The MS Road to Recovery

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37 thoughts on “The MS Road to Recovery

  1. Having problems with my eyes. Things flicker, seeing double no periphial vision.
    Periphial vision always a problem, other thing are occasional. Eye Dr. cannot help because it is the brain. Am I going blind? Wearing a patch helps had steroid treatment which helped briefly.(interveineous) IV. Taking copaxine not helping. Cannot walk far. Work out and makes my left eyeball go to the corner of eye socket when tired from working out. Should I work out easier or push it more.
    Any suggestions. Will marijuana help the eyes?

  2. At one of your webinars you said that if we was to have surgery that we should not take Nitrous Oxide could you tell us why not and what should be used in its place?

  3. Thank you for a very informative webinar. My only comment is the microphones you are using it’s not very clear and I am sitting under the computer with the volume on high.
    Thanks again
    Lynn Cherry

  4. The webinar was interesting and I got some important info. I am seeing things in different & wide concerning my case and I will try to apply.

  5. I have MS and went to a vascular sugeon and did the necessary tests to see if i have narrowing of veins and everything came out normal. I did an angio neck and brain and ultrasound. Did Zambonie say that all people with MS have this problem? Are there other tests I should take?

  6. i am on ldn and dr cartright said this will help stiffness in legs but i got a relapse and went on oral steroids which left my pain far worse and my legs and back got so weak and painful too. i do not know what to do but i did stop the steroids after 5 days and sry i started them. what can i do to get a bit of energy back plse.

  7. Would like to say thank you for Webinar i found it very interesting.
    I would like to know is it harmful to have an occasional glass of red wine, when you have MS

  8. Sue Ellen, I bought your book a while ago. Who told you to take the pills and quantity of pills you took?

  9. my son has secondary progressive ms. he has dysarthria as well as cognitive dysfuntion. his long term and short term memory is affected,as well as his ability to understand a lot of things. i have him on the supplements recommended by dr. cartwright. he also lacks the motivation to work at getting better. he says it is too hard. any suggestiond about anything else i can do for him?

  10. My husband has M S He has a great appetite. He has lost alot of weight. He seems to be wasting away. He is boney. He does take supplement. Please help. Billie

  11. Many thanks for your information. I try to live a normal life however at times it is very difficult as I have a few problems with balance and not able to walk in a normal manner. Are you able to help?

  12. First i want to thank all of you for helping all ms suffers. Iam still confused and i donot know where to even begin. I have told my ms doctor about all of this, and he just blows me off, like i didnt say anything to him.I will start by telling you that iam 39 years old a mother of 2 and iam a very proud grandmother as well. Iam in a wheelchair, this February will make 3 years. My ms symptoms started in 1993 but the nuroligist doctor that i was seeing at the time did not tell me that the mri he did on me clearly showed lesions caused from ms.So after having my son in 1997 by c-section i went into an attack. I did not know what was going on with me. So after seeing many doctors i finally in August of 1999 went to see my current doctor, and i was diagnosed with ms. which the doctor thought that i already knew about me having ms.THAT WASNT THE CASE… I have tried 2 of the shots and the side effects from them scare me. Here is what pharmacutical meds iam currently taking. Clonazepam 0.5 mg 3 x daily, Baclofen 10 mg 3 x daily, Venlafaxine HCL ER 150 mg 1 x daily (generic for effexor) Ibuprofen 400 mg 2 or 3 x daily, Hydrocodone-apap 7.5-325 tabs 2 x daily as needed. Then i take Melatonin 5 mg at night to help me sleep. Plus vitamin D3 2000 i.u. 2 softgels 1 x daily.I have so many more vitamins that have been purchased for me, that i heard on the webinar. I will send you a list of them if you would like. Hoping you can help me.
    Sharon Ward

  13. Dr Rudy Cartwright is an excellent motivational speaker and neurosurgeon.
    Thank you for the webinar.

  14. Congratulations on promoting the life-force of human beings who are suffering from MS! This will return them to dignity, as well as to health.

  15. My hair is thinning. Occasionaly blurry and double vision. I have primary progressive.and I’m scared to death. I have the Essentials and just got Home study. My husband passed 7 months ago which didn’t help I’m sure. Any uggestions
    helpful. How much St John’s Wort

  16. my name is wendy stone i have ms last year the 14 i find out i had ms can you tell me if i can have a baby

  17. Hello,
    Thank you for your presentation. Please remember to take allergies into account when recommending foods.
    Thank you

  18. I wonild like to order The Essentials for my sister, an MS sufferer, but I need to know what they consist of so that she can OK it with her neurologist. Thank you for your assistance!

  19. i have MS i thought my life was over after i had my daughter my body went into shock it left me in a wheel chair. but to cut to this short within two months i was up and walking holding my baby….. if you want to know what i did email me

  20. For those who have had difficulty hearing, use headphones and all becomes clear. Dr Cartwright may be slow in his presentation and he has a lot of very helpful information. The question really is as to whether you have the determination to be well. I reckon I have been blessed with MS because I have learned so much in the last 21 years since I was diagnosed. The most important knowledge is not to do with the vitamins, drugs or anything else in the material, medical world. I reckon I am really well in God’s eyes and I will be in my own when I accept that is true. The vitamins will be of assistance along the way.

  21. I started Rebif IM injections 12 injections per month since 3 months ago after taking betapheron for the last 4 years , but the no. of relases is increasing . I want to know what is usefullness of them

  22. How refreshing to finally have a professional answer my questions about ms. Thank you so much. I will be tuning in to find out more…..I have learnt more in 1hr than all the hours spent with my doctors.

  23. I have just started the essentials, I really haven’t had much help for the past year since diagnosed with ms. but I was wonering what else should I be doing aswell. I take rebif 44 mcg. 3× a week,and 6,000 iu vitamin d3 a day and now the essentials. any info will be great. thanks for everything dr. cartwright

  24. i often bother with fatigue of the legs and knees which effects me standing up i have to sit down for at least two min when that happens cause im unable to stand up i was wondreing what i could do to help that

  25. and also i see people are saying about sun and the tanning bed does that really help a few years back i tried the tanning bed for 7 min and my legs went numb

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