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Hi there…here’s the replay of last Friday’s webinar for you…but there’s always something isn’t there?

About 20 minutes into the webinar, I found out that for some reason not everybody could hear me talking. So I had to shut down the whole system and log back in again.

And then like magic…EVERYTHING WORKED!! And I started over again.

So when you hear us talking about the “last session” you’ll know what’s up.

Scroll down and click the PLAY button. And once you’ve finished watching, please Please PLEASE be sure and leave me your comments and feedback so I know how you enjoyed it and / or how I can make these webinars better.

To Your Better Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright


34 thoughts on “MS and Calcium Webinar Replay

  1. enjoying this very much! I have been dairy free for 2 yrs (some cheating)and eat lots of veggies and fruit, gluten free also! Thanks Sue Ellen and Dr. Rudy!

  2. Dr. Cartwright,
    Thank you for sharing this again.
    Now everyone can review it as often as they need to.
    You are the best and thank you again for helping us turn our MS around.

  3. i am now in secondary progressive MS and in a lot of pain and i need a wheelchair for getting about but can walk aronud hse a little bit with aids and will i be able to turn around my symptoms by not taking calcuim

  4. I have osteoperoses ontop of ms and take Magna Force once a week for the entire course.and feel ok ms wise, and it feels like I need something more for my back and Hip?



  5. i take 600 mg each day also i take several other pills daily.
    my blood test is all good as far as the test shows but i do not know if they are right or not. i was told of my ms in 1998.

  6. Dr. Cartwright,

    Thank you very much for all the effort and work you devote to each webinar you present. The webinar on Calcium:The Bad Actor was superb, filled with terrific information beneficial to all MS patients.

    Judith Norris

  7. Hello i enjoyed listening to your webiner on calcium,there is a reseacher in kuwait who also says this,and is convinced it causes by milk, his name is sam kabbani who does research on ms patients through hair samples,he can be found on facebook.

  8. this is a real eye opener for me i love dairy i drink lots of milk i eat alot ofcheese and yogurt this has really made me think ihave decided to go dairy free it will also help me to lose wieght which i have piled on since i have lack of mobilty thankyou so much for this information im going to give it a go and hope it helps thankyou so much

  9. Thanks for the info. Im getting off calcium supplements asap. Im 55 years old and Heart trouble runs rampant in my family, my son at 27 had a double by-pass and my father died early, heart attack. I was told to get calcium suppements for osteoporosious. I was bottle fed as a baby, as it was considered low class to breast feed back then, had a poor diet as a child and never got outside much. Perhaps something somewhere along the way triggered a malfunction of how the body processes calcium,that probably explains my nuerological problems.

  10. This information is very digestible and researched widely. This of course provides confidence to take on suggested solutions.
    This seems an honest contribution to improving the lives of people through the dissemination of information. I respect that hugely in this world which often sees people set out primarily to make a buck and skim off the dollars.
    Thank you.
    I would like to have known the length of time the webinar takes before getting into it.

  11. lot of humor:)This was good and i think ihas learned alot about calsium and so on.Thanks and respekt.Trond

  12. Thanks and respect DR Cartwrigt,this was a big value of my understanding about calsium and so on.yours Trond

    • To be on the safe side, i recommend taking less than 500 mg of calcium per day.

      Dr. Cartwright

  13. Yes, I learned and understand what I have been so confused about all this time. Now I know what I need to do, rather, not do and that is to take in calcium from foods, naturally, no supplements necessary; at least, no more than 500mg a day of calcium and there is no way I intend to eat that much spinach!

  14. How long was calcium supplemented before a hip fracture analysis was made?

    It may take years to change that fracture rate.

    Calcium and Magnesium work together. You do not talk about the ratio of calcium to magnesium.

    How is this calcium floating around increase the symptoms of MS?

    Calcium suplementation vs natural calcium in foods.

    Liquid calcium absobtion vs tablet form?????

    Calcium is needed for heart function, too much might be harmful, yet most people are so deficient that low calcim heart attacks and strokes most likely outweigh the surplus ones…..studies are not over a long enough time to really know.

    • It is difficult to argue with end-points (heart attack increase, fracture rate increase, stroke increase, etc) even if one does not know the mechanism of action.

      Dt. Cartwright

  15. Dr. Cartwright,

    I wanted to say how beneficial this webinar has been to me. It is the first that I have heard about calcium issue. Although I feel I am in somewhat of a different scenario since I have secondary progressive MS which is taken me from an active person at 6 foot in height am very lean rounders muscle @ 150 pounds. I have gone from running, jumping, crawling, climbing, and so much more to a wheelchair and bed confinement. I still believe in myself to do. I have always been a “doer”. Yet, now with these conditions I find my love ones and friends have pigeonholed me by the stereotype of being incapable. I think people confuse adaptation and incapable. And in your discussion of the disease probably occurring over many years is the case for myself. I was diagnosed as having gone through pediatric MS. Yet, as you indicated, in the quiet side of the disease we adapt or adapted to the changes. For instance: when I used to run 5 miles a day while I was in college 25 years ago, I adapted 2 foot drop and thought nothing of it, because I had been doing it all of my life in one subtle way in the beginning and a more profound way as it progressed. You have given me a sense of can do once again. I look forward to your next webinar. And I would like to interject one idea.

    First, I wanted to make you aware I had a very dramatic accident at the age of 15 where I was thrown from my moped after hitting a steel cable approximately a hundred and 50 feet. I broke my neck and back then adapted to strengthening and addressing what I could after a traumatic accident of that nature. I’ve been told my accident could have worsened the underlying MS.

    I was made aware in a latent fashion that I had an antibody that caused a crossing of the blood barrier with the interferon’s. It caused massive damage in less than two years. I went from walking to being confined to bed. I was told there was no way to know in advance through a test. I had to have a period of time before an antibody could be detected. I was floored to find out post facto after injecting Beta Seron for two years. Only defined the damage was done. They took me off of all injections after Avonex weakened me to an inability to stand. I am on methotrexate now and have strengthened somewhat. Yet, I have subluxation in my right shoulder with skin and bone occurring. The degeneration has been occurring for over seven years. And nobody can tell me out to strengthen or too slow the damage occurring further. All I get is I am not curable, so Medicare will no longer cover me for that issue. This is the conundrum of my disease of MS. I have no center of gravity, equilibrium, dexterity, the inability to do the simplest of things such as, writing my name, among the simplest of things. Talk about being humble. My accident taught me the first level of being humble and they MS the ultimate level of humility. I search for something!

  16. Dear Dr Cartwright
    What an eye opener! Such absolutely vital information – I never knew this before. I can not thank you enough for making me see and understand what is happening to me and what I can do to start the healing process. There is so much more that I want to say but for now, just a very, very big thank you for all your wonderful work. It is so much appreciated by me.
    Kind regards
    Leonie (Australia)

  17. Before i heard all dR cartwright had to say about calcium. From other sources i was just going to start my MS Husband on 5000 mg calcium. He has been taking maybe abiut 2000 as it is so i am going to stop all that from now on.
    Thanks, and I will let you know if any improvements occur.

  18. Dr Cartwright, Thank you so much. I missed the webinar on Calcium and I have just listened to it. You are such a good person – I now understand not only why Calcium is the Bad Actor, but also, I am comforted from the fact that I’m eating to right foods and taking the right supplements to ensure that my body has a sufficiency of calcium and not too much. Thank you so much. You are so kind to give your time and energy to helping me and people like me who are desperately working against this Monster. God Bless x

  19. I thought it was great! It seams to me that my MS symptoms worsened around the time that I began taking Calcium supplements because of Dr.’s suggestions.
    Thanks for careing so much.

    Sibyl Morrison
    Midland, TX

  20. Very interesting information again. I want to thank you for your continued support and knowledge. I always feel empowered after listening to one of your presentations.
    I wonder if calcium also contributes to heart disease in seniors along with strokes.
    I also have osteoporosis, but I chose not to take presribed drugs or calcium supplements. I do take the recommended supplements from you Dr. Cartright.
    Are there other supplements I should be taking to protect my bones?
    Also, about the Essentials and what role do they play.
    Thanks so much and God Bless your work,

  21. This is fantastic news, thank you Dr Cartwright and Sue Ellen, today is the first day of my recovery, no more milk for me again, I have had MS for 30yrs + and also had my gall bladder out 7 yrs before I got MS as it had calcification stones. That sure tells me something. I will also be getting Sue Ellens book. I will only be consuming organic veges from now on.

    Bless u
    Jill Williams
    Queensland, Australia

  22. Very informative! I appreciate getting the facts instead of being fed opinions all the time. And thank you Dr. Cartwright for doing all the research and bringing it to light so we can have another step out of the MS darkness.

  23. Fosamax belong to a class of drugs used to treat osteoporosis, when used longterm, may cause spontaneous fractures of the femor.

    Dr. Cartwright

  24. Dr.Cartwright, i wanted to tell you that you are wonderful . I just listen to your webinar (replay b/c i missed the actually one) on calcum and i know it is the best one yet . It has really open my eyes up on the subject ,I have took 1500 to 1800 mg of calcum for a number of years but i have cut it back to 500 mg , I’m not much on drinking milk but i do like icecream and that is going to change now that i listen to you.I loved the food chart but i do not know how to measure food in mg.
    you are a great person and i enjoy listen to you please keep it up
    Lill Coomer

  25. I work with children with autism and sensory/processing disorders who, some, have benefited from reducing or eleminating milk in their diet. Would this explain the same reasoning for that also.

  26. Dear Dr.
    my english is not good, i didn’t understand is Calcuim is good or bad for MS patients??
    my brother has MS since 10 years and he is getting wortse every day.. can you help me please ?

    my email:

    my mobile: +97339644148

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