The War on MS Webinar Replay

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To Your Health,
Dr. Rudy Cartwright, MS Health Coach
Sue Ellen Dickinson, Author

11 thoughts on “The War on MS Webinar Replay

  1. To Sue-Ellen: Dr Cartwright has just answered a question for me, when he was responding to another person’s question. I have been trying to get this question answered, since mid-1995, from (5) Neurologists, and a Rheumatologist, and at least (10) other Practitioners. Mid-1995, I had a very bad Abyss. I think it was the first small right-lower double tooth. Work was more important than going to the Dentist on time. We ate out one hot night, where the air-conditioning was broken down. And when I went to walk out, my right leg would not lift, and I could not drive the car home. I got to a Dentist the next morning, and I got the nerve taken out. The Dentist left it unfilled for a couple of days to drain. The next morning, I was back at work, walking good again, until a couple of days later, he put a temporary filling in. And more toxins built up, and I was back to square one. Every time he filled the tooth, I was paralysed again. I went to another rogue Dentist, who was very good. He would not have root-filled teeth. He claims “root-filled” teeth are dead teeth, and cause toxic build-up and bone decay. I was then diagnosed with an in-operable spinal chord tumour. Five years later, I am still alive, and still running my mechanical workshop. Many of my customers gave up on me, because they thought “I was drunk all the time.” So I gave up work. That’s when this very good Rheumatologist diagnosed me with MS, at 59 years old. “Betaferon” seemed to make me worse, and “Copaxone” seemed useless. And I kept doctor shopping, until I found out by accident on (Friday 13th, 2009); a Gastroenterologist on a TV (morning talk show) diagnosed me with, without knowing it, that I had “Chronic Leaky Gut”, caused from “Coeliac Disease”. I then stopped eating Wheat in all its forms, and within (3) weeks , I knew I had fluked something. So many symptoms had already subsided or gone. I told my then doctor that the “television” had just diagnosed me with “Coeliac Disease”, and six of my symptoms were gone. This poor Doctor went white, because he had already found I had an iron problem in a Blood Test, and a very poor “Liver Function” test. About (2) years, before this tooth problem, I began to feel abnormal cold in my hands, then later came “tingling” on the tips of fingers, and “prickling” under feet. So Dr Cartwright was right, MS was already set in motion. Every time I get impatient or depressed, I read the last chapter of your book. Thanks heaps to yourself and the Cartwrights, for all your good work.

    Darryl Stark,
    Queensland, Australia.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m running an older version of Windows, OR my speaker on the taskbar is gone as of today, Anyhow, there is no sound. 🙁

  3. Thank you so much, that was extremely interesting.
    Could I make one comment on volume though – I found it very hard to hear, and particularly Miss Dickinson. I had volume turned to max on my laptop. If there is another way to increase the volume, could you say so during the broadcast? I was not able to listen when it went out.

    The material was fascinating and (literally) food for thought As a lay person I had never considered the chemistry and this made perfect sense. I could relate to many of the things that you said eg the years that it has taken for the MS to develop and thus the time it will take to improve. It’s good to be reminded of that, it’s easy to forget when symptoms develop and improved diet etc don’t seem to be having any effect.

    Could I also ask that you please allow some of the slides to stay up a little longer? I didn’t have time to write everything down and the material was quite complex!

  4. Very good and thank you Dr Carwrite
    With your work with chemicals and cells
    Have you noticed an influence the brain has on them

    (I shall watch it again)

  5. I am having trouble viewing the webinar. It started OK but stopped after 15minutes 45seconds and would not start again, despite my clicking the ‘Go’ arrow in the middle of the screen and on the bottom left. What can you suggest?

  6. I have been taking Essentials for about two years now. I did run out for awhile, and some of the symptoms returned, so I started taking them again when I was able and I now am just nearly symptom free. Thank you Dr Cartwright. My legs still don’t work though.

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