the doctor he said he would do it again. Mind you my health insurance paid both times. The second time took a little longer and was more painful than the first time and had no noticeable difference. I just went back for my follow up and the bad news was that my left vein has completely collapsed no surprise to me. I have had worsening blatter problems.
    I am unwilling to take the risk of putting a stent in it. Needless to say I need to continue to listen and follow Dr. Cartwright’s information!
    Thank you for all your time and information and MS Health Coaching couse!

  30. I am new to all of this had an MRI 4 yrs ago, showed white matter spots, had another 2 months ago same spots but not really any other systems besides floating feelings when really stressed doctors dont know if i have ms or not, whats your feeling on this?

  31. @Les(July 3)-I tried the glyconutrients a couple years ago and stayed on them for about a year. They are not cheap as I had to take quite a bit for my MS. I was doing better at the time(as far as my MS) but did not see any big improvements in that year. I then found Dr. Cartwright and take his vitamins and follow his recommendations. I started back on one part of the glyconutrients as well. Nothing has made a difference per se but I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t take them! They are worth a shot I’m sure. They swear they have healed many with MS.
    @Lee(JULY11)-I am sorry to hear about your difficulties with the CCSVI procedure. I am scheduled next week but get a little discouraged when I read negative stories. I hope you will see positive results following Dr. Cartwright’s plan!

  32. I have had MS for the last 16 to 18 years with only small signs but in the past 10 years I have had a right sided limp, having to use a cane or a walker and at time, a wheelchair. I have slow movements in talking and use of my bladder. I get tired easily and can sleep for 10-14 hrs a day. My MS is progressing at a slow rate but when I look at the doctors chart it has me at chronic progressive. I am only 56 years old and want to live my life for my children and grandchildren. MS runs in my family starting with my Mother and progressing to my 2 sisters and myself. I didn’t know that it is heiratary? I eat only chicken, pork and fish and eat lots of salads and fruit. I take my essentials and vitamin D3 + Coral Calicum along with fish oils.
    Could you let me know what other supplements I should take.

    Gratfully yours JC

  33. I have had MS for approx. 30 yrs. Last year i don’t remember much of as I was suffering from dementia , loss of bladder conrol, in a wheelchair, etc. After a friend finally got me admitted to a hospital I was given a Cat Scan and MRI among other tests. I was discovered to have Hydroephalus. They also found a tumor between the brain and the skull on the rt. side of the back of my head which was causing my brain to be squashed and too much spinal fluid staying in my head. They operated and put a shunt in my head. It is operated by a pressure valve so when there is too much liquid the valve opens and sends the excess down to my stomache through a small pipe like thingie attached to the bottom of the valve. (I don’t know what it is made of so i call it a drain pipe or thingie, Anyhow it works)

    I had been in bed in the hospital for over a month plus in a wheelchair for at least 4 months, and the second day after my surgury was able to walk with a walker. Not very far as my legs were weak. I had the shunt put in Nov. 10th, 2010 and when I went back to see my Neuroligist on Feb. 14th. 2011 I walked in with a cane. He laughed, asked where my wheelchair was and I told him in the basement cupboard. He said are you showing off? I told him YES. He couldn’t believe how many of my symptoms had been the result of the Hydrocephalus and not the MS. My left side is still much weaker, my leg a bit smaller, plus my left arm will not fully straighten. My balance is not good but well enough for me to walk around the house without the cane. I can go outside, feed my 2 horses, minature donkey and goat, plus clean their manure up with the wheelbarrow. Though I am much stronger I would still like to know if I can still be a canadite for CCSVI testing hopefully in Canada. I know I am 67 but I would like for once in my life to be able to get up in the morning not in pain and not stagger around like a drunk.

    I know everyone says they can’t beleive how well I am doing when a year ago it was thought I would have to be put in a Nursing home. However there are so many things I want to do that I haven’t been able to do for over half my life, like not be tired so fast, have a little better balance so I can go for a walk in the woods with my dog, and get on my horse by myself.

    If you have any advise where to call re. CCSVI I would reatly appreciate it. I do live in Quebec, Canada.

  34. Hi Paulette,
    How are you doing aince your July 12,2011 procedure? Where did you have it done?

  35. Hi everyone. I am having my ultrasound done in a couple weeks and the procedure the next day if needed. I’m going to Albany, NY. I am very anxious so glad to have the meditation to help. I’ll keep you posted.

  36. I am taking vitamin d3 .I have read your pages that talk about taking the ESSENTIALS ,could you let me know what they are ? Sounds like I should be taking them. Thank you.

  37. Hi, my name is mary and I was diagnosed in2005. Since then I have lost almost all walking . I live in OK and live alone. I have lost one of my children 9 months ago and eeverything has gotton worse. I ionly have medicaid and no help. PLEASE help me. Thank You, Mary Garner

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