Multiple Sclerosis Road to Recovery, Continued – webinar

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20 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis Road to Recovery, Continued – webinar

  1. ??MS AND CCSVI == I feel a little scared about this, I had surgery 4 yrs ago and was on live support for 13 days. I don’t really feel like I want anyone at my Jugular artery again. Is this normal to feel this way??

  2. Sound of you and Dr. Cartwright very hard to hear. Crackling in background makes this hard to listen to. My sound turned up all the way and still hard to hear.

  3. Hello Dr Cartright,
    I connected to the web to listen to the webinar, after Sue Ellen spoke you started talking, about dr in Italy, it then cut out. i have tried several times, to no avail i can not get to hear anything.
    is there perhaps something wrong or could you advise how else to connect. As i am very interested.
    Mari Ryser

  4. I was diagnosed with MS about 7 years ago. I chh=oose not to be on medication. I have no other symptoms now except right sided weakness. I see a naturopathic MD. I have been helped with supplements dietary changes. I need to know what I can do for my weakness and my walking?

    thank you so much.

  5. Hi Doctor Cartwright and all
    My wife has been diagnosed just under 3 years ago with Primary progressive MS
    She has gone from a normally weighing 68 Kilo’s acting and appearing Person to a totally bed ridden 44 Kilo less than half the Person she was,
    I,as her husband, and now full time carer have all the help and support one could possibly need, from out government here in the UK and uor local services,
    And as you would expect i have been doing a lot of research into MS and i have come across a chart called “Kurtze Expanded Disability Status Scale”
    It scales varying degrees of disability starting at 0.0 for normal neurlogical examination to, going up in 0.5 degrees to 10.0 Death due to MS,
    My wife according to this scale is 9.5.. totally helpless bed patient unable to communicate effectivly or able to eat drink or swallow.
    According to this scale my wife may or may not have about 2.1/2 to 3 years at this level before the ultimate level of 10.0
    My Question is 1.Have you in your research come across this scale?, and if so
    2. how accurate would you say it is?
    Kind Regards
    Mark Hansford

  6. Thank You very much for this webinar and taking the time to do this.
    It has been very informative.
    Kindest Regards, Louise.

  7. Hi…just listened to the program and took notes. My son was diagnosed with ms in the summer. He has leisions in brain and spinal chord. He is still getting a second opinion from another neurologist. My son says he does NOT have ms as he read a research article (where he goes to university) and he says the leisions are from a med he is taking and if he goes off it the article says the leisions disappear. I hope for his sake it is so..but I still feel 99.9% he has ms.
    He has had numbness and tingling right down to his least he did with his innitial attack in the summer and off and on since.

    question… could it be a med he is taking (clonosapam (n)) ?

    thanks for your time
    I await a reply
    from Guelph Ontario canada

  8. Hi i have Ms for 3 yrs in mar 2011. I take Kalawalla its a nature tablet i wanted to know more about it Can u tell me? Darlene

  9. Hi Dr Cartright,
    can you name the vitamins i need for the bones plse
    do i need to stay off wheat dairy and red meat
    vit d3 up to 5000 a day and you keep breaking up and i cant hear the rest of what i need for the bones.


  10. The sound was really hard to understand. It sounded like I was in the very back of an auditorium with all the speakers directed to the front row. Thanks for the effort!

  11. if you have ms read about what to take for your self what you think is good for your body besides the shot for ms. eat healthy exercise and vitamins are great too. god is there for you. god family and friends. ask your doctor questions and rely on your body to tell you if somethings wrong too. every one with ms is different. that is what they say. i heard ccsvi is working in some people with ms. dr nemeh has healed ms people with god and pray. what ever works for you do it. i hope to live a long life with my ms. and walking too. for the man with his wife . you are there for her and god is there for the scale. they always say 10 is the worst in ant scale of life and illness you know your wife just take care of her and god will do the rest for you. the voice on this is really bad you should fix it because we cant hear you . ms is important so please fix this. love april

  12. Over the next 20 + years I gradually looked for modes of life that would help my MS problems.
    I found that my way of life had huge impacts.
    1. Never get Depressed or upset.
    2. I found I should never get depress or distraught. Serious thought over my life lead me to see that serious stress always led to a worsening of the MS
    Never get over tired.
    3. Sleep well every night. I now sleep from 11 p.m. until 7.30 a.m. Every night and have for the past 40 or so years. I can’t sleep after 7.30 a.m. as this is when the cats want their breakfast!! Serious thought over my life lead me to see that serious stress always led to a worsening of the MS and that tanning always led to feeling better. Some trial and error led me to see that tiredness was also a factor.
    4. No dairy or gluten. I have eaten no gluten for about 20 years, simply because it has always makes me feel ill. I have never eaten any dairy as it makes me immediately sick. This has always been a problem for me as a girl in England as it is quite impossible for me to drink tea.

    5. Vitamin D 3 Some years ago my husband and I went on a winter trip to Cuba (winter of 2004). After some time on the beach in the hot sun, I found I could suddenly walk very much better. Thinking this might be vitamin D, which was then, talked about so much; I started to take 4 thousand mg per day. Since, this did not totally help, once I got back to Canada, I also started to go to Tanning. This I have done since my trip to Cuba. Recently, I started to go 3 times a week. I note from your text that I should be taking 5,000 IU, I’ll upgrade tomorrow. Tanning always, for several years, has made me feel better from the MS. Since I take D 3 tanning it would seem that tanning offers more than just t vitamin D3. I would be most interested to know what the other factor is.

    I’ll start the Omega 3 tomorrow, we have it in the house and I have my husband taking it each day. I can now remember, reading long ago that Scandinavians have less MS than other parts of Europe, because their diet contains a lot of fish– Omega 3

  13. I would like to know what is this best time to stop taking tysarbri I know there is a risk the longer that you are on it that you can get PML I just want advice please.

  14. please print dr. cartright email again. thanks malcolm boghosian Yes I can hear you but your too quick to write down email address. and I dont know the cariers.

  15. How much Vitamin D3 per day. I take 1000 iu per day. my untreated level is 43. Is this enough vitamin d3.

    I can hear you Sue Ellen.

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