Hyperbaric Oxygen Webinar Replay

This webinar was one of the BEST we’ve ever had!

Now that the research shows that the interferon beta drugs (Avonex / Rebif) don’t work, you’ll want to watch this webinar to learn about a treatment that has been proven to work in Multiple Sclerosis.

The information shared by our hyperbaric oxygen experts will knock your socks off…guaranteed! Be sure to watch it now and leave your comments below the video.

We DEFINITELY need to get the word out about how well this therapy works for MS recovery. So please share this with as many MS recoverers as you can! Together we can raise awareness about hyperbaric oxygen and help MS recoverers get better.


To Your Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright, MS Health Coach
Scott Cartwright, MPH

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34 thoughts on “Hyperbaric Oxygen Webinar Replay

  1. I am currently taking copaxone. It does not seem to be working. I live in Atlanta Ga. Are their any doctors that you can recommend for this treatment

  2. We have HBOT soft and hard chambers available for use at Dr. Rebecca Boyd’s office at 601-450-2077. Her company name is FORWARD HEALTH SOLUTIONS in Hattiesburg MS. 39402.

    Hattiesburg is located 1.5 hours south of Jackson Mississippi and one hour from the Gulf Coast.

    I own an OXYHEALTH 320 soft chamber that delivers 100% oxygen
    through mask at 1.3 atmoapheres or 4 psi or 11 ft below sea level. They
    are available for purchase through Bill Shindler at the Hyperbaric Therapy
    Center in Atlanta Georgia.

  3. *Dear Doctors, I listened webinar with oustanding information today, I received HBOT before I was diagnosed in 2002, five sessions and I did not see any effect, now I ve realized why based on Dr, James explanation. thank you very much for your efforts to bring us so complete and updated e information on MS, Greetings

  4. *why did all the other studies that were done say this is NOT an effective treatment for MS? Thanks for your insight–Karen

  5. Dear Sirs,


    I would like to know if a Doctors recomendation letter gets you seen to at one of the 3  locations in Ireland.  I am taking Beta Interferon 44mg 3 times a week and alot of tablets also – I would love to give this a go. Many thanks for all your excellent research and putting it together so we can understand it. 


    Thanks again,

    Ursula Doyle


  6. *Thank you so much. I had read about this back in 1982, but never heard anything more about it. Once again Thank you, I’ve take copaxone, avonex and did nothing but make me worse. Threw it all away.

  7. *6 mnths after my diagnosis,friends recommended Ozone Therapy.After only 5  45 min seesions,I felt totally energised and felt I could accept and deal with my changed life with ms…I totally recommend to all..for every kind of illness..Thank GOD for alternative medicine..Rgds..

  8. *This is all fine and dandy if you are rich or have insurance.  I have just recently been diagnosed with MS and I am on SSI.  This means I will have to deal with the symptoms for the reast of my life as they get worse, just because I am not financially capable of paying for any kind of treatment.  I can’t even afford the vitamin D3.

    • Hi, Please try Ayurvedic or homeopathic treatments from a qualified practitioner; they are reasonable and work, though they take time. Also, taking pure food-grade coconut oil helps in regaining strength in your body.

      All the best! Anindita

  9. How can you ask if Medicare will pay for this?  If <Medicare would pay for this you would know about it.  Come on people, think before you ask.

  10. *Hello Dr Rudy Cartwright and Scott,

    I think you both know me and we have talked. As you know I was diagnosed with PPMS July of 2010 but new it was coming on for 7 yrs now. I appreciated the webinar but could not help but otice Dr James comment that the treatment was lees, if even, effective with the progressive types of MS. I have been eating per your instructions taking a wide range of Suppliments including the Essentials since Jan 1st 2012 and Vit D3, 10,000 units per day also since Jan1st 2012 But to this point am still continuing to slowly decline. SO far nothing I’ve added or taken away has had any noticable impact. You guys already have a very detailed breakdown of what I take and what we eat. Do you have any suggestions or ideas of what else I need to do?? It seems like I would have seen some change over an 8 month period. I am crying out for some help!!


    Thank You, STeve M Bishop

  11. *I am very excited for a possible new life w/o MS. I take LDN from an alternative doctor with no exacerbations for two years, since I’ve been taking it. Balance with leg weakness are my issues. If bladder issues are a problem of yours then call this number for a remarkable bladder recovery….866-405-5138. I have tried it all and guess what, this is state of the art….There is no better….Almost immediate results……Anyway, I will pursue the HBOT…..Todd

  12. *I have primary progressive ms for 15 years.  Does this mean it only slows ms down for me  and will not repair damage done.



  13. *I have tried it seemed to help for the day. It cosst so much and the insurance would not  help with it.  I think I felt better for the day but at $100 dollars a day and the 20 to 30 days I was to use it – I could not afford it and feed my family for a month with out going into it would put me seriousily in debt.  Until it is approved and used for MS I’m going to have to stick to my regular regiment. T

  14. *I live in bucks county pa.{outside of philly}were get I get treatment?

    I have done ccsvi three times,improvements each time,but still have gate and baiance problems.

  15. *Thank you so much.  What useful information.  I’ve just found out that I live relatively close to one of the Hard Hyberbarc Oxygen Chambers – more hope.  I’ll let you know in a couple of months.   

  16. *Dr Cartwright,

    As I listened to your report on hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, I heard you say you had a treatment to restore the blood/brain barrier. Would you let me know what that is?

    Regards and thanks for your continuing attempts to help MS sufferers

    Ann Johnson


  17. *We find the MS Society in Canada very negative on anything but pharmaceuticals. MS patients up here are really getting fed up. Is HBOT treatment available in Canada do you know?  I believe it’s used for severe burn patients in Calgary.  

  18. *I treat with LDN. It has halted the progression of the illness in 1 years time. After 10 yrs on betaseron and Tysabri, LDN was a much needed relief. But this sounds exciting and hopeful.

  19. *I have M.S.  I live in Stockbridge MA. 01262. When I travel to Vail CO.  I always feel better.  8,000 feet is my ideal altitude for health.  Unfortunately I must maintain my residence in Western MA.  Does a Bi-pap machine used for six hours during sleep at night help this problem.  Also can you tell me where in might find a Hyperberic Oxigen service in my area 01262 or 01201.  I am 75 years of age and have practiced YOGa for 52 years.  I have also used Copaxone now for 5 years and I do think that iti not beneficial and have, over the past several months, continually forgotten to take it.  I never missed a day for the first four years.  It was the only drug that was tried on me that seemed to not give me side effects.  I would not say it has helped either.  I think I will stop it.  Istill walk, but with a walker.  I have also followed a gluten free diet since 1975,  One year after my diagnosis.  I take 6,000 units of D3 a day.  I have many food allergies and try to follow as health diet as I can.  I am also on S.S. and Medicare.  I am not able to spend freely on my health care out of my pocket, which I think I would have to pay for Hyperbaric out of my own pocket.  Please let me know Where in my area I may get more information on if there is a location and what th cost would be.  My doctor has advised me t o use a Bi-pap machine.

  20. Hello,

    I was happy to see this today!  I just started HBOT and completed my 10th treatment today out of 40 that I have signed up for ($100.00 per) Expensive but my well being is well worth the try!!
    Name of Facility I am ame visiting is “Advanced Hyberberic in Stanton, CA

    Thanks, Maricela (Marti) Ethridge

  21. *Where can I find a centre to this oxygen

    Therapy near me.  I live in Ilford Essex

    United Kingdom IG1 1YB

  22. Their is no centers around me. one hospital near me wants a lot of money, So I have a 330 gal propane tank I’m making in a chamber. This thing is going to be over built. Just got the first coat of paint on it and the hatch door is ready for some good seals. I pressure tested it out with some window seal tape to 125 lbs way more than the 15 – 20 lbs I will need. I’m a advanced rescue scuba diver and I know not to go to deep on O2. We will see if this is going to help me with my PPMS.

  23. Don Elliott , please send updates , I am also a diver. You are one of the first sellf construction chambers I have found on the web that is utilizing pessure where oxygen will be absobed into the blood plasma (+2 ATA) which is MUCH greater O2 availability to damaged tissue than the low pressure balloons marketed for home use (as stated in the webinar). I have been trying to locate a 250 gallon Propane tank (minimum size = less volume of air to compress each dive) (30″ x 7’9″) unsucsesssfully. Considering puchasing a new tank .( $1000 ) advantages is prepainted , no smell , no flushing .. Do you plan to use bottled O2 or O2 concentrator?

  24. They say that pregnancy improves MS and that there may be hormones involved in the improvement. I wonder whether it’s possible that the increased blood volume, and possibly blood pressure, might increase oxygen in air to the brain and be part of the reason for improvement. Swank indicated that giving whole blood (and in a later book plasma) to a new mother might prevent the rapid deterioration following delivery. Is it possible that the plasma increasing blood volume might be the reason?

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